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Round Two: Gohan -vs- Piccolo

The cloud of dust finally settled and the crowd watched the ring as if their eyes were literally glued to the two warriors. Both warriors were still standing with their hands held up and into the the others face. Their breaths were quick and jagged as they starred into each other's eyes neither wanting to be the first to fall. Goku began to shake slightly as his hands fell down to his sides. Vegeta seeing this took it as a sign that Goku was about to collapse, smirking he put his hands down as well and took one step forward. Suddenly a sharp pain shot up his entire body and his eyes widened. The last thing Vegeta remembered was seeing a white floor hit his face and a frantic scream of Bulma. Vegeta had blacked out thus making Goku the winner.

The announcer ran to the middle of the ring. "And Goku is the winner by a knock-out defeat! He will now advance to the finals where he will face the victor of the next match!" The crowd began up roaring in applause happy with the outcome of the fight. As a previous champion he was an instant favorite for the entire crowd since the former champion Hercule was no longer a candidate.

Goku looked down at Vegeta and watched as he reverted back to his base form. A few seconds later Goku also reverted back to base form and began laughing. Soon after he began to waver before also falling to the floor on his back. Bulma and Chi-chi began frantically trying to jump over the railings to get to their respected husbands. Coming to a halt, Chi-chi got down on her knees and leaned over Goku and started to shake him lightly to awaken him.

"Goku? Goku? Wake up you won!" Chi-chi then started to become worried since Goku wasn't waking up. Suddenly here face turned to a devious smirk. "Oh Goku, if you don't wake up Goten is going to eat all your food."

Sudden Chi-chi had to move back as Goku shot up. "Goten don't touch my dinner!" Goku looked around confused and saw Chi-chi leaning next to him. "Oh hey Chi! So did I win?"

"Shut it Kakarott! You got Lucky!"

Goku looked over at Vegeta to see him getting up refusing the help of Bulma. "Aww Vegeta don't get mad. Besides I think I'd have a better chance against Gohan anyways." Goku had to tilt his head to the side in order to avoid a Ki blast that was aimed at his face. "Someone is cranky." Goku began a light chuckle as he was helped up by his wife. "Oh Goku I'm so proud of you! Now I'm sure we will get the prize money! We'll have enough money to last throughout our lives!" Chi-chi hugged Goku so tight not even he could get her off. After Chi-chi finally let go they began their walk back to the waiting area.

Once inside Goku sat down as Piccolo walked up to him. Tossing two senzu beans to both Goku and Vegeta which they both accepted without response. "Hey since when do you carry senzu's Piccolo?"

"Ever since the Cell games I always keep some with me. Korrin began growing more recently."

After being healed fully Goku began looking around and noticed someone missing. "Where's Gohan? You two are up next."

"He took off just before the fight, I'm not sure where too."

"Well he better hurry if he doesn't want to be disqualified"

'Attention the next round is started so Gohan and Piccolo, Come on down!'

Piccolo looked around and after not seeing Gohan he shrugged and walked out the door. "Good luck piccolo!" After hearing Goku yell good luck to him piccolo only shook his head. He would need alot more than luck to defeat his former pupil. It wasn't exactly easy to defeat a Super-Saiyan. The crowd grew silent at seeing only one of the two warriors that were supposed to fight. Then suddenly the cheering began and Piccolo heard a faint tap next to him. Without looking he greeted the new comer. " So, where is it that you took off to?"

"I will tell everyone in due time."

Piccolo only nodded as they entered the ring. Both splitting up and going to their own sides of the ring. Goku and Vegeta walked up to the windows to watch the fight along with everyone else in the room. Videl finally snapped out of her musing and walked up to the door an peered out to the ring to watch Gohan fight.

'Fighters are you ready?' After receiving nods from both fighters the announcer continued. 'Alright! Begin!'

Without wasting any time at all, Gohan and Piccolo flew at each other both putting up a fist. after colliding sending sparks up each other's arms they instantly back off just to go right back at each other. Piccolo fazed behind Gohan to aim a harsh kick to his head, but to no avail as Gohan ducked and spun around to aim a strong Ki blast toward the green man. Piccolo seeing what Gohan was doing avoided the Ki blast by flying up into the air, but unfortunately for him he didn't see Gohan faze next to him an hit him with a double fisted hit to the head sending Piccolo towards the ground.

Before hitting the ground Piccolo was able to compose himself and flew straight back up. "If you think I will be beaten that easily then clearly you have learned nothing!" Colliding with Gohan they began exchanging punches and kicks neither one of them finding any luck in breaking the others defenses. Gohan was clearly stronger but when it came to experience in fighting Piccolo had Gohan beat. Finding a hole in Gohans defenses Piccolo was able to land a punch to Gohans face. "Concentrate Gohan, I know your better than this!"

Gohan felt a warm liquid on his lip and reached his hand up to wipe it off. "Wow, you actually made me bleed. Good punch!" As Gohan finished his sentence he fazed behind Piccolo faster than the Namekian could keep up with. Piccolo turned around in time for Gohan to land a solid kick straight to Piccolo's chest knocking him down to land on the ring. A few cracks formed in the tiles as Piccolo landed. Getting up He began to catch his breath after literally having it knocked out of him.

"Good kick." Gohan was slowly floating down while giving his former master a smirk.

"Like you said, I can do better." Both began to lightly chuckle.

Then quicker than a flash of lightning they were back on each other trying to hit the other. Each slowly rose up in the air with each hit to try and get a upper hand in the fist fight but neither where succeeding since every hit was blocked by the other. After a few minutes of non-stop fighting Gohan jumped back away and powered up fully without going Super-Saiyan. Piccolo seeing this followed suit powering up to his max and throwing off his cape and turban. The crowd watched as each fighter was engulfed in their own auras which were growing in size and intensity. Many cheers grew louder for thay have seen this in previous tournaments in which Goku participated in. But for those who have never seen this were watching in awe.

"When it comes to power you clearly have me beat, so let's make this match quick yet interesting." Gohan hearing this nodded in agreement.

"Alright, ya want to test you special beam against my Masenko?" After seeing Piccolo smirk he knew that meant yes. "Okay but I gotta warn you, I've been working on it and I have remastered it. Its stronger than my father's Kamehameha." Piccolo smirk never wavered so Gohan took it that he didn't care.

Both the warriors stood in different corners of the ring. "Hey Piccolo lets stand near the edge so if either of us loose concentration for even a second the other will win."

"Hah if we do it that way I may beat you. Face it Gohan You've never been able to keep your concentration very long."

"Hey you can't blame me I was a kid!" Gohan seeing Piccolo raising his right arm up to his forehead he began to get in his own stance. Reaching both hands behind his back he began saying the familiar phrase. "Masenko!" His hands were engulfed in blue energy orbs.

Piccolo's hand was beginning to glow red. "Special-Beam!"

Gohan brought his hands forward fast in a clapping motion creating a slight sonic boom when his hands impacted thrusting the beam forward. "HAAA!"

Piccolo Through his arm forward sending his own attack forward to collide with Gohans. "Cannon HAAA!"

Both beams of energy collided with enough force for even the spectators in the crowd felt it. The heat and intensity began forcing even more cracks to the already damaged tile ring. Staying at a complete stand still neither fighter would budge in their respective attacks. Gohans feet began to slide back over the edge of the ring, looking over it was clear to see Piccolo was also sliding backwards. Deciding to take advantage of the situation Gohan raised his Ki even higher pushing past the invisible barrier becoming a Super-Saiyan. Suddenly Gohans Masenko attack grew larger as even more energy began fill into the attack.

Piccolo could only watch as his own attack was overwhelmed by Gohans and began to retract as the Masenko began racing towards him. Sensing how much energy was poured into Gohans attack, Piccolo grew fearful that it may be too much for even the him to handle. At the last second Piccolo tried to shoot up and dodge the blast altogether. This was to no avail as Piccolo was hit on his left side, leaving only a shredded top of his gi and a gaping hole that was once an arm.

Feeling pain on his left side Piccolo instantly clutched his side, in an effort to reduce the pain. Looking over to where Gohan was once standing, he gasped in shock at noticing the boy was gone. 'Where is he?' Piccolo whipped around only to be met with a punch to the face and finally a kick to the side sending Piccolo into the wall and then falling to the ground with a thud.

'Piccolo has fallen out of the ring, the winner of this match and advancing to the Finals is Gohan!' The crowd began to scream in approval over the next match setting. Many of the fans were excited to see a former champion take on his son for the championship. 'We will be taking a short Intermission while the fighters finish there last minute preparations and have a few minutes to rest.'

Gohan walked up to Piccolo and offered out a hand to help him up showing good sportsmanship. "Sorry about that Piccolo, didn't mean to put that much force into it. Good thing your Namekian or else you'd be lost of an arm." Gohan began laughing until seeing Piccolo's annoyed look he was sending him. Right when Gohan did stop laughing piccolo let out a smile and took Gohan offer to be helped up.

"Good fight Gohan." After being pulled up Piccolo let out a short yell as his arm shot out from his side re-growing the missing appendage. "Damn... no matter how many times I do that I can never get used to it."

"How many times have you had to re-grow your arm?" Gohans question was met by a glare that said he didn't want to answer. With that they began their walk back to the waiting room with all the others.

After walking through the door the first thing to happen was Gohan being hit by a certain raven haired girl as she began hugging him. "Great fight Gohan!"

"Thanks Videl, but I'm sure the next one will be even more interesting."

Videl stepped back and gave a slight frown. "Just make sure you don't go crazy and accidentally kill the audience while fighting." Somehow being given a stern look from his girlfriend made him quickly nod in response.

"I promise not to. But I'm still going to make sure he doesn't win."

Hearing this Goku walked up to the young couple. "I don't know son, if you don't use that special ability of yours I might be able to defeat you."

"It's not just a special ability, it's called Mystic-State. And no I wouldn't ever use that power up here on earth, especially around a humans." Goku nodded and walked away to talk to his wife before the match.

Chi-chi was standing in place with her hands clasped together and stars shining in her eyes. "Oh isn't it great Goku? Now no matter what our family will have plenty of money, especially with the amount you eat now that your alive again."

"Oh come on Chi, I'm not that bad..." Goku was scratching the back of his neck in the usual manner. Chi-chi only stood there tapping the floor with her foot while giving Goku a firm stare. "Okay so maybe I am." Goku only began laughing as he pulled his wife into an hug.

Videl was still standing with Gohan and she had a lot of questions still on her mind to ask Gohan. "Hey Gohan you still remember that I beat you during that training session right?"

"Beat me? I seem to recall you tricking me with distractions." Gohan looked down at Videl giving her a smirk which she returned which another one.

"Hey it's not my fault that you find kissing me distracting, all I care about is that you remember your promise to answer all, and I do mean all my questions." At this point Videl had her hands on her hips while using a tone of voice that left no further discussion.

"Yes, I remember but I said after the tournament. I just need to focus on my last fight then I will answer anything you have to ask. But I also have some important news that I need to announce as well. It's about why the Elder Kai gave me the Mystic-State."

Videls eyes widened and a slight tear began to form in her eye. "You don't mean?" Videls unfinished question was met by a slow nod from Gohan. Videl only grabbed Gohan around the waist hugging him tightly while all he could do was return the embrace. "Why does it have to be you?" Gohan didn't know how to answer her question so he did all he could do which was try and comfort her.

Bulma who was standing with Vegeta was watching the display with curious eyes. "Hey Gohan is everything alright?"

"Yes Bulma, for now. But after the tournament can you tell everyone to meet at the lookout. I have important news that I need to tell everyone." Bulma nodded to him and began to walk around the room telling everyone of the Z-warriors the news about meeting.

After waiting for the Intermission to end the announcer finally made his way to the ring. 'Ladies and gentlemen it's time to begin the finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament!' The crowd began cheering loudly so the announcer had to pause for a moment for them to settle. 'And now I would like to call the final two fighters, Father and Son to the ring to determine who is the rightful champion.' Again the crowd erupted in loud cheering waiting for the fighters to emerge.

Videl was still holding Gohan in a tight embrace while he was trying to get her to let go. "Videl, I have to go fight now so could ya please let go?"

"Just be careful and don't get to carried away out there." Videl finally let go and took a step back.

"Don't worry I'll be fine."

Gohan stepped back and turned around as he started walking down the pathway to the ring. The crowds cheers would have been loud enough to hurt their ears but the fighters were only focused on one thing. Walking past the announcer and each fighter walking a different direction to a side of the square. Goku walked to the left while Gohan went to the right.

'Alright fighters, get into your positions and we will start the match.'

"Are you ready Gohan?" Goku was all fun giving Gohan a full smile as cheery as ever.

Gohan looked at Goku giving a smirk that even Vegeta would be proud of. "I've been waiting for this for many years, of course I'm ready." Gokus smile fell completely off his face and was replace by a serious look. No more games when it came to fighting Gohan.

'Fighters, are you ready?' Receiving nods from both parties the announcer raised his hand. Alright! Begin!'

As soon as the announcer dropped his hand and shouted begin, the duo father and son, in a flash rushed forward towards each other.

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