Aqua: Yay! I found a new story to write about!

Amu: Really? Who's it about?

Ikuto: Its about Amu and me right! It can't be about Tadagay... right?

Aqua: That brings up a good point, i dont like tadase at all especially after the last shugo chara chapter.

Rima: Of course. Well, who's it about?

Aqua: Its amuto of course!

Nagi: Aww... i wanted to be with my beloved Rima-koi

Rima: What did you say! We... We arent koi!

Ikuto: Wahoo!!!

Aqua: Lets start, Ikuto since you're in such a good mood why dont you do the disclaimer?

Ikuto:I dont want to...

Amu: I'll do it! Aqua doesnt own Shugo Chara!


Ikuto returns from finding his father in Europe to Japan to find lots has changed from before and that Amu is one of the most popular girls at Seiyo High. Utau is a major actor/singer, Tadase "matured", Kairi moved back from wherever he went and still likes Amu, Kukai is preparing to make Utau his girlfriend, and Yaya still loves candy. Rima still loves gags, jokes, laughing, and the best one ever, crying to get her way. Nagi almost seems like he's over his crossdressing obsession and is into basketball. Hikaru is still way over intellegent for his average age group and seems to actually have emotions. And... who's that weird little kid that looks like Hikaru's age and hangs around him? Can Ikuto get Amu's attention and confess that he wants to go farther with Amu before she falls for someone else?

Ages: (3 years have passed)

Amu: 16

Ikuto: 19 (yes i kno he's supposed to be 20)

Kairi: 13

Tadase: 16

Kuaki: 17

Utau: 17

Hikaru: 11 (Just so they're the same age)

Rikka: 11

Nagi: 16


Yaya: 14

Aruto: ... i have no idea, he's a dad.

Tsubasa: ... um... like 30 something


Pro (Major):

Amuto (duh)

Hikka? i dont kno the official name (hikaruxrikka)

Kuktau: is that how u spell it? (kukaixutau)




Amuiri? (amuxkairi)

Kaiya? (kairixyaya) i have no idea

Ikuto POV

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in Japan," The pilot of the plane announces in the intercom. Finally we can get off this stupid plane, how long has it been? 10 hours or so?

"Ikuto, we're here," Dad, aka Aruto comments. Thats about obvious, but I'll let it slide.

"Yeah," I reply. I stand up and hit my head on the way too short roof. "Ow!" I rub my head where I hit, and sigh. Now there's a somewhat small bump on my head. Just great.

Well hello to you too, Japan.

"I wonder if I can see Amu," I talk out loud. Everyone left in the airplane just looks at me weird. I think that this is called puberty, its not really my fault. I drag the bag out of the plane, walk up the weird gray hallway that seems to last forever even though the length is actaully somewhat short. Inside in the large "gathering" area, Dad's waiting for me.

"Are you thinking about Amu, Ikuto?" Dad asks. I must talk to myself too much.

"Maybe," I reply. We start walking out of the airport together, and yes I'm thinking about Amu. I've never stopped thinking about Amu ever since I went on my trip to find my father. Of course the trip was good, and I got to play my violin with many other good musicitans that are also experts. But... when Yoru went back into my heart's cradle, i felt sad.

Yoru had been with me through all the hard times, from the start of my easter "career" to the last day when Amu and I defeated the big X character made of X eggs. And I thought I heard Amu's voice when he went back. Was i hallucinating?

That day, was the best.

Oh, Tadase was there too.

But the only memories that I have of that day is when we discovered that Gozen was actually a six year old named Hikaru who collected shiny stones, his heart egg was the Embryo that i searched for years, when I caught Amu to avoid an attack from the big X chatacter, thanked her, and teased her like I always do.

I also remember when Hikaru's grandfather kept manipulating me even though I was in a bad condition, forced me to play my music for hours straight, and my ears hurt for a long time after. Then when Amu and I transformed into Seven Seas Treasure and Amulet Fortune. That was just straight out awesome.

Then epicness happened.

But... the best memory I remember is when I promised her that I would protect her.

And I will.

Amu, I'm coming.

Amu's POV

Today was just an ordinary day. Rima and Nagi are still arguing against each other, Rima is reading all the new manga, Nagi seems to have finally gotten over his cross dressing obsession even though he still can pull it off and is now into basketball. Kukai is still preparing to confess to Utau and at this rate this isnt going to happen any time soon,but he's also getting even better at sports! At the highschool every sport team wants him to be a member. Yaya is eating all the brand new candy and Kairi still has a crush on me. Thank god he isn't the obsessive type because I think that I couldnt handle that. Utau is becoming one of the best actors and musicians in the country and in the top 100 for the world. She's amazing! Utau probably practices at least 2 hrs each day, sometimes 1 when she's busy with rehersals. I wish we had more time to hang out.

Hikaru is still super duper smart and skipped a grade to be in the same grade with Rikka. He's probably studying or doing one of his excercise break sessions. I wonder how he gets enough sleep every day. Rikka is bugging him and teasing him. Sometimes when the interact with each other they look like they would make such a good couple!

Tadase... I dont really want to talk about it. He's still in love with me but he's majorly obsessive. Tadase calls me so much, oh look! I just got a call from him! I touch the button ignore on my phone and set down my phone.

Then... they'res Ikuto. I miss him everyday since he's left and I thought that he said he was going to come back but... he hasnt. I wonder if he feels okay? Is he hurt? I wish he would come back.

"Amu-chan!" Mama calls. I spring off my bed and run down stairs. That should be Rima and Nagi coming to walk with me to school, if the person is Tadase, the door is getting slammed. I run down the stairs and open the door with a smile.


"Ikuto?!" I say, shocked. "Ikuto" looks up at me like im an idiot. "Oh, sorry Nagi! You sounded like Ikuto there so..."

"Amu, you still miss him dont you? Just call him, you have his number," Nagi smirks at me.

"Hey! I can't... I can't call him! Are you crazy?" I start freaking out and Nagi starts laughing at me. Sometimes, Nagi is awful to me.

"oh, Amu, there's good news for you then, but im not going to tell you," Rima gives me a small smile towards me.

Rima-chan! You're being mean to me!" I plea her, trying to get her to spill, "you're my best friend!"

"More than Nagi?" Rima questions. Nagi looks at her like she's crazy and I turn my head to the side.

"Of course!" I reply. Rima smiles, one of those, 'I am really happy right now' smiles that are rare.

"Thanks so much Amu!" Nagi sweat drops at her, and It's so easy to get Rima to tell me something!

"Too bad though Amu, I promised that I would keep this a secret, no matter what you say!"

Dang, I almost had it!

"Fine," I reply, sighing. Rima can be really mean to me sometimes.

"Hey, Tadase said that hes got something to tell you when we get to the Royal Garden!" Nagi tries to encourage me. Oh great, it's probably him confessing his love to me or something. Something to "look forward" to.

"Wahoo…" We keep walking although the happy atmosphere kind of disappeared.

I blame Tadase.

At the Royal Garden

"Amu-chan!" Tadase calls to me when we walk in the door. Still the overly happy self. "I have something to tell you!"

"Yeah?" We walk up the steps to where we usually sit.

"One, I absolutely love you! And two, Ikuto-nii-san is coming!" My face lits up with a smile, how long has it been since I've last seen him? Two years? I hope he's well!

Ikuto POV

"You going now Ikuto?" Dad looks over at me.

"Yeah," I reply. "I'll come back later, kay?" He nods, then goes back to unpacking the bags we brought. Soon, at least what Dad says, some of our other stuff is coming over later tomorrow, so we'll have to take care of that.

I head out the door, and smirk to myself. Time to go visit Amu, this is what I'm talking about. I start my walk to the high school.

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Nagi: Thank god im in this story

Tadase *cough* i meant Tadagay: why... am i not really cared about.

Aqua: Dont worry tadase, you're very loved.

Ikuto: I have the best memory ever, but... why are you angry Amu?

Amu: Its your fault that you went without me!

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