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To say the Ministry never knew what hit it was a major understatement. They were completely blindsided, so caught up in their infinite superiority and their denial of a War. Tom Riddle and his people walked through the door and took over before they regained control of their surprise, both literal and figurative. It is considered the easiest takeover of a magical government in history, not a single life was lost on our side. –Chapter 15, From Darkness Emerges

Cornelius Fudge sat in his office, feeling both stunned and excited. Dumbledore was dead! The old wizard would no longer be threatening his superiority and power. His lips curved into a satisfied smile. Oh, it would be a pain to appear sorrowful at the death of the eccentric wizard, but it would be worth it. He was full of plans for Hogwarts.

For far too long Dumbledore had kept the school independent of the government, almost as if Hogwarts was the Muggle version of religion. No more. Education standards had fallen badly and the teachers would need to be chosen carefully. Dumbledore's choices had been questionable, to say the least. Take Severus Snape for example. A Death Eater in Hogwarts? Dumbledore said the man had been a spy, but he was still a Dark wizard! Appointing a werewolf as the DADA teacher four years ago? Madness!

Not to mention all the things Harry Potter had gotten away with for the past seven years… The boy was a hazard to society and would be better off in a cell. Like his godfather Sirius Black. Pettigrew may have been proven a Death Eater, but that wasn't to say that Black wasn't one as well! No one had escaped from Azkaban before him and just two years later there had been a mass breakout. Coincidence? Not bloody likely!

Cornelius practically bounced from his chair and retrieved his bowler hat, intent on making a journey to Hogwarts this very morning. Just as he was walking to the door it opened from the outside and a very tall man with black hair and aqua eyes walked inside. He was accompanied by a person Cornelius thought long dead…

"James Potter?" he stuttered in shock. "You're dead!"

"Obviously not, Minister. Please, have a seat," James' voice was cool and collected.

Cornelius briefly bristled at being told what to do in his own office and made his way back to his chair. "Be quick about what you're going to say, I'm on my way to Hogwarts. Your son is a hazard to our society, he needs to either be monitored by Aurors or placed behind bars."

James arched an eyebrow and the man next to him was looking murderously at Cornelius. He still didn't say a word but his hand tightened down on a white wand.

"Summon your Aurors and we will discuss the situation," James said agreeably.

Cornelius swallowed back surprise and a sudden sense of nerves and tapped the little communicator on his desk. "Dolores, please send in Shacklebolt and two other Aurors."

"Yes sir," the girly voice replied.

Cornelius waited for the Aurors, gazing at his two visitors. He looked closer at Potter and saw that his eyes had vertical slits, similar to that of a cat. His ears curved downward before coming to a slight point. He frowned inwardly; none of the Potters had creature blood as far as he knew. Before he could debate this anymore Kingsley, Dawlish and Tonks walked in the door.

With three fully-trained Aurors in the room Cornelius felt he could relax a little. "Now, as I was saying. Your son has gotten away with all sorts of transgressions over the past seven years. I understand he's important to the magical world, but it is not an exception for casting a Hover Charm in his second year, nor for blowing up his Aunt before the third and casting a powerful charm in front of a Muggle before his fifth! Not to mention he broke into the Department of Mysteries that year and Dumbledore was insisting that a 12-year-old boy killed a Basilisk by himself!"

"My son is beyond any of your rules, Cornelius," James replied, before he pointed his wand at Tonks and snapped, "Avada Kedavra!"

The female Auror had barely hit the ground before Kingsley and Dawlish attempted to retaliate. Dawlish missed with a Stunner and was decapitated with a Severing Charm by the aqua-eyed stranger while Kingsley met a brutal end with a spell that choked his windpipe. In less than ten minutes Cornelius was left alone with two very powerful Dark wizards.

"Wh-who are you?" he stuttered to the aqua eyed man.

A vicious smile curved his lips and he said, "My name is Tom Riddle. You know me better as Lord Voldemort. This is my son and Heir, James Riddle-Snape."

Cornelius' eyes went ridiculously wide as he realized exactly who that made Harry Potter. Tom watched his eyes and when he saw recognition in them he hissed, "I hope you enjoyed your time as Minister, Cornelius. Avada Kedavra!"

Cornelius' body slumped to the floor and James chuckled. "Pompous ass never knew what was coming, did he Father? Listening to him and his long-winded speech about Harry was irritating."

"Hmm," Tom agreed. They opened the door and walked out of the office. The toad-like witch Harry had told them about started screaming when she saw the Minister's body and James killed her. "Irritating sound."

They made their way to the Auror Department, the floor of which was covered in blood and the bodies of dead Aurors. Harry drifted in their direction, robes trailing through the blood. It made not a stain on the fabric which was the same rich dark red color. He smiled thinly at his papa and grandfather before he said, "No casualties on our side. The fools were caught completely unprepared. I must say, Sirius knows some interesting charms. So does Remus."

"We didn't just learn those that would be useful for pranking people," James replied.

"Grandfather, I suggest we use the Unspeakables as our law enforcement for now. They will of course have to swear an Unforgivable to serve our exact orders and not reveal your identity."

"Good. Make it so, Harry. Have Lucius summon the Wizengamot, making sure to separate the Light wizards into a different room. We will have to weed out those loyal to our late Minister and Dumbledore."

Harry bowed his head and walked away. He had not expected praise from his grandfather for the idea, he was expected to use his intelligence. Praise would have indicated that such sense was not usual for him.

"I'm not surprised Sirius turned out to be a Dark wizard," James commented. "He's from a family that prides itself on their alliance and finding out the man you trusted killed your little brother would be a shock. Remus though, I would have never thought he could be so easily converted."

"I have a feeling Harry's persuasion technique had something to do with that," his father replied.

Lucius walked in their direction, bowed and said, "This Wizengamot has been summoned, my Lord. They should be here within the hour."

James eyed the man. He had a feeling he was looking at the first Minister of Magic for their new government. Lucius would be perfect for the job. Having the grandson of Tom Riddle as his Consort would help greatly as well, even if Harry didn't appear publicly that often. Which he probably wouldn't, especially after he'd carried a child or two for the pureblood Lord.

James didn't stop the little smile that crossed his features at the thought of his large family. Smiling in pleasure he thought, Finally we are in our rightful place. My family has been avenged and he who tried to disgrace us is dead. Down with the Light, long live the Dark.

Long live the Jin'taar and the power of the Phoenix.


About the Author:

From Darkness Emerges is the first historical piece written by Lucenius Alexander Severus Malfoy. He says that "It's really more of a biography since at the heart of it is the story of my family and how my parents were brought together." He adds that it was 'immensely personal' to go through his fathers' old notes about the war and read the few histories written about the Jin'taar.

Lucenius' parents are of course their graces Lord Lucius and Harry Riddle-Malfoy. Lucius Malfoy was in fact elected the first new Minister of Magic and held the post for a record 5 terms in a row. Now Lucenius says his father prefers to stay home with his Jin'taar beloved and the rest of their family.

Lucenius is the oldest of four. His twin Lavinia Anwen Lilithia Malfoy holds a Potions Mastery gained under the tutelage of her grandfather Severus Snape, still a formidable man according to his grandson. Both Lucenius and Lavinia graduated from Hogwarts School and Slytherin house in 2018. Their younger siblings are twin boys Emyr James and Cadfael Thomas, aged 16 at the writing of this book.

Of the rest of the people mentioned in this book, a brief list is mentioned here:

Remus and Lilithia Lupin:This pair were married in October of 1998, a mere 6 months after the Ministry takeover mentioned in this book. Their two children are Teddy and Rhys, sons aged 20 and 17.

Draco and Hermione Malfoy: Rabastan Lestrange did end up blood-adopting the former Miss Granger and her conversion to the Dark was successful. Her new friends on our side are said to be Lilithia Lupin and Pansy Zabini, formerly Parkinson. Their only son Nicodemus Lucius is 16.

Sirius Black: The prankster of the Marauders turned out to be a surprise all around. When aligned with his family's choice he is said to be a 'remarkably saner version of Aunt Bellatrix' as quoted by Draco Malfoy. He never has married or bonded, though he has been on and off lover with, of all people, Fenrir Greyback.

Severus and James Riddle-Snape: This much beloved pair did end up settling their differences and the pain caused by James' necessary deception. They were blessed with two more children in 2002, twins Akakios Severus and Ianthe Aine Snape, aged 18.

Of himself, Lucenius and his twin Lavinia are blonde-haired with silver green eyes. Lucenius himself is unmarried as of this date but his twin Lavinia is engaged to Felix Zabini.

Copyright: First Edition 2020.

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Lucenius Alexander Severus- His first name is a classier version of honoring Lucius, his father. Alexander is Greek as well as being one of Lucius' middle names. Severus is in honor of his grandfather and is Ancient Roman for 'stern'.

Lavinia Anwen Lilithia- Lavinia is for. Anwen is Welsh for 'beautiful'. Lilithia honors their fiery friend.

Emyr James- Emyr is Welsh for 'king'. James is in honor of his grandfather.

Cadfael Thomas- Cadfael is also Welsh for 'battle prince'. They chose similar themes for the younger twins, as Thomas is in honor of his great-grandfather Tom Riddle.

Teddy- Obvious! I couldn't let him be lost. The name Teddy Lupin is just so *cute*

Rhys- Welsh for 'enthusiasm'.

Nicodemus Lucius- Nicodemus is a well-known magical name. Lucius honors his grandfather.

Akakios Severus- Akakios is Greek for 'innocent'.

Ianthe Aine- Ianthe is Ancient Greek for 'violet flower'. Aine is of course Lilithia's middle name and is Gaelic for 'radiant'.

Felix Zabini- Felix is German for 'Lucky'.


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