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Integra sat at the edge of her bed, legs crossed, foot waving gently back and forth in the air, arms crossed across her chest as she gazed out of her balcony window towards the dark grounds, the moon casting silver light into her bedroom. She could feel her heart beating slightly faster than normal against her ribcage, feel the burning around her ears, both signs of her heightened anxiety levels. She was nervous, but also excited. Despite her usually cold disposition towards her vampire servant Integra wouldn't say she hated or disliked Alucard. In fact she rather admired him, and if she were to be totally honest with herself she would go so far as to say she actually liked the vampire. Of course Integra would never admit that out loud.

She turned slightly and glanced over her shoulder as an unearthly chill descended upon her room, her sharp blue eyes narrowing slightly on the darkest corner of her room where the shadows shifted and turned with no source of light to control their movements.

Out of the shadows appeared the tall and impressive form of her vampire servant. She was slightly surprised by his appearance. He was dressed as he always was, but the one thing that was missing was his trademark smirk. In fact, he wasn't smiling at all, and his crimson eyes were turned away slightly. She shifted a little more in order to look at him more closely. "Alucard,"

"Why did you send everybody away Master?"

She blinked, he had the mordacity to interrupt her? She let it go as she turned around full, kneeling on the edge of her bed, hands folded on her lap as she gazed at him.

"Because I wanted to be alone with you Alucard."

The vampires crimson eyes shifted and finally met with hers, sending a warm shiver down her spine. He had such fair eyes.

All vampires had crimson eyes, all true vampires. Fledglings would usually keep their normal eye color, and only revert to crimson when their powers were being released. But the one thing Integra had always noticed about Alucard was that, despite the intensity of the crimson in his eyes, nearing the pupil was the faintest circle of jade green. One would need to look very hard to spot it, but she had always noticed it, and it intrigued her.

"I know we swore never to speak of it," heat filled her cheeks. "but along time ago you taught me about the male anatomy." She locked eyes with him again. "That was a lesson I could never forget Alucard, I could never forget the way you felt, the way you looked, your expression, the sound of your voice…it was beautiful. You may be a creature made for killing, but you truly are a beautiful being Alucard. I've longed to see you in such a state once again, but at the same time I long to know what exactly that state is." she paused allowing him to digest what she was saying.

Alucard remained silent as his master spoke, gazing at her steadily, his position, posture and attitude natural. He had sensed when they had met in the dungeons that this was something special Integra needed from him, something only he could give her, something she would only trust him with. He knew not to tease, knew not the push her buttons, despite his usual behavior and what that seemed to predict about his personality, he did in fact know when to behave himself. He recalled the time she spoke of, and understood what she was asking. She longed to experience the ecstasy of another's touch without the price of her virginity, and that was something she would only trust him with. Deep down he felt honored that she would trust him with her most prized possession, it made him feel warm on the inside, almost human. But that warm feeling never lasted long, because he would remind himself that he was not human. He was a vile monster deserving no more than the deepest pits of hell, where she…beautiful, powerful Integra Hellsing was absolute perfection. He did not deserve to have her as a master, he was lowly, nothing more than a dog not worthy of licking her boots…and yet, here she was, offering him such an honor. He would never understand the inner workings of a human. For he, had forgotten what it was like to be human, he'd lost his humanity. "Alucard, I want you to teach me again, but this time, teach me about the female anatomy." She paused, drawing him from his thoughts. "Can you?"

He closed his eyes, the lightest of smiles gracing his porcelain lips.

"My master, I can do anything you wish me to do." he said quietly opening his crimson eyes and approaching the bed. He did so slowly, giving her time to rethink the situation, giving her time to change her mind. Of course if she should change her mind even in the middle of their time together he would stop, he would stop instantly. Anything his master wanted, Alucard would always strive to obey.

He rested a knee on the bed and gently placed his gloved hands on his masters shoulders. He could feel her trembling slightly, just slightly. She was nervous no doubt. "Lay back master." he requested in a calm, gentle and quiet voice. She did as requested and laid back, resting her head on one of the fluffy white pillows. Alucard climbed the rest of the way onto the bed, resting his weight on his knees, one on either side of his masters thighs. He could feel her body heat through her clothes, making him wish he could lay with her for awhile to merely enjoy the heat of another. But he pushed those thoughts away quickly, he had orders to fulfill. He hovered over her, momentarily lost in thought as he let his crimson eyes roam over her clothed form. "Would you like me to remove your shirt, or would you rather keep it on?" He asked. A blush filled his masters cheeks.

"I think I'd rather keep it on, thank you!" She said, or rather snapped. Alucard nodded. That was fine, he after all didn't really need to stimulate her chest, he could easily make her head spin by stimulating her femininity. He gently popped open the button at the top of her slacks before easing the zipper down. Her fly slid open easily, the zipper moving downward like silk. He looped his fingers into the hem of her pants. She instinctually lifted her hips slightly, making it easier for him to slide her slacks away from her hips, down her thighs, over he knees, along her calves and off of her feet. He tossed them onto the floor without another thought. He noted that despite Integra's rather short stature, his master was rather leggy. Her legs were thin but strong and smooth. He put his gloved finger between his teeth and tugged off the white glove, spitting it out leaving it to rest forgotten on the side of the bed. He ran his finger tips along her inner calve, tickling the underside of her knee slightly before running his fingers up along her inner thigh. He paused when her breath hitched. She had never been touched like this before, no man had ever been so close to her most private areas, it was alien, foreign and frightening.

It took most of Alucard's will power not to smirk like a wolf who was preparing to devour a lamb, but he managed. He slid his hand nearer to her mound, the heat emanating strongly, and with it came the scent of her. Alucard inhaled slowly, he didn't need to be close to smell her, and she smelt wonderful. It was a hot heavy odor, but not at all unpleasant.

Some men referred to a woman's scent resembling a fish, but they were primitive beings who, unlike Alucard, a vampire, couldn't smell the underlying odors women had. She did not just smell hot and heavy, she smelt of salt, soap, powders and cotton. He could smell the salt of her skin, the lingering scent of the soap she used every morning during her morning shower and the powder she used under her arms and the seam of her thighs and under her breasts to keep away unwanted dampness, he could also smell the cotton of her panties. He could smell it all. Though, he noted, among the barrage of smells that made heat pool in his loins there was something else, something he couldn't quite identify. It held a familiarity, but he couldn't quite place it.

His fingers inched closer, but hovered, not quite touching her as he let his eyes roam over her womanhood. The soft peach outer lips were perfectly smooth. 'Hmn so she keeps herself well manicured.' He thought, noting the neatly trimmed patch of blond hair covering her pubic area. His breath (though unnecessary) froze in his longs as he gazed at her, his dick beginning to stiffen just slightly. Integra's folds, unlike many woman, whose inner lips and clitoris sheath were concealed by the fleshy outer lips, were poking just slightly out of the fleshy outer lips. He bowed his head slightly, hair falling wildly into his face, shoulders hunching as he gazed. He had been with many woman, and all woman were different just like all men were different, but he always found woman whose folds weren't completely hidden a real turn on. There was just so much more to play with, so much more to tease, move and explore. Alucard snapped himself out of his trance when he noted that his mouth was beginning to salivate, luckily it was closed.

He gently ran the pad of his finger from the beginning seam of her mound, up, and over the exposed inner lips and clit sheath, to the very top of her mound seam. He heard her breath hitch quite loudly, her legs shooting towards her body on instinct, bending at the knees, the muscles in her thighs trembling at the slight motion. This time Alucard did let a smile cross his lips, but it wasn't predatorily, he was in fact enjoying himself, it wasn't often he got to play with virgins.

No words were passed between the two as Alucard continued to run his finger up and down along the seam of her womanhood, no words were needed. The excuse for learning Integra mentioned wasn't so much for him to explain the parts of her body as he had with his own, but rather teach her how it felt to be touched by someone in places untouched before. He gently began rubbing at the small triangular shaped skin that covered up the sensitive clitoris, gently teasing the rosy pink flesh into revealing it's hidden treasure.

Clear, and slightly slimy oils began to glisten along her mound, smeared by Alucard's teasing finger. He rubbed some of his masters natural lubrication onto the sheath of her clit, circling it a few times and enjoying the surprised gasps and heavy panting that came from her sweet pink, slightly chapped lips. His dick stiffened a little more as the tiny slightly darker pink flesh of her clitoris peaked just slightly out of the small hole of the fleshy sheath. Oh how he wanted to lick it, but he wouldn't do that, not yet at least.

His fingers roamed her for what felt like hours, but in truth it had only been around forty-five minutes. He had teased her enough to get her body to excrete large amounts of oil, which he used to slick his index and middle finger in before poking gently at her opening. She visibly tensed. "Relax master, I won't sever the vein that is inside of you."

She shot him a slightly confused look. "When that vein is broken, you will no longer be a virgin, so I will be gentle and won't push past it." He explained in a deep slightly husky voice. His dick was hard, not full mast but hard enough to make his trousers a bit to tight for his liking.

He easily slipped his index finger passed the opening, bumping into the bone plate quickly. He pushed at it for a few seconds before curving his finger and sinking deeper into her. She gasped and made a slightly uncomfortable sound, to which Alucard merely rubbed up against her slightly ballooned vaginal walls in a soothing motion. He continued stroking and exploring her insides when he noticed a sudden dampness coating his finger. He frowned slightly before extracting his finger. His eyes widened and his nostrils flared slightly. His long pale digit was coated in a thin layer of blood. Integra starred wide eyed at him, cheeks flushed. 'So that's what that other smell was….' Alucard thought as he shifted his eyes towards his master. She cleared her throat shifting slightly, she could feel the slightly moist sticky feeling beginning to steadily seep from her vaginal opening. "You don't have to stop Alucard…." She paused not meeting his gaze. "When was the last time you tasted my blood Alucard?" She noted how his fingers twitched just slightly.

"It has been a long time master."

Integra's blush darkened at what she was offering.

"Well, it seems now would be an opportune moment."

Alucard swallowed as his eyes shifted back to his blood coated finger. He lifted his finger to his mouth before wrapping his lips around the digit. His eyes fluttered closed as his tongue twisted around the digit and cleaned it of his masters virgin blood. He couldn't help but purr, it had been years since he'd tasted his masters sweet, sweet blood. "Be sure to be thorough Alucard, I'd hate to make a mess." She said, cheeks flushed. She wouldn't usually say such things, but she knew deep down it turned him on, as did her blood.

Alucard let out a quiet moan before lowering his body, his stomach resting flatly against his bent knees, hands resting on his masters thighs as he hunkered down, his face inches away from her damp mound. Little droplets of blood colored her entrance, her flow not quite strong enough to cause her to bleed out totally. He felt himself salivate as the strong sent of her blood filled his nostrils. He stuck out his tongue and gently poked at her entrance, the smallest smear of blood tingling against his taste buds. He heard her gasp, her breath hitching at the odd sensation. His thumbs began tracing gentle circles on her thighs, the muscles under his flesh trembling slightly. He closed his eyes for a moment before moving closer and lapping at her moister, the taste of her blood and oils making his head spin. He licked and lapped like a dog trying to get a dirty pan perfectly clean. He heard his master moaning and gasping as he continued lapping at her. Soon that wasn't enough and he plunged his tongue into her opening, the squishy muscle of his tongue not stretching her drastically enough to cause any type of pain. She merely squeaked her muscles clamping around his tongue as he searched for more of her blood. Soon his nose was brushing against her clit and the well manicured patch of blond pubic hair, her juices dampened his chin, but he didn't care, he just wanted more of her blood.

Integra gasped and panted, sweat dampening her hair and clinging to her skin, causing her collar and breasts to feel warm and sticky. She could feel her servants tongue stroking her insides, snaking its way this way and that, lapping at her vaginal walls, and into her core, she wondered if he'd found away around that little vein because it felt as if he was extremely deep inside of her. The intensity was beginning to grow, her stomach feeling as if it were filled with fluttering butterflies. Her breathing became labored and her hips trembled against his strong hands. A little while earlier she'd, much to her embarrassment, bucked up into his face. He didn't seem to mind, easily moving with her movement, but thankfully he'd stilled her hips, causing the feelings welling up inside of her to become more intense.

Soon the fluttering feeling in her stomach grew so intense her body began to tighten up. She could feel the muscles begin to tighten and her breath seemed to steal away from her lungs. She gasped and arched, all the muscles in her stomach and thighs clamping tightly before pulsating causing her to jerk slightly.

Alucard lifted his crimson gaze as he felt his master achieve orgasm. He held her thighs tightly preventing her from bucking up and into his face, he continued lapping at her inner walls till her orgasm began to fade away, leaving her panting and her body trembling just slightly. Only then did he pull out, licking his lips and wiping his chin with the back of his hand. He climbed off of the bed and crossed to the bathroom, disappearing for a moment, before returning with a dark colored towel. He easily wrapped it around his masters lower body before laying down beside her, his head a little lower than hers. She continued to pant, before glancing over and slightly down towards him. Her eyes were glassy and tired looking, her lips pink and slightly swollen from the constant biting. "Did you enjoy yourself master?" He questioned, his voice deep, but low and velvety. She licked her lips and nodded, still a little dazed. He smiled, he knew she did, and knew she wasn't going anywhere any time soon, that was why he'd gotten the towel, no need for her to leak her virgin blood all over he bedding.

After a few minutes of merely laying there in silent Integra blinked.

"What about you Alucard?" She knew what her blood did to him. He smiled, his canines still elongated.

"I'm fine master. Well fed, and extremely happy." He said with a slight purr to his voice. She nodded before closing her eyes and sighing.

Alucard glanced around before leaning up slightly. "Should I leave you master?" He questioned. Integra didn't bother opening her eyes but shook her head.

"No need, stay awhile Alucard."

He laid back down, resting his head below her pillow and closing his own eyes, sighing contently. It didn't take long till both began to snooze just slightly, Integra tired and sexually happy, and Alucard happy to share the warmth of his masters body and also happy to have a belly full of his masters delectable virgin blood. He didn't know when the next lesson would take place, and he didn't really care. No matter what his master asked of him he would do it. He would never deny her.