Hinata was lying in her room on her bed, the scythe is right next to her, hanged up by two hooks at a good distance apart from each other. Snakey was already wrapped around her neck, sleeping soundly because he was tired and Naruto was bored on a chair, rocking back and forth almost looking like he's about to fall over but keeping a good balance. Hinata looked over at the bored Naruto and threw a crumbled up paper ball that was by her, at him. Naruto looked up at her in confusion when he got hit by the paper ball.

"What is it Hinata?" Naruto asked, yawning a little.

"There's nothing to do..." She replied.

"So what do you want to do?"

"How the hell should I know...?"

"...Want to check on the ghost children...?"


Naruto and Hinata got up and placed Snakey back in his cage, which Hinata fixed up so it looks more demonically royal instead of it looking as it it was found in a junkyard. After doing that, they quietly walked out of the room and walked downstairs until they hit the doorway. Nidaime was downstairs alone drinking some tea. Hinata looked over at him weirdly.

"Nidaime? Where's Shodaime and Yondaime?" She asked confused, walking over to him.

"We had a little exorcist problem... They went ahead to take care of it" He answered calmly.

Hinata slammed both her hands on the coffee table and stared at Nidaime with very serious eyes that seemed as if she was going to kill someone and no one would be able to stop her. Naruto was sort of already out the door when he heard the word "Exocist."

"And you didn't call me! I told you guys I would protect this graveyard and all the ghosts inside of it!" Hinata screamed, arms flailed up in the air.

"We know Hinata-sama but it was only one exorcist" Nidaime pointed out. "Ghosts can just haunt it and make it die of fright until it crumbles to ashes. We only need you to kill them off whenever you're not around the graveyard or if there's a mob of them."


"Good. That's our Pre-Queen. Protective and knows when to stop arguing..."

"Ha! Knows when to stop arguing! Nidaime, I'll go on forever with an argument to prove I'm right!"

"And that's our favorite flaw with you..."

They both laughed and heard the door creak open. Naruto, Shodaime, and Yondaime were coming back from the graveyard. Hinata was the first one to turn around.

"There you are! Both of you got me worried sick!" Hinata began, pointing fingers at Shodaime and Yondaime.

"Gomenasai Hinata-sama... We didn't mean to worry you..." Yondaime apologized.

"Oh, you worried me alright!"

"Well, I'm sure Nidaime told you that we don't always need your help whenever you're around the graveyard. Ghosts have the upperhand against exorcists."

"Unless the exorcist has the scythe...?"

"Exactly" Shodaime finished.

Hinata just pouted and told everyone that Naruto and her were going to take a walk around the graveyard. They just told her to bring her scythe with her just in case. Doing as she was told, she grabbed the scythe from her room and ran back down the stairs, leaving the mansion. Naruto was following after her. They passed by the children and the playground they were playing in. Hinata got glomped by almost fifteen ghost children. She caught up to the elders and had small chat with them. Lastly, she fed the graveyard's finest creatures, who gave her each an animal kiss on the cheek at the end. Everything went perfect until Hinata saw a little girl running into the graveyard, one of her eyes swollen black. She looked no younger than nine with short, raven black hair. She wore a long sun dress that was reaching her knees. The dress was midnight blue with a quarter moon located on the top. Hinata quickly got up and ran to her, making Naruto really confused and following her.

"Hey! What's wrong! What happened to your eye!" Hinata asked, flaring in rage by a certain thought.

"Huh?" the squeaky voice of the nine year old shouted.

She ran over to Naruto and Hinata with arms in front of her, as if looking for a hug. Hinata swiftly picked her up and swung her around in a tight hug. Seeing that black eye made Hinata flare up. The little girl's crying calmed down her rage and replaced it with sympathy and comfort. Naruto was drying her tears and Hinata rocked her around, singing a little lullaby to help calm her nerves, and possibly her own. The little girl soon calmed down but fell asleep in Hinata's arms.

"What should we do with her?" Naruto asked Hinata, worriedly.

"Go to the Hokage of course! This girl has a black eye! And I have a pretty good idea who could've done this..." Hinata answered, flaring more and more.

"You should calm down..."

"I'll calm down when I'm in the last level of Hell! Who the hell would hurt a child!"

"Beats me. She probably got in someone's way and got a black eye from them."

"Or... Her mother or father could've been beating on her! How else could she be running into the graveyard?"

"Why would she run into the graveyard in the first place?"

"Naruto, there are lots of ways to hide in a graveyard and no one would be able to find you. What would you expect when they said in Hide and Seek that graveyards are banned?"

"Well, I didn't know until now. I don't play around so often so I hardly know the game or the rules. You know me! I train to become the next Hokage!"

"Yes, I know. But now you know why it's banned. I'm going to the Hokage with her right now!"

Hinata ran from the graveyard and into the bustling streets of Konoha. Crossing the outskirts and the ramen shop with Naruto behind her, she finally reached the Hokage's mansion and literally slammed the door open. The secretary seemed a little stratled by Hinata's sudden appearance. However, she gave her a little smile.

"Ms. Hyuuga? What are you doing here?" She looked confused. "And your eyes..."

"That's Ms. Kuroyami to you. And I want to see the Hokage right now" Hinata demanded sternly.

"Well, the Hokage is a bit busy with paperwork right now and probably-"

"And probably will think that a little girl being abused by her parents is far more important at this point!"


"No time to explain! I'm going to see him now!"

"But there's a little meeting going on and-!"

"And I don't care about the meeting!"

Hinata just rushed over to the Hokage's office and Naruto, who was far behind, sincerely apologized to the secretary. Catching up to her, he ran right into an open door, falling on his back with swirls resting in his eyes. Hinata looked at Naruto apologetically and dragged him into the office. Hinata saw the Hokage and Kazekage sitting down with a piece ofd paper on the desk. They turned around to see Hinata. Sarotobi gave her a little smile but the Kazekage rolled his eyes at her. Hinata didn't pay him no mind and walked up to the both of them.

"Sarotobi-sama?" Hinata asked politely. "We have a bit of a problem."

"Whatever it is, can it wait until our meeting is over?" the Kazekage asked harshly. "Obviously, I have don't have time to waste listening to your petty problems when we are discussing something far more important."

"Ignoring the person beside me..." Hinata whispered to herself. "There seemed to be a bit of an abuse coming from a set of parents."

"Abuse? How are you so sure it's abuse Hinata?" Sarotobi asked her curiously.

"Easy. The girl has a black eye, she's running into the graveyard, OBVIOUSLY she's running from SOMEONE if she's going into the GRAVEYARD! And if you look directly at her swollen black eye..." Hinata placed the little girl on the table, making her sit up. "You should see a ring mark that takes the shape of a pair of hearts underneath it. I've seen this type of ring before. They're usually for engagement until ready to be married."

Hinata picked up the little girl again and the Kazekage sighed, as if getting tired of hearing this. Hinata overheard him saying some words about the child in her hands. She couldn't make out most of it but some of them referred the little girl as a "Bastard Child" and a "Total waste of time." Hinata gave the child over to Sarotobi-sama and she banged her left fist on the desk, looking over at the Kazekage with a deadly glare.

"Look, I don't care what you and Sarotobi-sama were discussing about before I came here. But this problem is far more superior than your "Treaties" and "Alliances." If you don't care if a child has been abused by a parent, then I'm going to think that you probably do the same thing to your kids. IF you even have some..." Hinata barked at him, crossing her arms. "You called this little girl a "Bastard Child" and a "Total waste of time" and I won't put up with it. You may be the Kazekage, but I have the RIGHT to prove that you're wrong in some areas! And right now good sir, you're definitely WRONG!"

They both glared at each other and the Kazekage stood up from his seat, and walked towards the door. He stopped and turned around to look at the Hokage.

"We will continue this another day maybe?" He asked, calm and collective. "You seem to have something to deal with right now."

He met the gaze of Hinata again and Naruto had just finally woken up from his ten minute nap. However, he was already conscious when Hinata had began to bark at the Kazekage. He smiled wide and foolishly as the Kazekage walked up to Hinata.

"I will not have a child tell me what I can or can not do to my child. They belong to me and have NOTHING to do with you..." and with those last words, he trudged out of the office.

Hinata turned to the Hokage to see his reaction. However, Sarotobi seemed as if he was stressed out from the meeting with the Kazekage in the first place. He smiled at Hinata and she took back the little girl from him. Naruto stood up and stood beside her, checking on the little girl to see if she was still okay.

"Thank you Hinata. The Kazekage has been a pain in the neck recently..." Sarotobi thanked her and sighed. "I'll leave the little girl in your hands. I want you to take good care of her."

"Wait, why me...?" Hinata looked confused but looked at his crystal ball. "Oooooooh. So you saw everything...?"

"From start to finish" Sarotobi told her, folding his hands. "You take on a dire responsibility for the graveyard. I trust that you will also take good care of this young girl and bring her parents to justice."

"You already know I will!"

"And you Naruto, will you help Hinata take care of this child?"

"You bet I will! She's gonna need a male figure in her life!" Naruto laughed, giving Sarotobi a thumbs up.

"Then it's settled. You two may take your leave now."

Hinata and Naruto nodded and said their goodbyes to Sarotobi-sama and left the mansion. On their way back to the graveyard, Hinata thought about the last conversation before they left. She felt a little bit awkward now. She nudged Naruto slightly to get his attention, being careful not to wake the little girl in her arms.

"Uh... Naruto?" Hinata asked, weirdly.

"Yeah, what's up?" Naruto replied.

"The last conversation before we left the mansion..."

"Yeah. What about it?"

"It sounded as if we both got married with this little girl in my arms."

"Oh. Um..."



"Well, this just got awkward."

"Yeah. It just did..."