I have writers block on The Secret of Bumblebee so I decided to write a new story about Bumblebee.

Chapter 1

Bumblebee sat down in the woods on the island that the Dinobots lived on crying. He couldn't stop the tears from flowing no matter how hard he tried. What he had heard cut his spark in two.


It was a normal day. Prowl was doing some ninja training, Bulkhead was painting, Ratchet was doing something in the medbay and Optimus was fighting with Sentinel as usual.

"You know Optimus if you got rid of that little yellow bumbler you might have a team worthy of the Elite Guard." Sentinel told Optimus in his smug voice.

"Bumblebee is great member of my team. Just because he doesn't fix your exceptations doesn't mean he useless." Optimus shot back defending the youngest member of his team.

"Please he's nothing but useless pile of slag. He really has no business being on any team. You should just cut him lose and send him back to Cybertron and get a mech that get the job done." Sentinel said smirking.

"For the last time Sentinel I'm not replacing any members of my team." Optimus growled out lossing hip patince with his old friend.

"Well at least the other members of your team are respectable in where they come from. The little bumbler is just a homeless mech with no family that thought that he could make it the Elite Guard. As if he was cut out for it. He should have just stayed where he came from. If he had you would have a great team. He's holding you back Optimus and you know it. Just get rid of him." The Elite Guard officer said.

"There are times when I really just want to send him off to Cybertron cause of his personally. He can be a pain in the aft and there are times I wish he wasn't a part of this team." Optimus told Sentinel.

A loud gasp was heard coming from the doorway causing the two Primes to turn around and see Bumblebee with some datapads in his hands. The tears forming in his eyes indecated that he had heard everything that was said about him. He dropped the pads and ran out of the room. A few seconds later they heard tires squealing on the payment.

End flashback

Bumblebee just couldn't get what Optimus had said about him. It hurt to think that the mech Bumblebee respected so thought that he was useless. Most of what Sentinel was true. He was just another homeless bot that had no family. He had grown up in war torn Cyprys alone never knowing who his creators were as he was orphaned at a young age. Being born at the tail end of the Great War most sparklings didn't have creators to care for them and few made it on their own. He was one of the lucky ones. He had some how manage to make it past his first few years by stealing just to survived. He had street smarts and a drive to survive. He never forgot the mechs that wanted to 'help' him or find him a new home. The new home they were talking about was a brothel. He stayed far away from those places. Life was going good he had found a place where nobody would notice a few cubes of energon missing and had a semi warm place to sleep. He lived at the place for a stellercycle before he was found out. He remember being scared to death when he was discovered and thought that the older mechs would hurt him but instead they brought him inside gave him a bath and all the energon he could eat. The owner told him that he was welcome to stay as long as he like as long as he did some chores aroung the place. Bumblebee had no problem with that. Over time the mech took him under his wing and taught his everything that he knew. He even got adopted by the mech and got his first name from the mech. Bumblebee thought that the happiness would never end until one day when he came home to find the Cybertron police at home. The mech that had taken care of his had been murdered. Bumblebee made promise to fond the bot that killed the most important person in his life. He found out a little later that he was given a small amount of money left to him by his mentor. It was enough to get him out of Cyprys and to Iacon. When he got to Iacon he was able to find a medic bot named First Aid that gave him his first upgrade. After that he joined the Elite guard boot camp and the rest you know.

Bumblebee let out a loud sigh, tears weren't streaming down his face as hard but they still came. He really didn't want to go back to the base not to a place where no body cared about him. Ratchet was really the only one that he could talk to. When Bumblebee had first met the old war vet he felt that he could tell everything and he did even something that only a few bots knew about. To say that Ratchet was shocked at how the youngling had live and went thru was an understatement and they said that the minibot was not fit for the Elite Guard.

Truth of the matter Bumblebee had more training than most bots out there. He just chose not to show it. He could go head to head with Prowl and come out the winner if wanted to. He could take on Bulkhead and win. His training with his mentor allowed him to do this but he never would do that. It went against everything he was taught. The yellow minibot had a deep secert that nobody knew about, a secret that he got when he was first upgrade. He had asked First Aid to completely change him so that he would be able to protect him self. You see Bumblebee was not born a mech but a femme and the mech that raised her was nonother than Master Yoketron.

This another story that I'm working on while I try to get the mojo back for The Secret of Bumblebee. I have a thing for gender-bending stories. If any of you read The Secret Of Bumblebee PLEASE give me some ideas to go on as I am very stuck on that story. Please read and review as they make my muse happy PEACE OUT