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He's standing by the terminal, suitcase in hand, when he hears a voice behind him. It is a familiar voice, one he knows well, intimately. He checks his watch. Almost time to board.

"Kunimitsu!" Syuusuke touches him arm, hesitantly. "Why are you leaving?" It is a desperate question, but it is spoken through a smile like always. The turned-up lips make the tone sound teasing. His fingers are cold through the fabric.

"Fuji," last names impart distance, and he needs it right now. "Fuji, what are you doing here?"

"I came to say…" What? Goodbye? He didn't think he was ready for goodbye. "That I'm sorry…" For what? What did I do? The words are unspoken, but they color his voice with anxiety even as he smiles.

"Fuji, this isn't about us. I have a meeting to attend…"

"In Germany?" Silence. "Tezuka, I checked the destination. Of course I checked it…" He stands a little away, distractedly rubbing his arm. "I can't keep you, can I?"

"Boarding will now begin for flight 18-56. Boarding will now begin. Passengers in Section 1, please have your boarding passes ready."

"Syuusuke, I have to go." To the plane. To Germany. Away from here and us.

"I know. Will you write?" He's closed the distance now, and he feels so small as they embrace. Was he always so small?

"Of course." He holds Syuusuke tightly, ignoring the little voice that says this is where you belong.

"Passengers in Section 1, please have your boarding passes ready. Has everyone boarded from Section 1?"

He gently loosens his grip and pulls away, takes his suitcase, walks onto the plane.

Syuusuke stands by the window, hands curled at his lap. The knuckles are white. He stares at the ground, unable to watch as the plane taxis and pulls into the sky. The shadow of the airplane makes his stomach turn, so he looks away.

"Goodbye, Kunimitsu," he whispers, and his smile tastes like tears.

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