Bobby stared at the note in his trembling hand. He couldn't believe it. No…it had to be a trick…but how could he be so sure? There was a knock on the door and Bobby walked over to it opening it knowing exactly who it was, the people he called for help.

"What's up, Bobby?" asked Dean Winchester walking into the house, he and his brother knew so well.

"Bobby, what's wrong?" asked Sam. "It looks like you've seen a ghost…well, you know what never mind…what's wrong?"

"You boys need to sit down for this." The brothers exchanged a worried look and sat on Bobby's couch. Bobby paced back and forth trying to figure out how to tell them. He kept this secret for years, for…28 years.

"Bobby, dude, could you stop pacing you're wearing out your floor," said Dean trying to calm the state Bobby was in.

Bobby stopped and handed Sam the paper in his hand. Sam read it and then gave it to Dean. "We know where she is," said Dean and flipped towards the back and then flipped to the front again. He looked at Bobby strangely. "That's all it says."

Bobby shook his head and sat in a chair in front of them. "Boys…I've kept a secret for 28 years." He took in a deep breath and let it out and leaned on his hands. "This secret…my God, I hope they haven't found her yet."

"Who?" asked Sam.

"My daughter."

"Come again," said Dean leaning forward and widening his eyes. "Your-your daughter?"

"You never mentioned…"started Sam.

"I never mentioned her to anyone." Bobby closed his eyes feeling the tears well up. He opened them back up and looked at the boys. "I didn't want this life for her. She was only one when I gave her up for adoption." Bobby licked his lips then bit his bottom one. "I kept this a secret from everyone, including your daddy, hoping she could live a normal everyday life, away from the monsters that could kill her."

"When did you get this note?" asked Dean.

"This morning."

"And you really think they found her?"

"I don't know boy. I want to believe that they are trying to trick me into finding her so they could follow me, just to hurt me even more. But deep down inside…I think they did."

"You want us to find her don't you?" asked Sam.

Bobby stared at them. "I wouldn't ask you if I knew you had all this Apocalyptic, 66 seals thing going on…but I just need to know that she's ok. That they haven't found her."

"Bobby, no offense," said Dean. "But that's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. We wouldn't know where to begin."

"Unless you tell us where you put her up for adoption, they may have records on who adopted her," said Sam.

"Good thinking, Sam." Dean smiled at his brother approvingly. They looked back at Bobby who was still looking upset. "Don't worry Bobby, we'll find her."

"I believe you boys will…she will be, hopefully, wearing a necklace. It was her mothers, the last of its kind. It's a silver pendant that looks like this." Bobby drew the picture of the pendant as if it were yesterday he was looking at it. He showed it to the boys and they nodded. Dean took it and folded it up.

"So, where do we begin?" asked Sam.

"Phoenix, Arizona…"

"Wait, you drove all the way to Phoenix, Arizona…to drop off your only child?" asked Dean confused.

"I had to get her away from here, away from me as far as I could, so she could be safe. You're not a father, you wouldn't understand."

"Don't mind him Bobby," said Sam giving Dean a look.


"Dean, we've been here for two days," said Sam as they walked into a small diner. "I don't think she's still here, her foster parents said that she likes to travel a lot…we may have to find her another way."

"I don't know…let's give it one more day, for Bobby," said Dean as they sat at the back of the diner.

They heard the bell on the door ring and Dean looked up from his menu and raised his eyebrows at the girl that walked in. He smirked looking her up and down. She had straight dark brown hair that went pass the middle of her back, a nice golden tan, denim short shorts with cuts just below the cheeks and a red tank top. She took off her sunglasses and smiled at the girl behind the counter.

"Well, look what the cat drug in," said the girl at the counter. The girl in the red tank top leaned over the counter causing her shorts to rise a little and Dean's mouth to hang open a little.

"Jesus Sam have you ever seen such perfection," said Dean.

"Would you like me to ask if they have a mop so you don't flood out the whole diner with your drool?"

"Dude, I'm not drooling." He wiped his mouth with his hand insecurely and looked back at the menu but he kept glancing up at the girl.

"So, you working today Jamie, or are you just going to skip out again and leave for a few more days?" asked the girl behind the counter as the girl in the red tank top walked towards the back of the diner. She pulled out her a bunch of clothes and stopped at the brothers table.

"Depends if boss man decides to piss me off again today, may just have to punch him next time he puts his hands on my ass." Jamie, the girl in the red tank top, turned around smiled at the brothers and walked into the back room.

"I wouldn't mind getting punched by her," said Dean watching the door swinging trying to get a glance in the backroom.

"Dean, sometimes your sexual interests scare me."

A few minutes later Jamie came back wearing different pair of denim shorts and a red t-shirt. She had a pad and pen in her pocket and walked towards the boys. "So, what can I get you?"

"Are you on the menu?" asked Dean smirking at her and then winked.

Jamie smirked at him. "Sorry, I'm usually Friday's special."

"Too bad, Sammy, we may have to stay till Friday." Dean's smirk turned into a grin at her trying to make her blush but she was hard to crack. She must have heard every kind of pick up line working in a diner dressed like that.

Jamie laughed a little. "So, boys, we having anything today or are we waiting till Friday?"

"Just get me a glass of water, a Cesar salad, and no croutons. Thank you," said Sam and putting the menu back in its holder.

"What about you, sugar?" asked Jamie turning to Dean. Dean put the menu back and grinned at her.

"What do you think I want?"

She grinned at bit her bottom lip. "Double bacon cheeseburger, extra bacon, and extra cheese and," she licked her bottom lip, "the burger will be juicy and tender. With a side order of fries…and maybe some apple pie for desert with some cool whip on top. Does that sound good to you?" Dean's mouth was hanging open a little and he smirked. "And I'm guessing for a drink, a nice, cold beer to quench that thirst?"

His smirk grew. "You know what I like babe…maybe later I could show you what else I like?"

"Maybe…" She turned on her heel and headed towards the counter. She looked behind her to see Dean checking her out. She smirked and bent over the counter.

"Dude, she so wants me…I am so in."

"I believe she said 'maybe.' Plus we need to find Bobby's daughter. We don't have time for personal business."

Dean pouted and cocked his head a little as Jamie was bent over the counter and her leg was bent. "Oh…come on man, just a little fun won't hurt." Sam shook his head and Dean pouted more. "Damn it…but once we find his daughter we are coming back for Friday's special."

"Is he still looking?" Jamie asked, Karen, the girl behind the counter. Karen had light blond hair and always had it curled and bouncy in a pony tail. She glanced over when she was at the register and then back at Jamie.

"Oh, yeah, he is. What did you do this time? Tell him you'll give him a blow job in the bathroom?" She laughed.

Jamie sat on the stool. "No, I actually didn't do anything this time. I was innocent; he came on to me first."

"He is sort of cute." Karen shrugged.

"Yeah, he is…but…" Jamie watched as Karen came around the counter to fix the signs on the board and Jamie got up and helped her.

"But you won't go out with anyone, not ever since, what's his name, Chris. Honey, that was over a year and a half ago." Karen and fixed the deserts in the glass display. "I mean come on girl, you need some fun."

Jamie pouted. "I have fun." Karen turned around and grabbed her shoulders.

"No, I mean you need to have some fun!" She started grinding into Jamie and Jamie screamed.

"Yes, yes!" The two of them laughed and looked at the boys, who were the only ones in the diner and started laughing at their facial expressions. Jamie hit Karen in the arm and sat back on the stool.

"Listen to Karen, girl," said Benny the cook as he put the two boys orders up. "You need to have fun. We see you flirt and tease with all the men that come in here, but yet you never do anything else."

"Is it because I respect myself?" Jamie grabbed their orders.

"No, it's because you're scared," said Karen and Benny nodded.

"I'm not scared."

"Prove it," said Benny.

Jamie bit her bottom lip and looked at the boys then back at Karen and Benny. "I don't have to prove anything." She headed towards the boys and placed their orders in front of them. As she did her necklace came out of her shirt, Sam and Dean's eyes both widened. It was the same pendant as what Bobby had shown them. "I'll be back with your drinks."

They smiled and nodded. "Holy, shit," said Dean as she walked away. "I was hitting on Bobby's daughter. He's going to kill me. Where's my beer? I need a drink."

Jamie came back with their drinks. Dean took it quite quickly and downed it. "Is he ok?" asked Jamie turning to Sam.

"Yeah, uh, something came up," said Sam giving Dean a look.

"Ok, just let me know if you need anything else." She smiled at them and walked back to the counter.

"Oh, she can help me with so much…but if Bobby found out…"

"He would castrate you."

"Oh, God." Dean drank some more and stared at Jamie's ass again. "Damn it. Why'd it have to be her? Couldn't it be the chick behind the counter?"

"Nope, because it's us, the Winchester luck with women."

Dean sighed in defeat and ate his burger. Wow, it was juicy and tender. Dean looked over at Jamie and eyed her legs up. I bet those are juicy and tender too.


Jamie walked out of the diner smiling and waving by to Karen around 10:30. "See you tomorrow." She walked down the street with her headphones in one ear. She put it on shuffle and started singing 'Savin' Me' By Nickelback. She headed towards the bus stop and sat down at the bench. She heard a car pull up to her and she looked up to see the guy from earlier, Dean. She smirked. "You stalking me? Was our burger that good?"

He smirked back at her. "I was just in the neighborhood, you need a ride?"

She nodded towards the bus sign. "Why you think I'm at the bus stop? For my health?"

"Come on, I'll drive you home."

She bit her bottom lip and nodded. She got up and got in the passenger seat. She took out her headphones and put her iPod in her purse. "So is this what you do? You drive around picking up stranded girls?"

He laughed and started driving again. "Nah, you're right I was stalking you."

"Mmm, you wish you were…just turn left at the light." He waited at the red light.

"So, what's up with the letterman jacket?" He pointed to her jacket. "Boyfriends?"

She laughed. "No, mine. I was a cheerleader in high school and college."

"You went to college."

She nodded. "Yeah for personal trainer and yoga."

Dean swallowed. Oh, God, yoga… He loved woman that did yoga. "Yoga huh?"

She smiled. "Yeah, I love fitness. Plus yoga's fun…teaches you some pretty interesting positions."

"For what?" asked Dean taking his eyes off the road and looking at her. Oh, God, this is Bobby's daughter and here I go flirting with her again.

She grinned and ran her hand through her hair. "I think both you and I know the answer to that question…you can pull up right here." She grabbed her purse as Dean looked up at the tiny apartment building.

"You live here?"

"Yeah, it's small and cozy, just like a home should be. Who needs all that fancy big room when all you need is just the things around you." She grinned at him getting out of the car. She closed the door and looked in through the window. "Thanks…I would invite you in, but you may be some creepy stalker guy out to kill me."

"No, sweetheart, I won't kill you. I may do some other things to you, but definitely won't kill you." He winked at her and she smirked.

"You really are the romantic aren't you?" She joked. He laughed. "Am I going to see you again?"

"You want to?"

"Maybe…I don't know…I may get sick of your face."

"Sweetheart, you will never get sick of this face. Plus, that was a really tender burger."

"You should try our breakfast next time." She grinned and ran her hand through her hair. "See ya." Dean watched her walk into her apartment and shut off the engine. He picked up his phone and called Sam.

"Yeah, Sam, I'm just going to wait out here till I feel like I'm going to pass out." He hung up and watched a light go on in a room and he saw Jamie. She took off her shirt and Dean took in a deep breath. "Jesus…sweetheart, you trying to kill me aren't you?" Dean licked his lips, he would do anything right now just to go up to her apartment and screw her brains out. He watched her take her bra off her back towards him and pull on a flannel. She turned around buttoning the last few buttons and Dean's mouth hung open. "She's fucking hot…shit, shit, shit…why do you have to be Bobby's daughter?!"