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Full Description: Failing three times has left Naruto a little behind. Being fourteen in a class full of twelve year olds isn't the best thing for a future Hokage. Unfortunately, even a little skill grows in three years. Fortunately, for Naruto, nobody seems to catch onto that little fact. Not even the Sandaime Hokage, the Professor. Overpowered Naruto x Young Hanabi. This will be my first… lolicon I believe it's called. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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He held his head as he stared at the wall. Sure he was being overdramatic but hearing Sakura and Ino wail was enough to blow any man's eardrums. He watched as they threw themselves into the seats next to Sasuke, each grabbing an arm as they settled, content with being next to their 'true love'.

A sigh escaped him as he lowered his head, glad the noise was gone. There was the subtle ramblings of the rest of the class, but he could tune that out. He'd been out far too late, drinking far too much, and Kami was showing him exactly why it was a bad- no scratch that- Horrible, idea. He knew that he would have to take the blame for it too, if he was caught, so it was better just to sleep and hope Iruka didn't catch the obvious signs of Naruto's Hangover.

It wasn't really his fault, mostly, though he couldn't deny the fun he'd had with his friends. They were the few he had and technically they weren't even human.

"OKAY!" Iruka yelled as he walked in the classroom. Naruto suppressed a groan as he prayed Kyuubi worked faster. "As you all know," Iruka continued, "Today is the Genin exam. For most of you, today is the day you will graduate from this academy and become official ninja of Konohagakure no Sato."

Naruto pressed his hands over his ears again, not wanting to listen to the speech again. This was his fourth time in the academy, and he'd heard the speech each year. He'd started the academy early, at age seven, while the others started at age eight. He'd taken the graduation test, for the first time, at age eleven. He'd failed, and the year after that, he'd failed again. At thirteen, he'd come his closest to passing, the clone being the only thing stopping him.

He'd never minded staying at the academy, he got to watch all the little kiddies run around pretending to be ninja, and he could never pass up the opportunity to laugh the 'graduates' they were good, for clan heads, but they were far too, colored. Too many emotions guiding their actions. Shino was good, rarely showing anything.

Emotion was a good thing in cretin situations, that was the first real lesson he'd learned, but being a ninja meant that one would do things that broke a person's natural… morals. Letting their emotions get involved would be detrimental to their job.

He lifted his head up slightly, showing his bloodshot, blue, eyes. He could blame the eyes on lack of sleep and the headache would be easy enough to hide. 'I'm going to kill that stupid panda.' He thought, as he watched the first student go up to the front of the class and perform the jutsu needed to pass the simple exam. He would fail again, of course. He couldn't perform the Bunshin and he knew he'd never be able to.

That meant he'd never be able to pass the exam. He knew he'd eventually grow bored of waiting and go to the Hokage, showing his skill in every other field of skill. It would be a shock for the old man, hopefully he wouldn't die, but he knew Sarutobi would be happy.

Sarutobi, His Jiji, was probably the only reason he stayed in the village. He hated it with a passion, and he knew that nearly everyone returned the feeling. It wasn't just the short glares they sent his way but simply by the feel of the village. You didn't need to be a psychic to tell how people felt about him. Sarutobi was his all-but-blood-grandfather. His only real connection to another human. Sometimes it was enough.

Other times it wasn't

He chose to change his train of thought at that point; he really didn't want to think about the times when he lost himself to the hate.

Sasuke, the last Uchiha, was standing in front of the class with three clones standing next to him. They were perfect for Iruka and the class, perfect copies. Naruto could see through them though. The simple Bunshin was a low class Genjutsu, really, nothing but an illusion. Naruto's eyes were stronger than everyone else's and they could see through such simple jutsu easily. Even the highest class Genjutsu was easy for him, albeit, slightly straining, but easy.

It was a defense that Kyuubi had developed for him. His eyes, his muscles, even a few Jutsu were given to him to protect himself and in turn, Kyuubi' requested something easy. The beast didn't want to die; he would be released upon Naruto's death. that was their deal.

Kyuubi helps Naruto, and Naruto lets the monster free upon his death instead of taking him to the hell.

Simple and effective.

As he aged Kyuubi became more willing to help. The only excuse Naruto got was 'I'm bored and watching you mess with the other mortals is amusing.' Naruto shrugged it off, not really caring. If Kyuubi was willing to help then he wasn't going to turn away. The strongest of the Bijuu giving him the strength to protect himself, as well as kill the ones who… well, pissed him off. It pretty much made up for the whole 'hated by everyone' thing.

"Uzumaki Naruto, your turn." Iruka called as Sasuke sat down.


He let a small sigh escape his lips. It was a mistake, pure and simple, even Kyuubi agreed. He'd gone after the scroll, just as Mizuki had told him, and he'd gotten it. Unfortunately the scroll wasn't the only thing he'd acquired on his trip to the Kage's tower.

"When they find you, they're going to arrest you."

He rolled his eyes. The kid next to him was possibly the most annoying thing he'd ever encountered. The fact that she knew everything only added to the fact that she was giving him a headache. Long words that, Kyuubi explained, had multiple meanings and were insults. She'd stated, as soon as they arrived in the small clearing, that he'd stolen one of the village's most valuable scrolls. She said it was the reason she'd followed him.

She wasn't a danger to him. She was a Hyuga, Hanabi, as she'd introduced herself. The Hyuga relied on their Juken and Kyuubi could open his tenketsu as fast as a Hyuga could close them, making Naruto immune to their ability.

Hanabi had attacked him, briefly, hitting the tenketsu in his arm. He could feel Kyuubi's Chakra gather there as she hit, nullifying the attack. He'd laughed a little at her shocked face when he reveled the effect, or lack of, to her. Now she was simply sitting in the field with him, watching as he read the scroll. He was simply reading each description of the jutsu as well as the hand signs. He'd learn them later from Kyuubi.

All he had to do was see it and Kyuubi would file it away for later.

Still, the girl was a problem. She was right he'd stolen from the village and he would probably be considered a traitor. He wasn't a ninja so they couldn't charge him with treason but he knew the council would try. It would be an easy death sentence.

Mizuki had tricked him, and the only way to actually avoid the punishment would be to find a way to pin the blame back to his sensei.

"Hyuga." Naruto said as he stood, rolling up the scroll.

"What." She snapped.

"My sensei may be the first to arrive. Mizuki is the one who told me to take the scroll, telling me would pass the academy if I managed to learn at least one of the Jutsu from it. Should he arrive, do not try to talk to him; he may try to kill you along with me." He told her, a small smile forming on his face as he spoke.

Hanabi glared at him intently, her pale eyes bulging slightly, showing she'd activated her Byakugan. It didn't matter to him. She would see a boy with above average Chakra reserves who was clothed in orange, a color he intended to change. He'd been on orange for nearly three years, and Green was his next color, then blue… maybe. It didn't matter.

"Why did you need to steal the scroll to pass?" Hanabi finally spoke, "shouldn't you have graduated with the rest of the academy?"

"I failed." Naruto answered happily. He shrugged his shoulders as he leaned back against the small shack. "I'm incapable of performing a bunshin. You might be able to see it with the Byakugan, I'm not sure, but I have two Chakra reserves and one interferes with the other, making low cost jutsu nearly impossible for me. I need the really draining ones, like the ones on this scroll." He said, tapping his knuckles against the scroll next to him.

Hanabi didn't respond, though he could see her scanning him with her eyes. She was probably rechecking his chakra system for the second reserve.

He simply stared at her, watching every twitch her small form made. She couldn't be older than eight, maybe nine. Was it wrong to inspect an eight year old so closely… probably, but hey, he was a demon spawn, a reject, a monster. Why should that human standard apply to him when none of the others did? So he looked at her, the still pudgy face that had yet to thin out. The small hands as well as the pale skin.

Either she was too distracted to notice or simply didn't care, but she didn't respond to his observations. He would have continued, focused on her more, female qualities, which were still developing, but he was stopped.

"Naruto!" Iruka's voice entered the clearing


Okay, there will be some questions as I left some things out. To clear one thing up immediately, Naruto has a summon contract, with Panda's. It will be introduced in the next chap.

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