Book Two: Nozomi's Purpose- I Am Nozomi: What is My Purpose?

I woke up

Not knowing

Whether it was night or day

I saw the sun

Not knowing

Whether it was rising or setting

A bird flew by

And into the sun

I paused. What next... According to my grandmother, Tsunade, I got my writing skills from my grandfather, Jiraiya. Although I'm more of a poet than a book author. I only read one of his books, The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi, but that's because the Icha Icha series is for adults only. I don't understand why The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi didn't sell very well. It was really good. Oh well, people just don't understand good literature.

My name is Nozomi. I am the daughter of Minako and Hiroshi. The granddaughter of Tsunade and Jiraiya, two of the Sanin. But that doesn't say who I am. My ancestors don't make me, me. I make me, me.

People look at my cousin, Naruto, funny. I keep close to him, so they give me funny looks too. Even when I'm not around him, though it is less frequent.

I keep all of my good poems, which is like one going on two, in a little blue and brown striped note book. It's really the only thing I have that's really mine.

I don't have a purpose in this world, so I look at like my purpose is to find my purpose. Though it doesn't fool me for long. I know I have no reason to exist, but I keep going for reasons unknown.
Every day I feel drained, but yet filled with this energy. It's hard to explain.

My parents died two days after I was born. Naruto's father died the day he was born. Apparently there was some sort of battle, but no one will ever say anything. It gets so annoying.

I sighed and leaned against the Academy Dojo wall. I looked at Naruto and Choji stuffing their faces. My cousin, Shikamaya, was doing an origami fortune teller with a friend of ours, Xia. Okay so Shikamaya isn't my biological cousin. Grandma Tsunade adopted her mother, Konan, so technically... Oh whatever. Her cousin, Shikamaru, whom is pretty much family, was sleeping. Kiba was throwing a ball for his pup, Akamaru. As usual they were ditching class, I guess I'm ditching too, but only to make sure Naruto doesn't do anything stupid, and today was a review day.

I am top of the class, well with the exception of Sasuke Uchiha. One of my best friends, Sakura, has the hugest crush on him. She and her former friend, Ino Yamanaka, are always after his heart. Personally I don't see the point in ending a friendship to go after a guy, even though Sasuke is cute. Speaking of crushes, Hinata has the biggest one on Naruto, but he's too big of a baka to see it.

Tomorrow was our graduation day, or at least I hope it will be for Naruto, he's dead last in the class... This will be hard for him especially what one of the qualifications are, to create at least two clones. That's not exactly Naruto's specialty.

The bell rang, end of the day. Finally. Grandma Tsunade wasn't going to be too happy about us skipping another class. It's hard to say who really has been raising me. I have been growing up alongside my cousin, Naruto. I guess both my grandparents and my Aunt Kushina have been raising me.

Naruto's constantly acting out, just yesterday he put graffiti all over the Hokage Monument. We had to redo the transformation technique for Iruka Sensei. Although it wasn't much of a big deal for me.

Needless to say Aunt Kushina was furious as were our grandparents, although Aunt Konan did find it a little funny. I understand why they were upset Grandma Tsunade's Grandfather and Granduncle were Hokages in the past. J┼Źnin and Chunin were chasing Naruto all over the Village. Although I was the one to catch him. He wasn't punished at home though, suffering Grandma Tsunade's wrath was punishment enough. I swear not matter how many times you see her mad you will always want to run in fear. I'm scared just thinking about it. Although according to my Grandfather I can be just as scary as she can. Personally I doubt it.

I sighed again and looked up at the ceiling. Why am I here? Why-

"Nozomi come on! It's time to leave!" It was Shikamaya who brought me out of my train of thought.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Xia said.

I sighed yet again, "Alright I'm coming." I got up and put my small notebook in my pocket. I stretched and pulled blue my poncho, with the Senju Clan symbol on it, over my head.

Of course when Naruto and I got home Grandma Tsunade wasn't happy that we had skipped class although she seemed to shrugged it off today. Actually she has been a little depressed all week.

I sat outside in the yard in one of the two craters, looking up at the sky. Clear blue and cloudless. Why are there two craters in the yard anyway?

"Oink." Again I was interrupted, this time by Tonton, Grandma Tsunade's pet pig.

"Hey, Tonton. What is it?"

"Oink oink, oink."

I sighed, "Figures, I can't get a moments peace around here can I?"


I picked up Tonton and walked into the kitchen where Aunt Kushina was making dinner. "You oinked?" I smirked at the joke we often made. Tonton often carried messages between Aunt Kushina, Aunt Shizune, Aunt Konan, Grandma Tsunade, Shikamaya, and I. We were the only ones who could understand Tonton. It is kinda funny though, one time Tonton showed up in the middle of class! It was so funny, everyone looked at me like I was crazy! Well everyone besides Shikamaya.

"Nozomi can you get some onions from the garden?"

"You couldn't have told Tonton to tell me that? I was right there." I sighed. People bug me. "Come on Tonton." Tonton left into my arms.

When I got to the garden Grandma Tsunade was there checking on some of our healing herbs. Grandma Tsunade, Aunt Shizune were medical-nin. I will be one someday, but I'm still in training, but Grandma Tsunade said I'm really talented. I guess I didn't just get my temper from her. "Hey, Grandma Tsunade."

"Hello, Nozomi. Why are you here?" She shook her gray blond hair from her face.

"Aunt Kushina wants some onions." I said while checking for the ones that looked ripest, and as usual I picked the best ones.

"You skipped class again." She commented kneeling over some celandine.

Celandine good for eye ailments. I quizzed myself quickly. "Yeah, well... Who knows what Naruto would have done this time. Yesterday he skipped, I didn't and look what happened. And before you say it, I know I won't be there for him forever. When we graduate we will most likely be put on separate squads and I won't be there to save his neck as always. I know!"

"Well that saves me some breath."

"Grandma Tsunade?"


"Why do you always get so depressed around this time of year?" I knew I was asking for it.

She sighed sitting up, "I guess it's because it was around this time of year when my brother died, and Yahiko, as well as your parents and Naruto's father..."

Wow, she didn't blow up... "Grandma Tsunade, what was my mother like? No one will ever tell me anything... I don't even know how she died!"

"Hmmm. Your mother is rather hard to describe. She was brave, there is no doubt about that. She had a temper, she had a tendency to pull pranks. I guess that's why Naruto's father fell for Kushina. Naruto's father and your mother had a rivalry like no other. One did one thing, the other did something else to try and top it." Grandma Tsunade had a faraway look in her eyes. Then she shook her head, "Come on let's go in." She got up and walked across the yard with Tonton at her heels before I could say anything else.

Yeah, that's all anyone ever tells me! I know all that! But I don't know anything about her!

That night I looked in my full body mirror. I stared at myself, not vainly, just stared, let my mind go blank.

Then Naruto burst in. "Nozomi come dinner! We can't eat until you're at the table! Come on!"

"I'll be there in a minute." I turned to Naruto. He ran down the hall. I turned back to the mirror and looked at myself. I had Grandma Tsunade's brown eyes and her blond hair, although my hair was wavy, like my father's according to what I could get out of my Aunt Konan. My waist-length blond hair was in a braid and elbow length strands framing both sides of my face. Tomorrow's the day Naruto and I graduate... I hope...

Naruto didn't pass, honestly I'm not surprised. I had hoped he'd pass but he never worked on his Clones and of course that's what the test was on. Naturally Naruto did something stupid to try and pass. He stole The Scroll of Sealing. Of course we hadn't seen Naruto all night, but we thought he was just moping. And of course we were woken in the middle of the night when we learned this.

There was a pounding on the door. A few minutes later Grandma Tsunade's angry voice rang throughout the house, "JIRAIYA, SHIZUNE, KUSHINA! WE HAVE TO GO NOW!"

Of course I raced out of bed and ran to the entry way with the others. When we got there Iruka Sensei was standing there solemn faced while Grandma Tsunade looked shocked, horrified and furious. I never seen her like this, it kinda scared me.

"Lady Tsunade?" Aunt Shizune asked uncertainly.

"Naruto... Naruto stole the Scroll of Sealing." I never heard her voice so grave.

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