I am so sorry I havent written I just seem to have lost my spunk

Previously: Everyone laughs at me Again. "so now we have one more thing to figure out, what

are we going to do about them?" Jasper says while putting his hand on my shoulder.

Bella's pov:

Uncle aro looks at jasper "I believe that is something that should be disgust privately" his glace slides to

me almost to fast for my eyes to pick up "I'll go upstairs" I slide out of my seat and quickly go up stairs

before they can say anything opening my door I fall on my bed and sigh. My mind starts turning and I

start thinking, this is bad I shouldn't be alone because this is what happens I think. What happens if they

decide to give them a stern talking too and then give me back? What if Uncle's decide to change me and

I'm stuck like this forever? What if…. What if no one wants me? I hug a pillow too me as sadness

consumes my now unmoving heart I cant stand this, not knowing what's going on. Looking around the

room, I take the advice Jane once gave me write when you are upset or angry, and find a notebook and

a pen and start writing.

Dear god

are you real ?

Because i don't know if you were real why is there so much pain and suffering? why do you let

people die? children die they suffer? why do you let people get raped and murdered? if you were real

why! thats what i wanna know you so mean i guess i want to say for if you are real so u have a

sick sense of humor making people suffer like that people that dont deserve it and then you let those

bastards of people live for such a long time IT ISNT FAIR! god is supposed to love everyone i highly

disagree if you loved everyone you wouldn't cause us pain we are your so called CHILDERN parents dont

let their CHILDERN endure pain if they can help it so are those evil people you created are they the ones

you selected to show us how evil you can really be to show us everything's not perfect well i thinks thats

crap you evil you amazing you confusing and you are... i dont know what you are but i don't think i will

ever know

~Isabella 2010

Staring down at my paper I focus on my emotions of a little while, I feel calm and happy. Damn it Jane

was right as always, stupid four hundred year old tiny Vampire. At least im better I cant stand being

depressed like that a knock at my door makes me shove my notebook under my pillow "Come in" the

door opens some as Aro walk's in "Hi uncle" I say softly because he has that ' im pissed don't talk to me

right now' face on "Hello Isabella" Isabella damn that means im in trouble, shit! He comes over to my

bed and sits down next to me "Against everyone else's opinion I am asking you of what you think should

be done." I look at him deep in thought "Uncle I have no idea what ever you all think is best, I want

nothing to do with them." He nods his head and then my room falls silent "Bella I'm sorry we never

noticed, I'm sorry we couldn't help you before this before" he fades off talking while motioning to my

body mostly to my black eye, he leans closer to me and tilts my chin up. Growling he kisses my forehead

and stands angrily going to the door turning towards me he growls out a promise "I promise you bella

they will pay"