Chase carry's a box into his, Logan and Michaels room "So how did you convince the housing department to give me my part of the room back"

Logan looks at Chase and Michael "Come on the housing department loves me"

Chase looks at him "I thought when I left the housing department hated you"

Michael looks at Chase after fixing their white board on the door to spell welcome back Chase !! "They still do"

They both look at Logan until he brakes down "Ok I gave James 2,000 dollars to room with the nerds"

Chase smiles at him "Now that sounds like the Logan I know get over here" Him, Michael and Logan embrace in a hug

Michael smiles "It's good to have you be back bud"

Chase smiles "It's good to have roommates that call me a twit"

Logan looks at him "What dose that mean ?"

Chase gets a confused look on his face "I don't know"

Zoey knocks on the wall outside the door "Hey"

Chase smiles as him, Michael and Logan let go of the hug "Hey you" he walks over and gives her a kiss

They come out of the kiss Zoey smiles at Chase "Hey listen I think I left my book bag in the lounge would you go get it for me ?"

Chase sighs and looks at her "Sure" he walks out the door

Michael and Logan look at her Michael steps up "You didn't really leave you're bag in the lounge did you ?"

Zoey smiles at them " Nope but it got him out" she closes the door "Now I was thinking we could have a little get together to welcome Chase back"

Michael throws some of Chase's stuff back in his suit case and sits down on the bottom bunk which is Chase's bed as Logan sits down at the desk Michael looks at Zoey "Sounds like a plan"

Logan looks at her "So what do you want to do ?"

Zoey looks at them "well I was thinking why don't we have a welcome back breakfast in the morning"

Michael looks at her "Sounds good what time ?"

Zoey looks at them "9:00"

Logan and Michael look at her "On a Saturday are you crazy ?"

Zoey gives them a look they break down Logan looks at her "fine we'll be there"

Zoey looks at them "good"

Chase walks back in the door " Hey I didn't see you're book bag"

Zoey smiles at him and gives him a kiss on the cheek as she leaves "I know"

Chase looks confused at Michael and Logan "Did I miss something ?"

Michael and Logan just smile at each other

The scene changes to the next morning Logan and Michael walk into their room at about 9:00 they see Chase who is still asleep Logan looks at Michael "You where supposed to wake him up"

Michael looks at him "I did and he said he was going to get up and get ready"

Logan looks at him "And you believed him he's probley still time lapsed"

Michael looks at him "That's not what it's called it's called" he starts to think about it

Zoey walks in after overhearing them "It's called jet lagged and why's Chase still asleep ? I told ya'll we where meeting at 9:00"

Michael and Logan point at each other "it was his fault"

Zoey looks at them "I got it" she walks over and sits on the edge of Chase's bed and gives him a kiss

Chase rolls over and opens his eyes just looking at her

Michael looks at Logan "Now why didn't I think of that ?"

Logan gives him a look as the Camera pans back over to Zoey looks at Chase who is still half asleep "Good morning"

Chase adjusts his head on the pillow and looks at her "Morning"

Zoey smiles at him "still suffering from jet lag"

Chase looks at her running his figures through his hair "Yea when's that going to go away ?"

Zoey looks at him "It will in a few day's he listen we have to go" She starts to pull Chase out of his bed as he grabs his slippers "Go where" he asks tiredly

Zoey smiles at him as she drags him out the door "you'll see"

Michael and Logan follow them out the door as the scene fades