"I think we……." He started.

"Don't think. I'm tired of always thinking." she hushes him with a kiss

His hands make their way down to the bottom of her shirt and pulls it over her head revealing her pink lacey bra. She smiles as he steps back to look at her…. her face turning red as he watches her unhook her bra from behind her back. His eyes lock on hers as he pushes the straps down her arms his hands lightly grazing her skin letting the bra fall to the floor.

He looks at her eyes for a moment pushes a piece of hair behind her ear and than runs his fingers down her face,…… neck….the skin between her breast….stopping at her belly button. He steps closer and kisses her touching her breast with his finger tips.

She sighs at the feel of his touch on her breast. Taking his mouth aggressively in the kiss while he kneaded her breast …his palm rubbing over her nipple.

Somehow they make it over to the bed. When the back of her knees hit's the bed she stops kissing him and smiles.

" Maybe we should slow down.:" he said

"I'm tired of taking it slow . I've been taking it slow since third year Remus and there may not be a tomorrow. Sometimes you just got to take what you


She moves her hands to the button of his pants. Trying to get them undone with not much luck. "bloody button " she says. He moves her hands out of the way and undoes the button himself , slipping out of his pants leaving his boxers on.

She takes off her jeans leaving only her pink knickers that match the bra. Looking down at his tented boxers she bites her bottom lip. He takes his hand to her chin and raises her head up so their eyes met.

"Are you sure you want to do this" he asked

" yes,… I'm just a little…… anxious."

A look of realization crosses his face.

"you're a virgin."


" I can't be the one to take that from you"

"your not.., taking it."

She pulls him down with her as she lays back on the bed. He lays on top of her gently kissing everywhere he can reach. His member rubbing up against her has he moves. Moans and groans coming from them both.. He starts to raise up on his knees pulling her soaked knickers down her legs as he goes and tosses them to the floor with her bra.

Laying back down beside her he kisses her… runs his hands over her body. He brushes over her pubic hair and she opens her legs wider. She aches her back as he rubs the bundle of nerves between her legs her hips bucking under his hand. She was so wet he easily slipped two fingers inside.

"Merlin" he whispered. She was so tight around his fingers. It did not take her long to start pulsing around his fingers. Her release washing over his fingers and down his hand.

"This is your last chance . We can still stop if you want." He hoped to gods she did not want to stop it took everything in him to keep from burring himself inside her and ripping her in half.

"I don' want to stop."

He rolls to his back and takes off his boxers. His member springing out.

He lays back on top of her with the tip of his member at her soft wet entrance … Looking into her eyes he says " you have to tell me if I hurt you, okay" She nods in agreement.

Keeping eye contact he slowly pushes inside her ,…her body stretching for him. He pauses for a moment to let her get used to him and then continues pushing feeling her hymen stretch around him until it pops and the smell of blood fills his nose. A tear falls down her cheek. He stops waiting on the pain to pass from her face " Are you okay" he asks wiping the tear from her face.

"yes" she says quietly .

He wants to give her more time to adjust but she is so warm and tight he could not wait any longer. He slowly pulls out about half way and then slowly pushes back in .. repeating a couple of times. She groans opening her mouth slowly , leaving it opened. He kisses her deeply his tongue mimicking what his member is doing.

He spreads the kisses down her neck and shoulders feeling her tighten around him as she climaxed. She whispered his name in his ear. He slows but still pumps inside her thru her orgasm .

He smiles at the witch under him losing control. This was Hermione Granger she never lost control. She was more beautiful as she quivers under his body. He couldn't believe he was doing this.

Her orgasm over… he starts to pick up speed again watching her for any signs of pain. He was losing himself in her tightness. Pulling out and thrusting harder back in…hitting her cervix. He did this a few times until he heard her cry out ….he didn't know if that was the first time she cried out are not ..he was too wrapped up in her warm tight sleeve.

"Sorry" he stopped

"No….that was a good hurt…don't stop…please" she says out of breath.

Not long after he starts pumping again he feels her pulsing around his member.

He continues to thrust into her not slowing. Soon feeling her tighten around him again and she screams out his name a couple of more thrust and he comes with her.

He gently falls on top of her staying inside while he goes soft not wanting to ever move.

"so you want to go out on a date with a werewolf?"