Chapter 1: Revelations of the Mind

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Deep underground in the bowels of an underground base, several people went about their business, working to develop new technologies that pushed the laws of science far beyond the boundaries of what the government would allow. While the activities they performed were highly illegal, it only mattered if they were foolish enough to get caught. Known throughout the world as HYDRA, their organization of rogue agents and spies worked towards their own questionable ambitions without heeding the law.

The room in which they worked was large, covered from ceiling to floor with metallic paneling with state of the art machinery occupying most of the space. To a normal person it would look like something out of a science fiction movie, but the researchers and agents that worked under the rule of the organization were all familiar with the technology they had obtained. Few people knew what purpose they worked to achieve, but crime was nothing new to them as a means of accomplishing a goal. The team of the organization's best scientists continued their work in relative silence.

Several hours passed until one of the workers glanced at his watch. "Sir!" he addressed the man sitting behind him. "I believe it is time…"

A lanky balding man with a thick mustache stood up from his place as he made preparations for what was sure to follow. He was a tall man about six feet tall in terms of height, pair of dark glasses concealed his scheming eyes from view, and he wore a large black lab coat which covered most of his body like an oversized shadow.

Walking over to the nearest computer, the head scientist typed in his personal security clearance codes, instantly granting himself access to the spy network's main database, which every piece of information their agents gathered was stored after they relayed the information to the main headquarters. Sadly there was very little of interest to add to his report, but such things were beyond his control.

Once he has finished compiling the miniscule amounts of data into something readable, he printed out and retrieved the documents. The head scientist took the newly printed report in his hands, the paper dampening very slightly as he his palms became sweaty. With a swish of his coat, the scientist swept from the room without so much as a backwards glance at his comrades and into the hallways.

It took him several minutes of traveling the dingy halls, but the man eventually made his way through the halls and found himself standing outside of a heavily enforced door. It must have been at least three inches thick, lined with chrome plating and several bolts holding the different layers of metal together. Engraved on the smooth surface of the door was a gruesome image like a skull with snake-like appendages protruding from the bottom… the insignia of their organization. A small line went through the center of the image, indicating the place where the doors would open.

He waited until the security door slid open, as if the person beyond the door had been expecting his arrival. Pressing the paperwork in his left hand against his chest, the scientist adjusted his glasses with his free hand before crossing the threshold into the room beyond. The next chamber was relatively spacious, it's metallic walls decorated with strange monitors of all different sizes and a few of the most powerful computer terminals for their leader's exclusive use.

The man ascended a set or stairs leading up to a platform where a large chair was situated almost like a sort of throne. Although the back of the chair was turned to him, he could see the top of his superior's head. Once he was standing within a few yards of the seat, the scientist cleared his throat in preparation.

"Pardon the intrusion, but I take it that you were expecting my arrival." He stated in a deep, emotionless drawl. "The report is ready, Madame Hydra… …"

A small sneer could be heard from the chair's occupant as it spun around to reveal a slender, shapely woman with dark hair, wearing a very unusual style of clothing. She was Madame Hydra, the supreme leader of the entire organization, and the mind behind their many operations. She eyed her subordinate with a critical expression before addressing him at last.

"Your daily reports do not interest me now." She replied with a slightly abrasive note hidden within. "That being said I will skip to the point of interest… Have our field agents been able to locate X-23 yet?"

The scientist used his index finger to adjust the collar of his lab jacket before shaking his head in response. "My apologies, but our efforts have proved ineffective in locating the target. Our agents caught up with her last month, but she avoided capture and seems to have consciously remained underground since then."

She looked slightly irritated by the news, but she seemed to keep her composure for the most part. X-23 had been created to be a weapon, yet the child had escaped and had been causing them nothing but trouble since then. Not only did she destroy one of the organizations air bases, but Madame Hydra herself had also been on board at the time, and the resulting explosion had almost killed her in the process. Even so, her survival had only been made possible by months of therapy after barely surviving the explosion.

Madame Hydra cast her minion a rather dismissive look as these memories floated through her mind. "Now that she knows of our continued pursuit, it is bound to be much more difficult to finish the job." The female tyrant explained with a sharp look. "We will have to double our future efforts to recapture this rogue experiment, an this time she will not escape."

Her subordinate knelt on one knee in an almost apologetic way. "But Madame, our forces were severely depleted after the destruction of that aircraft. Many of our best agents were also on board, and it is only by good fortune that you were able to return alive.

"It is of the utmost importance that we take back what rightfully belongs to us. The girl may be a failed experiment, but she possesses knowledge that would benefit out opposition were they able to get their hands on her." She insisted with a sharp expression.

The scientist straightened his glasses with a nervous expression as he felt a few beads of sweat running down his forehead. "Do you believe that SHIELD is still searching for her? We have been short-handed since the incident and are unable to carry out your wishes at this time."

His commander paused with an inscrutable look on her face as she considered the possibilities of what they could do. "I see… … …" she responded almost hesitantly. "Then perhaps this means that I will have to take more drastic measures."

Her head scientist leaned forward slightly. "With all due respect, what exactly do you…"

"That is none of your concern." She replied with note of finality. With a snap of her fingers, she gestured towards the exit. "You are hereby dismissed, now leave me!"

"Yes maim…" he replied with a small salute. Turning on his heel, the scientist descended the stairs and crossed the length of the room, disappearing from view as the gigantic door sealed shut behind him.

Madame Hydra swiveled her seat around so that she was facing the opposite direction, and pressed a button on the arm of the chair. A large monitor descended from the ceiling and positioned itself directly in front of her like a big screen television. She hesitated for a moment before positioning her hand over the control panel. The last thing she wanted to do was to ask him for help, but with her own forces incompetent and their numbers depleted she had few other choices right now but to turn to find someone else to do the job in their place.

She typed in a sequence of numbers and activated her communication system. The screen flickered for several seconds, but due to the incompetence of her scientists, the signal seemed weak and all she could see was static. After a minute or two, the screen turned black and she thought for a moment that the machine had gone dead, but the sound of moment coming from the speaker indicated otherwise.

"This is a secure line… Identify yourself immediately!" a faint voice echoed through the speaker.

Madame Hydra smirked. "That is of little importance to the likes of you, but I do wish to speak to your employer. I have some information that I believe may interest him greatly concerning a certain secret that he wished to get his hands on."

"One moment… … …" Came the reply.

It was awhile before anyone spoke again, but several minutes later the screen flickered again, revealing a large shadowed figure. Although she could not see his face, the leader of HYDRA recognized him as the man she wanted to address. He was a tall man of imposing stature, his basic build noticeably larger than the average man.

"So… It is you!" The man's voice was noticeably deeper than the first person she had spoken to. "I don't know why on Earth you would be contacting me, but my assistant claims that you know something that may be of interest."

Madame Hydra's expression did not change. "Rumor has it that you were once searching for the missing formula that the United States used to create Captain America during World War II."

"Perhaps, but I sincerely doubt that someone like you could their hands on a secret known by so few individuals… It is something lost to the ravages of time." The shadowed figure replied. "If you are finished wasting my time, I have other things to contend with at the moment."

The figure turned as if bored with the conversation, but she reacted quickly. "I know of someone who may have the secrets you desire!" she exclaimed.

He turned to face the screen once more. "And where would the likes of you possibly get your hands on this piece of information. Last I heard your organization was standing on one leg, so to speak. The once mighty HYDRA reduced to a lowly snake!"

Her patience appeared to be waning at this point. "You underestimate me… This information came from inside the main SHIELD headquarters itself. A certain individual managed to get his hands on equipment akin to that used in the creation of Captain America. The secret file we managed to obtain implies that this person might have used it on himself."

"Hmmm…" the man seemed to consider her for a moment through the shadows before speaking again. "Let us say for a moment that I am willing to cooperate with you. What exactly will this piece of information cost me?"

"I'm glad we understand each other." Madame Hydra placed he tips of her fingers together in an amused manner, her expression changing to one of amusement. "One of my most useful test subjects has proven crafty enough to elude my search attempts. I am currently unable to increase our search efforts due to recent difficulties therefore my offer is simple."

The shadowy figure on the monitor let out a small noise that indicated he knew what she was implying. "So you want me to use my resources to do what you cannot. In return you plan to give me the information that I desire."

Madame Hydra paused again, but nodded nonetheless. "This is assuming that you have what it takes to accomplish this feat. Even my best agents have been unable to recapture her. She is young, but very well-trained in the art of assassination and espionage."

"Hmmm… I will consider your offer, assuming you will give me the necessary information on this so-called experiment." he mused. "Of course, it is so important to your own endeavors, I may be inclined to keep her for myself."

"I shall send you the basic information in due time, but I assure you that the subject in question would have little value to you. There is also the matter of that information I have promised you… If by some chance you manage to detain the target, you will turn her over to me immediately in exchange."

The imposing figure seemed to agree, although it was difficult to see his features through the darkness. "Very well…" he replied, the volume of his voice increasing noticeably louder. "But should you attempt double-cross me, you will sincerely regret it."

With a flicker of static, the screen switched off, leaving the mistress of HYDRA lone once again. After a moment, her lips curled into an amused simper. "I'll bet…" she replied.

At the Xavier Institute

It was an ordinary day at the Xavier Institute of Gifted Youngsters, but due to the circumstances there were no sessions being held. The storm raging outside was particularly fierce, with gale-force winds and lightning making the conditions to dangerous even for the most daring individuals living on the premises. Living in a mansion it wasn't as if they were worried about survival, but the conditions were extreme.

The students had taken the day off and were currently wandering about the manor, attempting to find something to do amidst the restrictive conditions placed upon them. There were several people living there, yet despite the size of the building things always felt rather crowded for the most part. Having a house filled with super-powered teenagers was bound to be hard, especially on days like this when they were all trapped inside together.

Amidst the hustle and bustle caused by the students, a few people sat locked in the confines of their host's personal chambers. It was an elegant room with plush carpeting and a large fireplace, a few pieces of furniture scattered around a coffee table. A small number of bookshelves lined the side of the room, and at the very end of the room was an expensive-looking desk.

A bald man sat behind the desk in silence as his guests watched in interest, but said nothing for the moment. He was Professor Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath who had founded the institute years ago on the grounds that he would be able to help young mutants learn to except and use their powers properly.

The Professor had recently called a small meeting to address current issues of concern to him, and the people present consisted of his staff members, older mutants who worked to train the students that attended his special boarding school. Among them were his former students Cyclops and a red-haired woman named Jean Grey, both of which had graduated from Bayville High School as well as the institute less than a year ago. The couple sat on the couch in the center of the room, and appeared to be engaged in their own conversation for the moment.

The two large chairs near the ends of the coffee table were occupied by Beast and Storm, both of which were older members of the staff, and standing closest to the wall was a grumpy-looking man named Logan. He was known largely in the underground as Wolverine, perhaps due to this mutant abilities which allowed him to sprout unbreakable claws at will, combined with his fearsome desire to taken down anyone who stood in his way on the battlefield.

Wolverine let out a low growl, his sour expression deepening. "If you ask me, you're going too easy on those kids, letting them have the day off when we had that survival exercise scheduled for today." He protested with an internal scowl.

Charles Xavier looked up from the paperwork in front of him, raising an eyebrow as he turned to face his old friend. "I did not feel it was appropriate to subject our students to one of your sessions in the midst of these worsening conditions. As far as I can see, there's no reason why we can't move the lesson to next week's agenda when the weather may be more favorable."

"I still think the extra challenge would do them some good, especially since you never know what to expect in real life situations." Logan answered grumpily.

The room's remaining occupants seemed to gravitate their stares towards the ill-tempered mutant. Wolverine responded with a look of indifference as he shifted his gaze towards the large window next to him. Although running around amidst the floor wasn't his idea of fun, being cooped up inside the institute was one of the last ways he would have wanted to spend his day. His earlier comment still bore some truth, seeing how battles could take place anywhere, and from his many fights with Sabretooth he knew that enemies wouldn't wait for nice weather if they really wanted you dead.

Xavier took a moment to watch him before speaking out again. "I realize that the you are correct to assume that our students require some experience so that they may face troubles no matter what the conditions, but this extreme pattern of weather may provide unforeseen complications at any rate."

"Well whatever…" Logan answered, looking as if he no longer cared to discuss the subject.

The Professor seemed to take in this impression and turned his attention towards the rest of his guests. After watching the brief exchange between the two, Cyclops decided to address his former instructor. "Is there a reason why you called us here today, Professor?" he asked courteously.

"Yes, there is…" Xavier raised his head, looking as if he had been pulled from the middle of a trance. "I wish to discuss some interesting matters that I believe may be of interest in the future."

Jean frowned slightly at the thought. "Does this situation have anything to do with what you saw within the mind of Apocalypse?"

The Professor gave his guests a small nod, but his eyes settled on the redhead for a moment or two. "The visions that I saw that day continue to haunt me, but when or even if they will come true yet is still yet to be revealed. There are some things that I wish I had not seen, but I am glad to say that today's gathering does not directly relate."

"Well if it isn't that important, I've got some places to go." Wolverine replied with emphasized impatience.

The gruff man crossed the room and headed for the exit, barely sparing a glance at the others as he speared an apple from the nearby bowl with his adamantine claws. After taking a bite out of the ripened fruit, he retracted the metal daggers into his hand, catching the apple between his fingers as he used his remaining hand to open the door.

"I was hoping that you would be kind enough to stay, Logan… Both of the issues that I want to mention may be important to you in the future." The Professor asserted. "It would be a shame if you were caught unaware of this information."

Beast shifted uncomfortably in his seat, having been present when Xavier first found out this particular piece of information. He had no idea how it would affect Logan, but he had a feeling that the news would probably catch him off guard in any case. For the moment, Hank McCoy was glad that he did not have to present the news personally.

The ill-tempered mutant sighed in response to the bald man's taunt, his grip on the handle loosening in consequence. Pushing the door closed, he turned around to face his fellow instructors. "All right, I get it…" he muttered loudly.

Wolverine took a seat in one of the remaining chairs, tossing the remains of his apple into a nearby garbage bin as he took a seat next to Storm. His gesture earned a small nod from their host as he moved to join them around the table. Backing his wheelchair out from behind the desk, the telepathic mastermind changed his direction and rolled forward so that he was closer to the main group.

Professor Xavier intertwined his fingers in a patient manner, allowing a brief pause before speaking again. "As you have probably expected, Cerebro has been detecting some mutant activity, most which is familiar to us. Including old comrades…" he eyed Storm as he spoke, and she seemed to understand immediately.

"It is natural that many mutants would use their powers in a manner that is not particularly supported by those of us managing the institute." The dark-skinned woman commented. "Yet I must admit that the activities of my nephew have me deeply concerned. Although he sided against us in the battle against Apocalypse, his responses to further anti-mutant sentiment have not changed."

Beast listened to her worries and seemed to read her mind. "I assume you were hoping that he would return to us on a more permanent basis?"

"I understand why Evan wants to remain with the Morlocks, but his methods of protecting his fellow mutants are extreme." Storm looked visibly worried by her own observations. "Perhaps my hopes were more than should have been expected under the circumstances, but even after all this time I am still worried for his sake."

"Although I agree with you, Evan's doing what he believes is right, and there's not much we can do to stop him." Scott added with a small frown.

Logan folded his arms and grunted. "Like I said before, the kid's got a lot of guts… I won't fault him for doing what I would have done when I was his age."

Their words did little to put her worries to rest, but the weather witch remained relatively composed considering the situation that they were discussing. "I just want Evan to know that his parents are worried about him."

"In time, your nephew will return to us… We must accept his decision for now, but when the time comes you are free to welcome him back with open arms." Professor Xavier replied calmly.

The conversation ceased as they considered the Professor's words. Mention of Spyke seemed to raise a certain sense of controversy among them, but that wasn't meant to be the main focus of this meeting he had called today. A number of things had caught his attention while searching for mutant activity, including the detection of several familiar individuals who had proven trouble in the past, some more than others.

Professor Xavier glanced around to make sure that his faithful staff members were listening before bringing the meeting to order. "I called you all here tonight to report come interesting findings from my recent session with Cerebro." He glanced at the bestial member of the group. "Hank has already been given the news, but I feel it imperative that I share this information with the rest of you."

Wolverine's found his patience slipping once more. Usually he was tolerant with his old friend, but being cooped up inside the mansion during a typhoon all day wasn't working for him. "Enough with all that static, Chuck, just hurry up and get to the point."

"Very well…" replied the bald telepath. "Although Magnus disappeared after the Apocalypse incident, the computer has detected Pyro and Sabretooth using their mutant abilities in a variety of locations in close proximity to each other."

Cyclops finished the sentence for him. "Which must mean that Magneto must still be up to something."

"So what if those bastards are still running around causing trouble doing who knows what… What else is new?" Wolverine snarled with a note of sarcasm.

The Professor closed his eyes wearily as he remembered the visions of the future he had seen months ago. As he pondered them once more, the telepath silently wondered if Magneto really would see the error of his ways and join the cause of training the new generation to live in peace with mankind. It was a far cry from the bitter man he had known for so long, yet one could always hope. Perhaps the things he saw were not set in stone, but either way the Professor was uncertain of whether of not he wanted some of these things to come true. He had seen things both terrible and comforting, but perhaps for the time being he was better off not knowing the nature of these images.

"So what do you think of the situation." Jean questioned, quickly pulling her teacher out of his thoughts.

"Recent news reports from around the world have not shown any suspicious crimes or unexplained terrorist attacks, therefore we have no idea what he might be planning to do next. Since they have not done anything as far as I can see, whatever Magnus is planning is not our primary concern."

"The next thing I have to say is of similar concern." He took a breath before turning to face Logan, causing them to exchange quick glances. "Another familiar has resurfaced even after her supposed death during that explosive incident in the wilderness you described last year."

"X-23… … …" Lightning seemed to strike at that very moment, illuminating Wolverine's features in a vindictive glow. His eyes widened slightly, but after a moment his expression seemed to slip. "Figured it would take more to kill her than a little explosion…"

Storm remembered her only meeting with the child, and how quickly she had been taken out during her brief visit to the institute. "She was very well-trained in the arts of assassination and incapacitation. Perhaps even more so than you, Logan."

Beast nodded in agreement. "We've recent detected her presence within the general vicinity, perhaps within a few hundred miles." He replied. "Our systems indicate that she has been hiding in several secluded locations throughout North America for months now."

"I'm guessing that she used the explosion of the HYDRA craft to fake her own death so that anyone else who were trying to get their hands on her would think she's dead." Wolverine explained with a small growl. Heaving out an exasperated sigh, Logan addressed his old friend. "I'll admit that you caught my attention with this bit of news, but why on Earth do you think it's so important for us to know where she is now?"

"A very good question, my old friend…" Charles Xavier looked almost amused as he paused for several seconds, all the while contemplating how to answer.

It was true that he did not have a particularly well-reasoned explanation in mind, but looking around he could see that the others were waiting patiently for him to give them a straight answer. In truth he hoped to avoid elaborating on the subject, but Wolverine had proved surprisingly astute to question his own motives. It seemed for the moment that he had no choice but to voice what was on his mind.

"I must admit to you now that the visions I spoke of earlier indicated that X-23 would one day become one of us." He seemed hesitant, but elaborated nonetheless. "Having located her several times with Cerebro, it appears that she has no place to go. I believe that this child has been permanently scarred in ways that very few of us can possibly imagine…"

Cyclops discerned a hauntingly familiar expression on Logan's face from behind his ruby-quartz glasses and seemed to understand what he was thinking. Even without using her powers it appeared as though Jean Grey had gotten the same impression as her boyfriend. The others also seemed to notice, but their reactions remained nonverbal. Storm had known him for many years, and understood about as much as anyone else.

Wolverine gave the group a small shrug, his nose wrinkling slightly. "Well then what do you want me to do? Track her down and force her to join us on pain of death?"

"Thank you for pointing out exactly what we will not do. I believe it would not hurt to offer this young woman the hand of friendship." The bald telepath replied with a stern expression.

"Let's say for a second that we did find her. She made it clear she wasn't interested in my help the last time we met so I doubt she's just going to change her mind." The ill-tempered mutant retaliated. "The kid wouldn't even come here willingly, and even if she did, trying to convince her to join us wouldn't even be worth wasting your breath."

A knowing expression flickered across Professor Xavier's face as he heard this last comment, but it disappeared as soon as it had came. "I understand your logic very well, but I believe that many people would have said the same thing about you when we first met."

"I believe that your heart is in the right place, but the fact that she reminds you of Wolverine is precisely why it will be so difficult to convince her to join the X-Men." Storm added in.

Jean folded her hands, subconsciously relaxing her shoulders at the same time. "I'm sure we all understand what the situation may be, but the least we can do is extend the offer to her. I can't see any harm in it, because either way it will be her decision."

Their leader answered with a small nod. "I quite agree on all accounts, which is why I believe that Logan should be the person to approach her."

The group turned to face their ill-tempered friend, and an awkward silence fell once more. After a moment, he rubbed the back of his head and groaned in annoyance. "Look, I already told you guys it wouldn't be worth the hassle. Just let it drop…"

"I believed that you of all people would understand what X-23 has been through, so logically you could understand this child better than anyone else I could send on this mission." Xavier seemed uncharacteristically adamant this time. "Having known you for so long, I know it against your nature, but do you wish for her to experience the same pain and confusion that you once did?"

Wolverine seemed lost in thought as he considered the idea of tracking down his female clone, but the concept seemed very unlikely considering her skills rivaled even his own. Looking back it seemed ironic how X-23 had possibly been the only person he had ever willingly reached out to, yet for a change he was the one whose offer of companionship was rejected. It was certainly strange to know that someone so young had gone through the same thing. After a minute or two his conscience seemed to get the best of him and he scowled rather loudly in response. He really hated when that happened.

"All right… I got a feeling that this won't be easy, but I'll track the squirt down for all the good it'll do." He took a small breath as an unpleasant grimace appeared on his face.

The bald man nodded with a serious but seemingly satisfied expression. "I thank you for your cooperation, and sincerely see you as the best person for the job."

His old friend let out another scowl but said nothing else as he leaned harder against the nearest wall, his arms folding as he managed to settle down again. Storm cast him a disapproving look but once again decided that it was best not comment on his attitude, which had remained largely unchanged ever after knowing him all these years. This minor sentiment was shared by the others, who all turned towards the Professor with expectant looks on their faces.

Storm's expression softened as she turned to face their leader. "So Charles, is there anything else that you desire to tell us before we adjourn?"

"Well there is one more thing that I would like to mention today." He seemed hesitate again. The telepath folded his hands and closed his eyes for a moment. "Before I explain, you all must understand that I did not expect this, but a certain someone left me a message last night requesting that I meet with him."

"Who was this person, and did you agree?" Cyclops asked with a curious expression.

The Professor gave them a solemn nod. ""Indeed I did. As for your first question, he was someone who has stood against us in the past, but seems willing to turn over a new leaf. I believe you would know him as Colossus…"

"The tin man?" Wolverine's stated. His expression was unreadable, but he remembered his brief encounter with the metallic mutant. "That guy used to be one of Magneto's underlings, but when I talked to him it seemed like they had something on him. He never did explain how he ended up joining up with those lowlife terrorists."

Jean Grey seemed surprised, but her expression bore no signs of hostility. "He was a big help to us during the battle with Apocalypse. I don't see why we shouldn't give him a chance."

Storm seemed to agree with them. "If Charles has reason enough to trust this man, then we should provide our own support as well."

"It is good that you all seem to accept my decision, although I am certain many of you are curious to know what Colossus spoke of last night." The Professor deduced. "He explained to me the less than favorable circumstances that forced him to serve Magneto, although I do not believe that it is my place to explain something that caused him so much distress."

Another silence fell over the room, as the institute's instructors exchanged glances and contemplated for themselves. After several minutes, the mutant scholar seemed in higher spirits at having relayed the news and decided to adjourn their meeting.

"Right then… I believe that was everything I had in the agenda for today. If no one else has anything else to say, then you may take your leave." He informed them.

Cyclops and Jean had a quick exchange in hushed whispers before standing up from their places and heading through the door. Storm and Beast followed their leader and took their dismissal, but the last member of their group stood rooted to his spot, his arms folded and eyes closed.

Once the others had left, he directed a grimace towards the Professor and turned to leave.

"Wait Logan…" Xavier called, causing the latter to freeze up momentarily. "I hope you do not intend to begin your search in the middle of this storm."

The ill-tempered mutant spared a glance back. "That's my business, Chuck!"

Knowing that nothing he could say would not be able to stop him, the Professor decided against arguing back and merely conceded his acceptance. "If that is what you desire I shall not protest, but before you depart I feel it is imperative for you to know where she was last detected by Cerebro." He paused again. "As of yesterday evening she was somewhere on the outskirts of New York city, although I doubt she will remain for much longer."

"Lucky for me, that isn't too far…" Wolverine answered gruffly.

"Which is precisely why I chose now to give you this mission." the other man replied. "Judging by her movements in the past months it appears as if she is intentionally avoiding this area, but now may be our only chance for me to extend our offer. If you require any assistance, Angel lives in the city."

Logan left the room with a casual wave of his hand. "Thanks for the tip, but I won't need any help tracking her down. The problem is… I doubt that the kid's going to be happy to see me again." He replied before closing the door behind him.

The bald telepath turned towards the window and watched the rain fall for a while as he remembered he pondered the visions he had received of the future. Closing his eyes, Charles Xavier relaxed his hands and shoulder, sinking into a deep mediation as he replayed the future visions to himself. His calm face displayed small signs of worry, but it passed in an instant, allowing him to return to his work.

In truth he had received other visions while peering in the mind of Apocalypse that he had not spoken of to his students or colleagues. However they made little sense to him, seeing at how little he new concerning the subject. Many of these scenes had included those several people that he did not recognize, and some he never dreamed would be relevant to the future of mutants. It was had a strange feeling, but he had an inkling that things were bound to become much more complicated then he would prefer.

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