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This story takes place just 7 years after the Cell games, during these 7 years Gohan has not stopped training and has also kept up his studies so not to be hit with a frying pan. Gohans views of the Cell games are different in which he feels he is responsible for the death of his father, but he is also very angry that his father would rather train than be with his family. Due to this Gohan has become a slightly darker version than canon, he is still a god guy but a bit of a smart-ass as he deals with his own conflicting emotions and struggles to maintain himself. Since Gohan was young he has always suppressed his own power only manifesting once his emotions are brought out, usually in extreme rage. Now that his emotions are conflicting even more, how much of a difference would it make when his rage is much easier to invoke? This story starts about a week before his first day of school. Story may become the Buu saga but if it does it will be different...Way different.

(Update! It has been a 6 year Hiatus since I wrote this story. Chapters 1-24 were written 6 years before chapters 25+. I have gone back through and edited all my chapters fixing spelling and various other errors. However I have not changed the story itself in anyway. Thus the story isn't up to my own standards after the long hiatus but I have vowed to myself to finish this. Chapters 25+ will be written within my new standard so they will be written much better.)



It was early in the morning on a peaceful Sunday, the sun was shining bright, birds were chirping and the smell of breakfast was filling the small home with its pungent aroma.

' BREAKFAST!' the demi-Saiyan screamed in his mind then ran down to the kitchen. When Gohan reached the bottom of the stairs he found his brother already sitting in a chair and strangely had a bump on his head. Gohan walked over and kissed his mom on the cheek then took his seat next to his little brother Goten.

"Tried to sneak some food I see." Gohan said while eyeing the bump on Gotens head.

"Yeah but mom is really fast and has eyes in the back of her head." Replied Goten.

Gohan then chuckled while Chi-chi placed the food before the bottomless-pits she calls her sons.

"Here you go boys eat up. Oh and by the way after breakfast we are heading over to Bulmas so I can speak with her. Gohan you may spar with Vegeta if you like while Goten is with Trunks." The son mother directed

Breakfast went on as normal. Well as normal as two boys eating like they were deprived of food for years. Once Breakfast was over the Son family got ready and left for Capsule Corp, Chi-chi riding Nimbus while Gohan and Goten were flying.

(A/N: Goten already learned to fly prior to this story.)

The family landed in the spacious land that Bulma calls her back yard and made their way to the back door.

Bulma was immediate to greet the family "Hello Chi-chi, Gohan, and Goten it's nice to see you all." The son family replied in kind.

"Goten how's it going, C'mon lets go play" an excited Trunks exclaimed as he ran up.

The two chibis ran off somewhere to do chibi stuff, which probably includes pranks and pissing off Vegeta.

"So where's Vegeta at?'' Gohan asked

"Where do you think? He's either raiding the fridge or inside the GR." replied an obviously irritated Bulma.

Gohan then walked away muttering thanks, leaving the women to talk about whatever women talk about. As Gohan neared the GR hear could hear the sounds of grunts and yelling.

"I wonder if he has ever ascended past the first stage of Super-Saiyan yet?" wondered a curious Gohan as he opened the door to see Vegeta training hard in 650x earth's gravity. Vegeta was clad in his usual training spandex, which was ripped up; his hair was more golden than usual and extra spikey as he had small flashes of lightning warping around him. "Um, I guess he did"

Chuckled Gohan in his mind.

That's when Vegeta noticed Gohan standing there. Standing in the GR. Under 650x earth gravity. Not even powered up into Super-Saiyan. "How the hell is the Kaka-brat able to withstand that much gravity without even having to power-up when I the Prince of all Saiyans have to power up to an ascended Super-Saiyan?" Growled very pissed off Vegeta.

"So, how it been vegetAghhhhhh!" Gohan was cut off as Vegeta rushed at him and attempted the punch Gohan directly in the face but failed only to slightly miss and sweep across his face as Gohan jumped away.

"Brat we spar NOW!" yelled an irritated prince.

"Well that is what I came for so I don't mind smacking you around for a few hours." Replied a cocky Gohan.

All Gohan got in Response was a growl as Vegeta charged at him barely giving Gohan enough time to power up to Super-Saiyan and smacking Gohan right in the face. Gohan flew back but regained his posture and charged back at him hitting square in the gut. Vegeta coughed up some blood but easily got over the pain and started powering up his attack.

"Gallick-Gun" Yelled the ascended Saiyan prince as an energy beam flew from his hand towards Gohan.

Gohan then proceeded to smack away the Gallick-gun but realized it was a trick and Vegeta zanzoiked next to him battering Gohan up with a hundred punches a second. Gohan flew back and slammed against the wall of the GR. Gohan immediately got back up and the fight resumed.

Meanwhile with Chi-chi and Bulma, the two women were discussing daily matters with each other. Both women were in the main lobby of capsule corp. chatting about whatever came to mind. Then Bulma wondered if Gohan would be attending school or not, so she asked.

"So Chi-chi have you decided if you were going to send Gohan to a public school or not?" Asked a curious Bulma.

"I'm not sure, With Gohan being a Saiyan and all it would be hard for him to fit in, especially now that his tail has grown back."

"Well I'm sure that Gohan is capable of fitting in. He does have the ability to hide his true strength so I'm positive he could find a way to keep the other teens from finding anything out that they shouldn't." Replied the Blue Haired Genius.

"Well yeah I'm sure of that as well, but that's not what I'm worried about."

"Then what are you worried about Chi-chi?"

"Well knowing Gohan any signs of danger or any crime he will be the first to spring into action. Don't you think some of his new friends will think he is weird if they see him flying around playing super hero?" questioned a not-so-sure Chi-chi.

"Hmm...I think I can help with that. Chi, do you remember last time Gohan went into the city and he stopped a robbery?"

"Yeah but what's your point?"

"Well when Gohan stopped the thugs he was a Super-Saiyan and the people started calling him the Golden-Fighter. What if I was to create a disguise that he was to have easy access to and no one would recognize him?" inquired an eager Bulma

"I guess that would work, OK Gohan will start High School next Monday!"

A few hours later in the GR two ascended Super-Saiyans were powering up their strongest attacks to finish the other off and win the spar. Gohan decided on using his father's signature move the Kamehameha wave while Vegeta powered up his final flash.



There was a bright light as both beams of energy collided in a battle for dominance. Vegeta was sweating furiously and clenching his teeth, while Gohan was smirking confidently and had plenty of energy to spare. The truth was Gohan had been training hard the past seven years to become strong enough so he wouldn't grow week and be ready for any new threats. In doing so, Gohan had been able to attain a third ascension of Super-Saiyan, but that was his little secret and Vegeta wouldn't be finding out any time soon.

In the end of their final bout, the energy waves wore away and in the end it was Gohan standing victorious while Vegeta was on the ground unconscious and back in his base form. Gohan then proceeded to power down and get out two senzu beans for the both of them.

After both Saiyans each had a senzu they headed out of the GR to get some food.

"Well Gohan, I didn't expect you to be able to beat me so easily."

"It's not like I haven't trained in the last seven years Vegeta, I have become much more powerful than I was when I defeated Cell."

"Yes I can tell"

As the two Saiyans walked into the lobby, Gohan noticed that his mother and Bulma were still talking and that there was food on the table. The two Saiyans paid more attention to the food and went straight for it. While Gohan was stuffing his face with sandwiches his mother decided to tell him of the plans her and Bulma made.

"Oh by the way Gohan you start high school next Monday!" Chi-chi told her son.

To say that got his attention would be an understatement. Gohan immediately spit his food out and gave his mother a questioning look.

"What do you mean high School? I thought you were home schooling me." Asked the son

"Yes I was but you have passed all your studies and I am only sending you to public school so you can make some normal friends and try to have a normal life. All these aliens you hang out with can't have any good effects on your social skills. Besides you can get into a good university if you graduate from one of the best schools around."

"But mom, don't you think that me going to school will interrupt my training, it is my duty as protector of the Earth to keep getting stronger so I will be able to fight off any threats." argued Gohan.

"Yes I agree with the boy, a true Saiyan keeps up his training and gets as strong as possible." Intervened Vegeta.

"I don't care about this Saiyan nonsense, Gohan is going to Orange Star High and that is final!" Scolded Chi-chi.

Bulma even had her share to the argument by walking up to the group and adding,

"I agree with Chi-chi on this one Vegeta, Gohan has been training nonstop the past seven years. It would be good for him to meet new people and besides he might even be able to find a mate while attending OSH."

By this time Gohan was already blushing and started to walk away. He had a different view on the situation, sure he would like to meet new people but in doing so he would not be able to be himself. He would have to conform to fit in with the human population which he did not want to do. And about the whole mating thing, sure now that he would be turning eighteen soon his Saiyan instincts were telling him that it is time to start looking. But there lays the problem, most of the female population was weak and his Saiyan traits were attracted to weaklings. So he decided if he was to go to school, than he was going to do it his way.

"Alright mom I'll go to school, on one condition." A Smirking Gohan said to his mother.

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