Hinata was outside on the rooftops of the Hyuuga House. She was an eight year old who got rejected when she asked for one more chance to prove herself worthy to her father. Her father refused harshly and all that's left to do is just sit and wait for a miracle to happen. Hinata herself didn't care about the clan and their needs anymore. Her only care in the world is to be stronger than any other person in the Leaf Village, even if it means sacrificing her life. Hinata spotted a black butterfly with red spiral designs and it landed on her lap. Hinata didn't know why, but it felt like the butterfly wants Hinata to follow it. The butterfly flew and Hinata trusted her instinct and followed it. The butterfly flew high and low in the village and finally landed on top of the graveyard's gate entrance. No one was around Hinata's surroundings so no one wondered why she's following a butterfly. The gate opened by itself and Hinata followed the butterfly that continued to fly away. The butterfly stopped again on a grave stairwell. Hinata doesn't know what was going on but she didn't go back and walked up the stairway. When she reached the end, there was a skull on the skull throne. Hinata can almost recognize what the skull belongs to. The butterfly landed on the skull and began to speak.

"My fair lady, my ruler, my goddess. I hope that you're the one to solve whoever skull this is" the butterfly squeaked. "If you guess it correctly, you can be the princess of the graveyard. You can speak to the dead, speak to the animals inside the graveyard, and you can have powers of the undead. Nothing speaks powerful than the dead!"

When the word "powerful" came from the butterfly's mouth, Hinata instantly looked at the skull. She wants to show everyone in this village that she's more than just an average Hyuuga. She wants to be more than that, much more. Hinata took the skull up and turned it around. When she saw a crack that was no bigger than three inches, she knew it had to be a certain someone. Hinata turned to the butterfly.

"I have my answer" Hinata told the butterfly.

"Yes? Yes?" the butterfly squeaked.

"The skull belongs to the Fourth Hokage, Yondaime."

The butterfly stood silent but then it poofed into Yondaime. At least, it was the ghost of Yondaime.

"Congratulations" he said, smiling. "You're now the princess of the graveyard. Please hold out your fist."

Hinata did as she was told and held out her left fist. Yondaime gently put his hands over it and finally took it off. Hinata looked at her fist and on it was a picture of a skull. She turned to Yondaime in confusion.

"Once you're a princess, you're supposed to have a mark. I've given you the skull mark to keep track of your status" Yondaime told her.

"My status?" Hinata questioned him.

"One skull means that you're just a princess. Two skulls mean that you're a pre-queen, which you become at the age of thirteen. Lastly, there's a queen, whom you have to trade your two skulls to get a flaming black heart on your forehead, and you have to reach the age of sixteen."

"Oh, I see. But..."

"Hmm? What's wrong Kuro Hime?"

"What if you belong in a clan or fall in love?"

"You'll lose your last name when you become pre-queen and you get to live with the ghosts, and me, in the haunted mansion. But that's if you belong in a clan. As for falling in love, our Kuro Hime has to at least make a generation so her children can take control next. But that's when you fall in love and reach a mature age to do that. Also, the boy you love will become a status based on his age."

"Oh okay. I can deal with that."

"Now go home, Kuro Hime. Get some rest and I'll introduce you to the rest of the dead tonight, so make sure to come."

"I will! I definitely will!"

Hinata ran out of the graveyard, happy and excited. Not only will she become strong, but she can also leave the Hyuuga Clan too! No more Hiashi bossing her around, no more Neji telling her she's weak, and no more bratty little sisters who are spoiled every now and then. Can this get any better? For Hinata, it already is.

(Flashback Ends)