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Ikuto POV

How am I supposed to do this? I wonder out loud to myself then suddenly turning around to look for anyone if they heard me.

My music teacher called me once again asking about my situation and our plan for this competition that I didnt know about.

Unfortunately, this competition had to be soon so I wont be able to think of anything soon.

My phone vibrates annoyingly in my pocket. I pick up my phone to look at yet another text from my teacher.

"Yeah?" I question.

"Hey, sorry to call you often but I there's an important meeting about the competition that's going to last a while tommorow so you should bring someone along to keep you company," Oh and my teacher is called Kaname sensei.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" I dont understand what he's talking about because this seems completely random, didnt he just call me about an hour ago?

"Ikuto, this competition is very important, this will raise the Tsukyomi family name and improve your musical status," well thats obvious, "also, I believe this meeting will be long so invite amu or someone okay?" Kaname-sensei hangs up on me after that before I could argue.

Dang it, I guess im forced to go ask Amu. I think texting her would be easier...


Whoa! My phone just made a bunch of noises I never thought that it could possibly make.

Another text from Ikuto? Why doesnt he just talk to me like normal people do?


Hey, Amu. I hope that you know about a musical competition because I have to go to this meeting tommorow and I want you to come along. Reply back


Ummm what musical competition.... wait that one? The one that Ikuto is in and im learning about in the music observation or whatever its called class? And he wants me to go with him?!

Oh my gosh yes! I have to tell Yaya and Rima about this!


Of course! Ummmm how when is it and stuff?

I immediately rush over to my house to tell my parents about the good news that I just learned.

Opening the door with tremendous force, I run over to my parents.

"Mama! Ikuto invited me to hang out with him tomorrow!" Papa freaks out at my statement and Mama looks happy for me.

"Go ahead honey," Mama replies towards me. She's a wonderful mother!

"Nooooooo! Amu-chan can't be with a boy!" Papa exclaims, although this doesn't have an effect on Mama's opinion.

"Papa, you have to let her go at some point," I nod in agreement and run up to my room before papa can try to change her apporval.


From Ikuto

Like 1:30ish. I'll just meet you at your house or the amusement park. It's still there right?

He hasn't checked yet? I helped renew the amusement park and made sure that the tea cups were still there!

I text back:


From Amu

Alright, how about my house and the amusement park is still there

I close my phone and lay down on my bed. I'll finally be able to spend time with Ikuto without Tadase and Kairi.

This is going to be awesome!

The next day


Crap! I woke up late! The clock read 12:30 and Ikuto was supposed to come soon so we could go to the meeting!

I pull on my clothes that thankfully I already organized for myself and rush down the stairs.

Wonderful. The doorbell just rang.

Ikuto POV

Here goes nothing. I heard from Rima that she has a very big tendency to be late.

I ring the doorbell and wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

She slept in didnt she? Time to go onto her balcony. I bet she left the door unlocked.

I jump up to her balcony and knock on the door to see if she's in her room but there is no answer. I open the door to see her room completely out of order and not nearly as organized as I remember it.

Although her bed is somehow made right.

Since I am used to her bed since its soft and such, I decide to climb into it. Maybe resting wont be that bad while waiting for her.

Whoa! There's something under here... that sounds so wrong.

I look inside to see a shugo chara egg that was obviously just born.

Picking it up, I examine the design. Except I have no idea, it just has a plaid pattern with purple.

What should I do with this?

Amu walks into the room with one of the funniest expressions on her face.

"Wait.... you have a shugo chara egg?" she inquires me. Did she mean hers or mine that's still in my pocket.

"What do you mean?" I question. She points to the one in my hand aka hers, and still has that funny expression. "No... this one,"

She cuts me off and starts congratulating me even though this isn't even mine.

I can even guarantee that this chara is a girl and that would just look weird. I have to get her to understand that this isnt mine.

"Oh! We need to get going, let's go Ikuto!" she gets some sort of super strength like the time when she threw me into the closet.

She drags me down the stairs, through the door and to the street. Fortunately or unfortunately there wasn't many people around so we could get to this dumb meeting on time.

"Um, you do know where we are going right?" Amu asks.

"Yeah, I reply," She still is forcing me to carry mine and her shugo chara eggs because she won't stop to listen to me.

"Then you lead the way okay?" I nod at her and the awkwardness falls in. Times like these I wish I had more confidence. My egg or was it the other one, I cant really tell which one moved a bit.

Amu's egg can't think that i'm its owner... can it?

At the meeting hall

"Hello! Are you Tsukiyomi Ikuto?" Some random person with a name tag asks Amu and me.

"Uh, yeah," I reply. Am I going to have to deal with weird people?

"Excellent, here's your information packet, you're going to go around these little station things and learn about what you'll doing okay?" I just nod back and take Amu to follow me.

"Hey, you're one of those violinists right?" another random person comes up to me and looks at me strange.

"Yeah..." this person must be another competitor.

"My name is Shiki, I play cello," he introduces to me. "Is she your girlfriend?" How can someone just go up and introduce themselves and then ask if the person next to you is your girlfriend.

"No," I reply, frowning at him. I dont particularity like this guy and I get a bad

vibe from him.

"Well, thats too bad, she's really cute," This guy is really annoying. Annoyingly, Amu starts blushing. I guess she finds him to be cute.

"Thank you," Amu keeps blushing at him and this Shiki guy smiles. I walk closer to Shiki and whisper towards him, "Stay away from her,". I then leave with Amu in tow.

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