Diapers, School-Books and Adamantium Claws

SUMMARY: Set after X1: Logan returned to Rogue, not for the first time . But this time Marie behaves odd and she has a little secret, that wouldn't stay a secret any longer. Rogan

SPOILER: Set after X1. Maybe will include X0 Origins

RATING: T (might go up quite soon!)

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Logan eyed the brunette sitting opposite the table, sipping on her coke, and he contemplated the past hour.

Rogue behaved quite odd. When he had returned this morning she didn't throw her arms around his neck as usually – she didn't even hug him and flinched away when he tried. This made him first assume she was angry with him that he was gone for half a year at stretch, but neither her scent, nor her expression gave reason to this theory. Then, when he suggested lunch in town to catch up, her face held that brilliant smile, he loved so much, till he mounted Scott's bike and she began to fiddle with the sleeve of her oversize shirt – her dressing style had definitively changed in the last months – and she insisted to take the pick-up.

Now they sat at her favorite restaurant and her face was troubled and twisted in pain from time to time. "What's up, kid?"

Startled the brunette looked up from her drink. "Ah have a history test tomorrow."

Given, this wasn't what he meant, but at least her face brightened up. "Already all dates and wars saved to your memories."

"Yep." There was her smile again … and the hiss.

"Kid, what's wrong?" His hazel orbs held genuine concern. "You hissed for the nth time in the last five minutes. You hurt?"

Her face held a sudden pang of panic, but another hiss turned it to a pain filled one. "No, Logan." There was his trademark eyebrow. "Ya know… it's mah time of the month." His expression didn't change one bit. "Got mah period. Have cramps." This explanation seemed to fruit and his brow sank.

He scented the air and smelled a small amount of Marie's blood. "Need somethin'?"

"Nah." She slid from her chair. "Only to see the toilet, though. Might take a while." Marie saw his nod of acknowledgment as his eyes already wandered to the football game on the TV, and she made her way to the stairs.


The waitress approached with a scowl and blocked his view to the TV. "Your daughter takes quite long." She began, the grumpy man made her shudder.

The Canadian growled at her wrong assumption, but didn't correct her. "She has her period."

"Well… maybe, but she's down there for 45 minutes." She felt herself squirm under his intense gaze. "Shall I take a look… ask if everything is alright?"

Logan's eyes wandered over to the clock. 'Fuck! She's right! Almost 50 minutes! How could have I missed this?!' He furrowed his forehead and leaped up from his stool. "Nah, I'll look for 'er."

Descending the flight of stairs down to the basement and the restrooms, a wave of sweat, fear, tears and blood invaded his sensitive nostrils and made him freeze in his tracks. His wide eyes darted over to the women's restroom as he sniffed the air to confirm his greatest fear. It was Marie's blood. A heart-ripping scream of sheer pain echoed through the hardly lit corridor and became muffled by the loud chatter and music on the first floor.

Without a second thought Logan dashed over to the lavatory, threw the door open with so much force that it bounced back from the wall with a bang. His eyes swept over the two sinks in the vestibule, but the moans and heavy panting came from the adjoining room with the toilets, so he rushed over.

There she lay on the cold and tiled floor of a booth in a puddle of her own blood and water. Her back was half propped up against the closet's door that leaned against one of the booth's walls, while her feet were pressed against the opposite wall. Her black baggy pants and her panties hang down her shins.

With utter shock Logan took in the girl's in pain contorted and sweaty features, her left hand had the ceramic toilet seat in a death grip – her knuckles whitening - while the fingers of her other hand dug into her wide shirt, finally revealing the swollen belly she hid under her clothes.

His eyes swept in sudden realization down to her butt and the tiny head poking forth between her thighs. "Holy shit!" Logan felt himself panic, but Marie's shriek made him focus back on the girl's serious situation.

New tears welled up in her chocolate eyes as the stinging ache intensified in her lower stomach once again and her body tensed. A half strangled scream rang from her lips as she pressed her back and feet further into the walls and yanked her head forward towards her chest. She was barely aware that someone crouched down beside her.

Logan was already on his knees next to her, stripping his red flannel shirt off his frame as he watched the child's small shoulders appear. Panic was rising again. 'What the hell should I do?!' His gaze switched to Marie's face in search for an answer, but he came up empty. Then his eyes returned to the tiny creature, the tip of its head was already touching the blood covered tiles and it was this sight that made Logan carefully place his hands beneath the child's head, his flannel shirt in his palms.

His large hands were shaking slightly as he lifted the baby's head up – steadying it gently – while the rest of the miniature body slid into his waiting arms. Not till then was he aware of his words urging Marie to push.

With the greatest care Logan lifted the new life up and cradled the child to his chest. Taking one of the shirts' sleeves, he wiped the fluids and blood from the tiny nose and mouth, then the cheeks and forehead. Fear began to clench his heart, but was immediately removed by another more pleasant emotion – was it joy? - when the baby's first cry and gasp for air sounded from the bundle in his arms.

Never before in his life he had seen something so petite and vulnerable and a soft smile formed on the usually gruff features of the Wolverine as he gazed down on the chubby face. "Shh, kiddo." He instinctively began to rock the newborn and an almost inaudible purr rumbled in his chest, calming the child at once.

The blood was still pounding hard in her ears and she was still catching her breath as the pain finally subsided and her body relaxed. Her grip on the toilet lightened and with disgust she wiped her hand on her large shirt. Suddenly the throbbing in her ears was replaced by a cry. It was then that Marie realized what had just happened. That it really had happened. Her growing belly and the occasional kicks in the last months were kinda easy to ignore by telling her persistent subconscious that it couldn't be real. As long as she could live her life at the mansion as always, there was no need to think about the changes of her body. As long as she could hide it, it wasn't happening…

Logan's gaze finally met Marie's frozen features as she stared wide eyed at the small bundle, her scent and body language told him she was in shock. He carefully held the baby towards her, his eyes kind and reassuring, betraying his concern and his own shock. "It's a girl." The Canadian whispered as his free hand reached out and tugged a greasy white strain behind her ear, away from her forehead. But instead of inspecting her daughter, Marie's eyes traveled to her stomach. "It can't be." She finally murmured after a minute.

His brows furrowed and he was about to place the bundle onto her middle as she flinched away as if he would hurt her. "Pretty sure you have a lil' girl."

"Ah ain't have a kid!" Marie yelled, her eyes were burning with resolve beneath her angry tears. Her 17th birthday was still a few weeks away. She was still a student. This was not happening. Her livid gaze fell upon the red flannel shirt, but her eyes darted away as soon as the bundle moved.

Logan stared at the girl before him, noting her shaking frame and her exhaust features. He decided to give her a few minutes to collect herself and to come to terms with her new situation. His sensitive ears picked up Marie's rapid heartbeat slow down to a more healthy rhythm and he watched her close her eyes and lean her head back against the wall.

While Marie calmed down, Logan inspected the baby with gentle touches – ten fingers, ten toes, two ears, one little mouth, one nose and two deep blue eyes. The Canadian wondered if it was her father's eye-color, but he soon dismissed this thought, since all newborn had blue eyes. What disturbed him the most was the small size of the fragile girl and her feathery weight.

"Marie?" He fixed his hazel eyes on the brunette after a good five minutes had passed. "How are you, kid?" Her answer was a short gaze in his direction, but as soon as she saw the child, she looked away again. "Look at 'er. You just can't close your eyes and pretend it isn't happenin'!" Logan's voice was edged with anger and frustration.

Her head snapped in his direction. "Worked just fine the last nine months!" The loud voices startled the newborn and she began to cry.

"Shh." Logan hushed his own voice and resumed rocking the baby in his arms. "This lil' human is yours." She looked away once more. "Runnin' away from the situation won't help you, nor your baby."

"Ya're one to talk, Logan!" Marie snorted and her tear streamed features met his again. "It's not mine!"

A snarl left his lips. "Newsflash, Marie! You just pushed this kid outta your body!" His hand moved to the umbilical cord and lifted the tissue a little, so it was tensed. "You're still connected." But Marie only stared at the cord for a moment till she shook her head vehemently. "This is your kid, kid!"

The brunette snorted and more tears rolled down her cheeks. "That sums mah fucked up situation up! Ah'm still a child myself! How can Ah have a … baby?!"

"Figure the natural way. Sex!"

"But- but Ah'm still a virgin!"

Logan's brow hitched upwards. "Kid, your name might almost sound like Mary, but I'm not buyin' that crap." He held her piercing glare, but soon he became agitated. "Who's the father?!" A growl rumbled in his throat and made the baby cry anew. "Spit it out, kid!"

"Ah didn't have sex!" Her scent told him she didn't lie, at least she believed what she told him. After a moment the brunette continued. "The only one Ah ever came close to sleepin' with were ya, Logan."

"Yeah, remember, kid… We were quite close to… but it's months ago-" His voice caught in his throat while he began to count the months since that incident on his hands. "Jesus fuckin' Christ!"

"Would ya stop with the damn bible talk!"

He just felt like after the beating-up he receives from Sabretooth once a year. His jar felt slack and he opened and closed his mouth a few times without voicing a sound. Swallowing hard he eventually gathered himself to the point to formulate a whole sentence again. "T- there wasn't someone else 'round that time, kid?"

Her eyes grew wide. How could he ask her something like that? She had told him she wanted only him! "No! And ya threw me out of your shower 'fore we had sex."

"Shit! Goddamn shit!" Logan squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. "But what we did was obviously enough to…" He trailed off and his gaze traveled to the small child in his arms. To his daughter. Logan could almost feel the color drain from his face as the sick feeling in his stomach began to grow. He, the Wolverine, King of the Cage, a father? Panic began to rise again. He was sure he was one of those people, who should never have kids. Whose life were already fucked up enough and it would be unfair to drag an innocent child into his mess.

And what was even worse: He had ruined the life of the only person, who cared for him in the last 15 years he could remember. Tears were stinging in his eyes, but he struggled against them, he had to be strong now. Marie was sobbing enough for both of them. His eyes slowly drifted from the hysterical crying girl to the baby cradled against his chest. Strangely the child was calm now and looked him directly into his eyes with her huge blue orbs. He felt like in trance by this angelic face.

Studying the baby girl, another emotion welled up in him: pride. The Wolverine in him, the beast, was purring in primal joy to finally hold one of his cubs. Logan knew with his slutty lifestyle, the odds were high that he had fathered a few more children. But Marie wasn't one of his one night stands. She meant something to him, not like the blonds he fucked in the alleys behind a bar.

In this very moment Logan decided that the kid and her kid were stuck with him. He had made this promise to Marie to take care of her and he meant it back then. And now she needed him. He would do what was best for the two girls. He would support Marie with everything in his might, so she could graduate and maybe enroll in college, if that was her wish. If she wanted to never see him again, he would leave but keep an eye on the two and support them financially.

A few minutes of silence ticked away and Logan eventually felt the quietness unbearable, so he fished his troubled mind for something to say… anything. "Ooh, kid. You know you ain't a virgin anymore." He tried to lighten her mood and his own. Marie's brow hitched up in a silent question and he continued, motioning his chin down to the baby. "She popped your cherry, kid."

"That's not funny, asshole!" The brunette hissed as she saw his grin. But anger gave way to a rather panicked expression when a new contraction ripped through her body. Both her hands clasped her stomach while her feet returned to their former position pressed firmly against the wall. "Fuck! Not again!"

"Holy crap! There won't come another one?!" Logan already expected another head pocking forth between her thighs, but his heart skipped a beat as he caught sight of blood dripping from Marie's body.

'Twins! Ah'm doomed!' Marie hyperventilated and watched Logan's features grew from shock to deep concern and then his panicked face softened suddenly.

"Relax, kid. Just the afterbirth." Bending over Marie's body he fetched the toilet paper from the holder and rolled a good ten pieces off. Then he gathered the bloody tissue, which was still connected to the new life in his arm, into the paper and placed the baby into his lap.

With a scowl Marie observed her friend study the umbilical cord and the gory mess in the toilet paper. "Eww." Her stomach twisted at the sight and she was glad, when Logan wrapped more paper around before knotting the cord near the baby's stomach. Her frown deepened. "Whadya doin'?"

Carefully to not startle the baby, he popped one of his claws and cut the umbilical cord. "Figure she won't need this anymore." Logan lifted the tissue mess up and looked around clueless. "What should we do with this?"

"Flush the toilet?!" Marie answered cheeky. "Ya can always take it as a souvenir!"

Narrowing his eyes on the brunette he wrapped the baby into his red flannel and picked her back up into his arm. "You know, kid, in the animal kingdom the mother usually eats the afterbirth." An evil smirk plastered his lips as he watched the girl struggle not to throw up.

"That's gross!" She hissed and swung her legs over the puddle on the floor and out of the booth, so her pants wouldn't get soaked – any more, that is. With a gasped she clasped the doorframe and tried to pull herself up on it, but was grateful for Logan's hand steadying her.

"You think, you can stand up yet, kid?"

"Yeah, the booth isn't as comfy as it might look." Marie saw his concerned gaze travel down beneath her stomach and she suddenly felt bottomless embarrassed. With a blush she pulled her oversized shirt down to her knees, her eyes cast to the dirty tiles. Suddenly she felt his hand on her shoulder and shove her towards the neighbored booth.

"Clean up, kid! But let the door unlocked."

With a huff she looked down her wet and sticky thighs and ripped a few pieces of toilet paper from the holder. "Clean up, he says…jerk!"

"You know I can hear everythin' you murmur." He pushed the door slightly open and made her yelp in surprise. "Here." He offered her unceremoniously a bunch of wet paper tissues, which she snatched from his large hands and then threw the door shut in his face. "Fuck, kid! Isn't like I haven't seen your nude ass before!"

"Are ya familiar with the concept of private space?! Obviously not!" She only heard him growl and then resume ripping toilet paper from the roll.


A few minutes later, Marie still longed for a warm shower, she stepped from the closet just in time to see Logan struggle with the plastic garbage bag, the baby and a knot. A disbelieving chuckle escaped her lips and she was rewarded with a snarl and a scowl.

"Mind to help me, kid?" Logan was about to place the baby into Marie's arms, when the girl jumped back.

"No." She could look at the little kid by now, it was still so unreal, but touching it – no way. Instead she snatched the overstuffed garbage bag from his hand and knotted the opening, noting that Logan had cleaned the floor up. With small steps she approached the vestibule and dumped the bag into the larger trash can.

Logan scrutinized the girl before him with a concerned frown. "Are you hurtin'? You walk so weird."

A new blush crept onto Marie's cheeks. "Um, well, Ah'm still bleeding a little… Ah've no tampon, … so Ah use toilet paper." She confessed while washing her hands.

When she finished drying her hands, Logan turned to her. "Would you hold her for a moment?"


"Marie." He tried to plead with the girl, but he saw her confusion, fear and insecurity, so he carefully placed the bundle down on the counter next to a sink and opened the tab. 'Only cold water… will kill all bacteria.' Logan thought sarcastically.

Before he picked the baby up, the Canadian took in Marie's petite frame under the oversized clothes. He stretched his hand towards her. "Turn your skin on."

"What?" Bewilderment filled her features.

"You just gave birth on a toilet floor of a fast food restaurant. I don't take chances with you gettin' an infection, kid." His eyes were swimming in concern and resolve. "Turn it on, kid."

With a heavy sigh she clasped his large hand with her small one. "But just a little." She saw him nod and activated her mutation, controlling the flow of life-force, so his own mutation could compensate the loss of strength to a certain amount and would keep him from collapsing. His veins stuck out on the contracted skin of his hand and Marie already felt his healing factor kick in: the cramped muscles and the still dull pain in her lower regions lightened and her swollen stomach began to shrink.

When she let finally go, Logan drew in a deep breath and steadied himself at the sink as his knees buckled. His vision was clouded and his blood throbbed in his ears and he caught a muffled voice. "Sorry, Ah took too much."

"Nah… just give me a moment, kid." As soon as the room stopped to spin, Logan opened the tap once more and splashed water onto his pale face, running his fingers through his dark mane. "You better, kid?"

"Yep." Chewing on her lower lip she lifted her shirt and poked and stretched at the saggy skin of her stomach. "Ah'm not so flabby anymore. Thanks, Logan."

The Canadian only rolled his eyes at her and grunted a "wasn't meant that way…" before he picked the whimpering bundle up into his embrace. 'When did she start to cry?' Logan wondered and was glad that the child immediately calmed in his arm. The gaze he shot Marie should encourage her, but he felt his own fear creep into his hazel eyes. "Ready to face the world, girls?"

"Nah, but Ah doubt we can stay here forever."


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