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Chapter 1: Friends

You are fine, you are sweet, but I'm still a bit naive with my heart.

- Vanessa Hudgens, Say okay

We both sat above the shore, on top of a steep high face of rock that environed the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, attaining to the horizon, and the view seemed to stretch on everlastingly in front of our eyes. The water was dark gray, leached colorless by the bright oval moon, forming low sparkling ripples over the surface. The dark sky was usually clear and smooth above our heads, draped by millions of twinkling stars that adorned the beach. It was a peculiar, yet picturesque and perfect night here at La Push—perfect, because he was here with me.

My best friend. My very own sun. My Jacob.

There were numerous of striking things to gaze at up here but he hadn't taken his eyes off of me for a moment. Although, this kind of demeanour was ordinary, I was very used to it. But the heat still can't suppress from flooding my face when he stares at me like that. As though he would be able to see into my soul if he looked long and intensely enough.

"It's like a dream," I sighed, trying to distract myself from the awkward moment. "So beautiful."

"Mm, extremely beautiful," Jacob repeated, still looking at me intently, completely stationary.

If it was possible, my face grew hotter and I'm sure he could sense the heat radiating from it. One of the features I had obtained from my mother—thank you, mom. Oh!

My heart reacted, pounding faster in my chest, as Jacob scooted closer to me and twined his burning arm around my shoulders. My eyes fell down to the ground and I haphazardly began plucking the dewy grass beneath me, biting my lip.

"I didn't want you to get cold," Jacob explained, moving his face nearer to mine and tickling the side of my face with his hot gasps. I attempted not to shiver, however my body gave in, causing his strapping arm to tighten around me. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

I shook my head and gazed up at him. The pallid light of the bright moon gleamed at his perfect copper skin, turning his handsome features and contours more prominent. "No." I managed to say.

The corner of his lips tugged into a diminutive smile and he used the hand that was snaked around me to tenderly press against my cheek, laying the side of my face over his shoulder. "Ness, I was wondering if you want to go watch a movie with me tomorrow. There are couple of good movies out right now."

Here it was again; another one of his attempts to take me out on a date. We had already talked about this. Numerous of times. Not wanting to ruin our playful, fanatical and loving relationship, I decided upon being 'just friends'. But that theory didn't get to him and it killed me to break his heart over and over again, and the dreams I've been having most recently weren't helping my circumstances either.

However, surely, I knew there was no way around it; my heart couldn't deny him anything more and it wasn't as if I loathed spending time with him. I kind of . . . did want to go out with him. I needed to dominant my eagerness before I gave him the wrong idea, though. Limitations continuously seemed to get indistinct a lot with Jacob.

"Sure," I removed my head from his shoulder and nodded. "What're you planning on watching?"

My heart whelmed up when Jacob's eyes sparkled. "What do you want to watch? We can watch whatever you like." He meant it. It had always been just about me and I hated it.

"Well, have you heard about 'splice', it's a comedy? Or we can watch that new werewolf movie that's out," I smiled and Jacob chuckled. "Uncle Emmett said it was crap but I still want to see it."

Jacob grinned from ear to ear and nodded. I assayed to ignore the way his pearl white teeth contrasted with his lips that were a tinge darker than his brunette skin, but it was inconceivable. "Okay, we'll watch that movie, then. I've seen the trailer and I hate how hideous and small they make the wolves look, I mean, come on," Jacob heaved, rolling his eyes. "If only they saw the real ones."

I let out an exhale-like chuckle and looked down at the ground. "Wolves are hideous and small." I muttered jokingly.

"That's really funny," I knew what was about to befall. Jacob undid his arm from around my shoulder and flew both of his hands against my side, tickling me hysterically.

"Ah!" I laughed as I tried to wriggle out of his reach but his arms were amazingly long and bulky and I couldn't escape—the amusing sensation was deteriorating me. "Jac—sto—plea—Jacob!" I gasped in between my convulsive laughter and collapsed back onto the soft, moist grass.

Jacob chuckled and finally stilled his hands on my waist—his touch blazing my skin even through my clothes. My laughter abruptly stopped but the blood rushed as Jacob skimmed one of his hands sideways and against my stomach. With a haughty smirk on the corner of his lips, he slid near me and lied on his side, propping himself on his elbow.

I wanted to close my eyes to the solid protuberances that curved upwards and became taut over his softly tanned arm; my attempts were hopeless. Jacob's mighty and hard muscles were my weakness. Surprisingly, ever since I've matured, they have never failed to deliver bombshells of something I wasn't recognizable with throughout my body. It made me woozy.

"I love the sound of you laughing," Jacob breathed, gliding his large hand that draped my entire stomach over my side to hold my hand.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable, but not the uneasy, unpleasant, awkward uncomfortable. It was as if somebody had punched me in the stomach and had made it shrink, instead of hurt, it felt good. It felt amazing. As though millions of fireflies were on the wing inside my belly, causing a tingling sensation to flow all the way from my head to the tip of my fingers.

"I love your laughter, too," I said nervously, pulling a strand of hair behind my ear with my free hand. And I wasn't being deceitful.

Jacob hoisted my hand off the ground and began pulling it up to the direction of his lips, reasoning my heart to accelerate even quicker. Right before it could reach his lips, though; I gasped and yanked my hand back. Only because I needed my feelings to remain tamed, overlooking how much it must have hurt Jacob's emotions.

"What? You don't want me to hold your hand?"

"I—it's not that. I just . . ." With a sigh, I sat up and looked down, averting his sorrowful and shimmering eyes. "It's not normal. Friends don't usually . . . do this." I felt idiotic and so inequitable saying that.

Jacob exhaled sharply through his nose before sitting up straight next to me, ducking his face closer to mine. "Nessie, do you really think we're just friends? Seriously? There's something more between us and you know it. I know you feel it, too," Jacob gasped, his hot breath swaying across my cheek and jaw. "Why are you regretting it?"

"I'm not regretting anything—there's nothing to regret," I uttered quietly and calmly, plucking away the bright green grass tactlessly. "How many times do we have to talk about this?"

"I have eternity and you do, too. I'm not gonna give up," he shook his head. "Not until you confess."

Gah! I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, Jake," I tried not to sound angry, keeping my face down. "Can we talk about something else?"

Jacob sighed and put his large hands behind him, leaning onto them and gazing at the stars. That was probably the first time today he had taken his eyes off of me. My body instantly relaxed and I felt more unperturbed, however I found myself aching to have his warmth around me. To have his lukewarm arm cloaking around my shoulders.

"What do you want to talk about?" Jacob questioned in a flat and dry tone, his eyes now at the sea before him.

"I don't know. Just not this," I sighed, and couldn't restrain the urge to sneak nearer towards him and rest the side of my face against his bicep. That, all of a sudden, tensed.

"Alright, what can we talk about . . .?" Jake trailed off, enclosing his arm around my waist. My body yelled out internally in contentment. "Do you believe in ghosts?"

That made me chuckle, and I nodded. "Yeah,"

"Really?" Jake turned his face to look at me, furrowing his thick brows. "You do?"

"Yeah," I restated and snorted. "One's sitting right beside me."

"What? Was that supposed to be a joke?" Jake inquired, attempting to hide his grin and curving his fingers more tightly against my waist.

I shook my head. "Nope,"

"I don't like jokes,"

"And I don't like you." I teased, straining my face closer to his and pursing my lips.

"Oh, is that so?"

With that, Jacob's hands instantly zipped to my sides and touched lightly with the tip of his fingers, tickling me yet again. "Jak—" I gasped, giggling frantically and attempting to slap his hand away, but they wouldn't even budge. His hands slithered to the top of my stomach, over my navel, where my tender spots were and tickled wildly. With spasmodic movements and uncontrollable squirming, I foundered back onto the grass, still giggling. "I'll tell you! I—I didn't—Jacob! Wait! AH!" I cried out.

"You didn't, what?" Jake asked who seemed a little amused by what he was doing.

"I'll—tell—sto—please!" I put my hands on top of his and tried to push his fingers away.

The movement of his fingers slowed and he finally stopped, letting me close my eyes and breathe accurately. My heart still thrashing frantically in my chest, I took a deep breath and forced myself to sit upright after what seemed like hours.

"What were you trying to say?"

I giggled once more before opening my mouth to say something, but I closed it and flashed behind him. Observing his muscles jerk and grow rigid when my torso pressed against his back, I wrapped my arm around his neck and pretended to throttle him. Obviously, he wouldn't even stir. His breathing never changed, never designated any struggle.

Jacob put his hot, too-big hand over my forearm and turned his head sideways to look at me. "What're you doing?"

I inhaled before sighing deeply. Then I groaned at my ineffective efforts and punched his arm. "What are you? There has to be some way I could hurt you."

"There is," he breathed, and looked forward at the dark, glistening sea.

I loosed my grip on Jacob's neck and rested my chin over his strongly built shoulder—his heavy swells could even be felt through his shirt. A sigh escaped me and I couldn't evade running my fingers through his long silky hair. "Want to share it with me?"

"You already know, Ness,"

My shoulders fell, and I tenderly travelled my hands down at the sides of his middle back and around his brawny waist, holding him firmly—feeling the broad bulges on his stomach twitch. "Jake . . ." I whispered in his ear, his fingers skimmed along my forearms and prowled above my hands. "You have me as your best friend—I love you very much, Jacob. Why can't that be enough for you?"

Jacob's face twisted sidewise and I moved my face back a little so my lips wouldn't be against his skin—that would've been awkward. I bit the inside of my cheek as Jacob entwined his fingers with mine, moving my hand over his chest. Above his heart. The strong pulsation beneath my hand was faster than mine; I was surprised I didn't hear it.

"Nessie," Jacob called in a wounded tone. It took a lot out of me not to just sit on his laps and take him in my arms. The sides of my throat sucked closer as I challenged my tears to stay back behind my eyes. "Do you think I lack something? I have bad habits? I'm not a nice man?"

"Jake—" I gasped. How can he think like that? He was the most amazing, the most . . .

"Tell me, I'll change everything,"

I swallowed an enormous lump jamming my throat and leisurely and gently dislodged my hands from around him, resting my forehead against his hot and solid back. "You're amazing, Jake, you know that. I love everything about you—"

"Then why?" Jacob questioned in a hoarse tone. "This always happens with me. Everyone in the world is in love—Am I the only one who doesn't have a right to love? To have someone love me? Why?"

"I love you, Jacob,"

"Why can't it be in the other way? Like I love you."

I closed my eyes and sighed before shifting and sitting beside him—my entire structure felt cold, missing Jacob's heat. "Because it's going to wreck everything. It wouldn't be the same—and I have already told you that."

Jacob's dark eyes gazed at me, his head bowed. "And I've already told you that it's not," he retorted. God, how much I hate this conversation. Why do we have to talk about his every day? And every day it gets worse and worse. "We don't have to kiss, if that's what you're worried about. We'll still play, like we do now. I just want to hold your hand and take long walks on the beach . . . with you believing that you love me, too, the way I love you. Because I know you do."

I closed my eyes and said the idiotic thing I always say when I think I'm going to give in, or when I think the person I'm talking to is . . . right. "I don't want to talk about it."

He huffed. I felt the air change around me. A sharp gasp flew me and I opened my eyes only to see Jacob right before me, dipping his face down—his eyes slightly pink, filled with evoking sadness. "Look, Nessie, I don't want to force you. I only want two minutes from you. I want you to hear how I feel, that's it," Jacob said, bending closer to me. "I always want you to be happy, smiling. You get what I'm saying?"

I hesitated before nodding my head slowly, my throat burning.

"We'll treat you like a princess. Me, Billy . . . all my friends—the pack," Jacob articulated, his hot inhalations brushing across my face.

"Please, Jacob. Let it go . . . for now," I pleaded, caressing his tepid cheek with my palm to soothe him. "We have eternity."

"I don't want to wait any longer. I don't think I can," Jacob admitted, placing his hand over mine. "I don't want to live a moment without you."

"Jake, I'm not going anywhere. I right here with you."

"I don't want to share you," he sighed. There was that feeling in my stomach again. As though it had decreased ten times smaller than its original size. It hurt, but in a good way and was urging me to pull him closer. But I restrained that bizarre impulse. "I want you for me alone."

God, how do I get out of this? "Just . . . give me some time." I requested, brushing his long hair back.

"How much time do you need?" Jacob asked, his voice reflecting hope. "'Til tomorrow?"

That was too soon. Why was he doing this to me? "I—I'll get back to you, I promise." That sounded like a reasonable and passable answer. I just hoped Jacob would forget about it.

Jacob sighed and seemed to be thinking about something for a while, then he nodded with a petite smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "Alright,"

Where this was going, I had no idea. Had I just given him hope that I will say 'yes' to all his questions? Did he think that we were now actually going to be a . . . couple? As if, lovers? The prospect of me and Jacob . . . kissing sent chills throughout my spine, but like he said, we didn't have to kiss. Although, that didn't mean I didn't want to kiss him. You're not supposed to be thinking like that, I reminded myself.

But still, certainly, I was most likely going to have a dream about it tonight. Like, I have been having for weeks now. Strange. As hard as I try to keep my feelings for Jacob disciplined, they always seemed to cross the frontier.

I awfully needed mom right now, even though she isn't an expert in these matters. But her hugs help, even dad's but I'm definitely not going to talk to him about this. He was already being kind enough ignoring my dreams, thinking I'm responsible and can domesticate myself in these type of situations.

I compelled myself to smile and nod. Jacob grinned and in the next twinkling of an eye, I was in his large arms, being hugged like I was going off to a war and never coming back. I liked it, though. No matter how tight my Jacob's hugs were, I was very fond of them. And they would never get old.

Jake tilted his face slightly to press his lips against the side of my neck. I shuddered and closed my eyes, trying to calm my breathing. I attempted to retreat from the embrace by hoisting my chin off his shoulder, but Jacob wouldn't permit me go. So I simply let him have me. I've broken his fragile heart too many times and couldn't tolerate to do that to any further extent.

One of Jacob's hot hands slewed along my upper back and obscured itself in my hair, pressing my face harder against him. I trembled and listened to the sound of his slightly heavy breathing, watching the ashen moon and delicate wind play in his dark locks. I heard him inhale deeply, as if he was trying to pack his lungs with my scent.

"Nessie, I love you so much,"

"I love you, too, Jake." I said, holding him more firmly against me.

After what seemed like hours, with purposeful slowness Jacob pulled back, brushing his scorching and smooth lips along my neck as he did so. My body trembled again and I found myself getting . . . light-headed. This had been happening a lot to me. Thank goodness I was sitting down.

"I should get you to the main house," Jacob suggested before cupping my face in his hands and pressing a tender kiss on my forehead. "Edward and Bella are there, too, and I don't want to leave you alone in the cottage."

I nodded. "'Kay,"

Jacob arose on his feet and took both of my hands in his, drawing me up with him. Once I was on my feet, I slid my shoes on and he wasted no time interlacing his heated hand with mine and walking me to the main house where my not-so-normal family was.

He said he had patrol again tonight and would pick me up at one o'clock in the afternoon the next day to take me to the movies. The fireflies were soaring in my stomach again, I was energized, and I really didn't understand why. Maybe, I terribly wanted to go out with him. Or maybe, I was just too anxious to get out of the house. Who knows? But certainly, I couldn't wait to see Jacob again tomorrow.

Jacob kissed my forehead once more before dropping me off at the gigantic porch in front of our main house. As soon as he was out of my view, I appallingly yearned for him.

Then, somewhere, far away in the frosty woodland, my wolf howled—putting a smile of alleviation and glee on my face.

A sweet smelling, cool breeze swayed across me and I gasped heavily, putting my hand over my chest, as I turned around. I saw one of the most beautiful and devious women on earth standing few inches before me, perfectly motionless and radiant.

"Wow! Aunt Alice, you scared me," I exhaled and rubbed my chest to get my breathing under control. Never underestimate her height, figure and immaculate look. She had always been the sneaky and scary one.

She smiled her gorgeous smile at me, thrusting two purple bags that had something swathed in pink tissues inside of them. "Here, this is what you're going to be wearing tomorrow. It has everything you'll need. But you have to get here by 11:30 so I can do your makeup and Rose can do your hair. Promise me, you will." She shrieked. Could her smile get any wider?

I felt my brows furrow deeply. "What? How? How did you know? But you can't see me, right?"

She chuckled in a sugar-sweet tone. "I saw Edward and Bella talking about you and Jacob going out tomorrow, so I knew, and got you this stuff—"

"The stuff that's going to go in my closet and never come out." I finished for her.

"Come on, Nessie, for me," She frowned and gave me her best puppy look. I sighed and rolled my eyes. That only works on men and surely, I wasn't one.

"Will mom and dad approve of the clothes?"

"Who cares about them? You're seventeen, you can make your our decisions." She rolled her liquid topaz eyes. I laughed and began shuffling through one of the bags. Hoping the stuff was adequate enough. "The colors will suit you perfectly. The dress is perfect for a first date and the shoes will—"

I grimaced and shot my eyes at her immediately. First date? "It's not a date, Aunt Alice. We're just going out . . . as friends."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, try telling that to him."

I shook my head zealously. "No, it's not a date. I know it might look like a date to him but it's not. We're just watching a movie."

"Hmm," Aunt Alice sighed, grasping my wrist in her icy, velvet-like hand and dragging me inside the vivid main house. "Whatever. I just hope he dresses and behaves nicely. I don't want anyone ruining my sweet Nessie's first date."

Gah! "Aunt Alice!" I berated.

She laughed and raised her shoulders. "Sorry,"

If dad finds out it's a date—I started, placing my hand against forearm, and her eyes widened—I mean, not that it's a date—he will ask me millions of questions and I don't want that.

"Don't worry. My mind and lips are sealed."

I nodded and hoped that dad was too distracted somewhere in the house to have listened to our conversation. Aunt Alice took me to the bright living room which was unusually empty and placed me onto the couch lightly. She prodded me to look through the bags and sat beside me, I followed. There was a pink, iridescent box inside one of the bags that caught my eyes so I began attempting to get it out.

"So what did you get for Jacob?" She questioned in a soft voice, scooting closer to me and trying to see what I was getting out.

"Nothing—what do you mean?" I asked as I pulled the thin tissues out of the bag.

She gasped heavily and instantly froze, her hand covering her mouth in shock. "Don't tell me you forgot,"

My eyes instantaneously flew on hers from the bag. My heart starting to pound recklessly in my chest. "What? What did I forget?"

"It's . . . Valentine's Day tomorrow."

My heart halted.

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