I don't own any of the characters or anything......etc........... just like to put my daydreams down in writing sometimes and this is the first time i have ever let anyone read it . Please don't be too mean if you dont like it :(

Sounds in the night

Remus is laying on his back in his bed at Grimmauld Place looking up at the ceiling in the dark. "You have got to be kidding me! Its the second night in a row….. horny little witch" he thought with a smile stretching across his face. It was a few days from the full moon and all his senses were at high alert. He could hear better smell better and was very randy. Hermione was in the room right next to him, on the other side of the wall where the head of his bed rested against. This was the second night in a row he could hear her pleasuring herself.

He could hear the little squishing sound of her fingers thrusting in her body and moans escaping from her mouth every once in a while . He was picture her laying in her bed with her hand between her legs. He started to get hard as images passed thru his mind of the young witch.

Mooney would love to show her what she could do with a real cock between her legs instead of her fingers "cut it out Remus" he scolded himself. He knew it was wrong to have these thoughts about this young witch. She was his student just a few years ago and she is half his age. Although she acted much older and more mature than anyone else her age. He had to admit she was turning into a beautiful young woman very intelligent.

She is of age, he reminded himself, if she only felt the same way about him…He shock the thought from his head. How could she love an old man like him who turned into an animal once a month? He had thought about confessing his feelings to her many times but talked himself out of it. She would laugh at him, think him a dirty old man. He smirked, actually she probably would not laugh at him, not Hermione Granger. She was different than most people…, most women, she seemed to understand him…….and the wolf.

He heard a moan coming from her, louder this time. She must be close to release. His dick was standing straight up now as he listen to her. He wondered what she was like when she lost control. Hermione was always in control very sure of herself. That is part of what he liked about her. He grabbed his member and started playing with it….he was going to ask Servus if there was something he could add to the wolfsbane potion to calm down the sexual craving part of the wolf, although it wasn't all wolf. He could handle the feelings normally but this close to the full it was all he could do to keep himself in his room and not barge into hers. "Um…gods" she whispers. It was a whisper but to him it sounded like she was laying right next to him. He could smell her sex , he started going harder at his member, Then when he was at his edge he heard her climax. " Oooooh Remus." He stopped suddenly like he had been hit with the stunning spell. He couldn't move . "Did she just say MY name." he said out loud to himself.