Written for a PoT kink meme a long while ago. Forgive me, as I'm not great at writing smut.

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Eiji tossed his towel onto the dresser with a wince. "Nya, Fujiko... I don't know who has the room next to ours, but it's really distracting!" He gestured toward the wall behind the beds, where a few muffled thumps could be heard. "Whuf," he whuffed, hopping onto his bed, "I wish they'd stop..."

"Mm... It is a little surprising. After all, this is a camp, not a love hotel." Syuusuke sighed and regarded the wall with a glint of blue eyes. After a time he said, "I wonder who it is...?"

"You're not thinking of- of listening?!" Eiji gaped as Fuji sat up and pressed his ear to the wall, but he followed, curious. A slight scramble later and the two had arranged themselves in optimum position to listen in, Fuji with a serene smile, and Eiji with a slightly embarrassed grin.

There was a quiet moan, and then a louder one. Eiji shifted nervously. "I think... I think that's Tachibana-chan..."

"And Kirihara-kun," mused Syuusuke.

"Ehhhh? Then I'm going to bed!" Eiji pushed away from the wall with a scandalized face and made a show of curling like a cat under his covers.

"Aa, that's a good plan. We do have practice tomorrow." Syuusuke reached over and turned off the bedside lamp, darkening the room.

For several minutes there was silence.

"She seems... to be having fun..." edged Eiji. The bed creaked.


"Fujiko, have you ever-" here he made a half-seen gesture in the half-light coming from the shaded window-"you know..."

"No." The noises continued. Syuusuke was looking at Eiji now, a dark lump across from him on the other bed, red hair shining occasionally in the dark. "Never met the right girl, I suppose." This was a lie.

"Nnn... I had a girlfriend once. She was pretty. Her breasts were soft." Eiji paused. "And her nipples were really red. Like apples. Or cherries, maybe."

The only breasts Syuusuke had seen were Yumiko's (and his mother's of course, when he was a baby). They had both been younger children, and he'd been sort of afraid of them. Ann cried out through the wall, and this time it was accompanied by a throaty male sound. Eiji's bed creaked again.

"Nya, Fujiko...? Do you ever wonder what it would be like...to have sex...with a- a boy?" His tone was curious, but there was a hidden rasp that was strangely... attractive.

"Sometimes." Fuji wondered why he was being so honest and moved the blanket off his suddenly hot body. There was no noise, but then Eiji was beside him on the bed, shirt unbuttoned.

"Do- do you want to try?"

He was going to say no. Really. But Eiji was very pretty. "Well, I've never..."

Eiji placed his hands on Syuusuke's shoulders. "I'll show you." The shirt came off, followed by Eiji's pajama pants, landing on the floor. Fuji could see his half-hard erection in the dim light and felt stirrings of his own. Suddenly, he was eager. He pulled his own shirt off over his head and was soon sitting naked beside the cat of Seigaku.

Eiji's hands were cool to his skin as they ranged down the planes of his chest to the junction of his legs. A tennis-callused hand felt out his cock, stroked it, sending shivers of pleasure up the tensai's spine. "Eiji..."

"Nnn... It's not that different is it?" But the excited tremor in his voice spoke volumes. Syuusuke shifted, determined that this not be a one-sided affair. He felt out Eiji's hips and ran his thumbs down onto the boy's sides. His mouth found Kikumaru's neck.

It was a fumbling of hands and hot tongues, an inexperienced attempt to share some of the burning inside. Kikumaru came first, with a mewling cry that sent Fuji over the edge.

They lay together, panting, in the newfound stillness. Neither knew what to say.

But then, words weren't really necessary.

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