Oh Baby!

by: kumutasia

Summary: Let's face it, the prospect of being a new parent can definitely by fun and exciting. It is also a time of increased nerves and lots of doubt. Jim & Pam (although they are the most perfect couple ever) are not exempt from those feelings, at all. It's all in the way that you cope!

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Pam thought that it was cute that Jim wouldn't admit that he was nervous. But she knew that he was nervous because he wasn't holding her hand, which meant that his palms were probably sweaty, which would mean that he was, in fact, nervous. Surprisingly, it didn't upset her at all that he wasn't holding her hand, even though they were sitting in the hospital's waiting room, expecting the nurse to come and get them at any time now to get them set up in the delivery room. Pam had other things on her mind, and Pam wasn't nervous at all.

Of course she wasn't. After all, she had spent most of her life with ROY for heaven's sake. That in itself was a feat! And let's not forget about Michael. Being his secretary (well, more like personal assistant) was like being a day care teacher to like five kids. And also, she was a girl. Little girls always played Mommy when they were younger. "House" was one of her favorite games to play with Penny while they were growing up. She liked to play the mom while Penny was always the baby. Plus, in high school she had to take care of a baby for the weekend. Ok, so it was just a sack of flour, nothing like those fancy crying,eating,pooping babies that the high school has now, but she did get full credit for it! She wasn't worried at all, there was nothing to be worried about. She was ready for motherhood.

Except, she wasn't sure about the labor process. She was already a week and a half overdue. She was absolutely positive that this baby was going to be on time. She had a great, easy pregnancy. But this was Jim's baby. And no baby of Jim's was going to come out the easy way. And that's why she was afraid that it would be difficult. Plus, she was about to get induced. She was afraid that being induced didn't count as a natural labor like she had planned. She was afraid that the medicine they were putting into her system to induce labor would intensify the pain.

But those were just her labor worries. Then there were the post-partum worries. She was planning on breast-feeding of course, but she read the breast-feeding horror stories. Like, what if baby didn't latch on? Or what if baby was allergic to her milk? That could happen, right? She was worried about bringing baby home as well. They had a nursery all set up, but Pam still felt unprepared. Penny and Helene threw Jim and Pam a baby shower and the pair received all they imagined they would need for a baby. But what if they ran out of diapers? Or what if they didn't have enough bottles or spit up rags? Millions of thoughts were racing through Pam's head now, her palms were even beginning to sweat.

"Mr. and Mrs. Halpert? We're ready for you now," the young nurse smiled and held the door to maternity wing open for the pair.

Pam and Jim exchanged worried glances as Jim got to his feet. He reached down for Pam's hand to help her stand up. Palm in sweaty palm, they followed the nurse to their impending future. With his hand in hers, all of Pam's worries seemed lighter. They didn't disappear, and she knew that they wouldn't for as long as they lived now, but she knew that with his hand in hers, they could work through the worries together.