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The station was dark and empty. After all, it had been abandoned several years ago when the repair budget had dried up and no one else had ever shown an interest. The only sound was the steady drip drip drip of the rain off of the metal beams, leaking in through the faulty roof. Every now and then the sound of a drop joining a puddle would ripple and reverberate off the surrounding concrete. Poi-i-ii-plash.




"Fsssshuuuu…." The hiss joined the dying echo, melding into a soft cacophony before fading.

"Why so glum? Don't you like the rain?" The smooth voice startled him, inherent smirk showing through the accent.

"No." His glare was aimed in the general direction of the voice, but his eyes focused on the reflective glasses rather than the eyes of his companion. He looked away.

"Why not?" The quiet steps did not add to the echoes. Soon the boy was sitting down on the bench across from him.

"Sempai, why are you here?" The question was a blunt one, more blunt than usual, but the uncomfortable heat in his belly was making him irritable.

"It's raining."


Oshitari grinned at him, sensually, eyes narrowing in anticipated conquest. "Kaoru." He moved to sit beside the younger boy, sitting close enough that their hands touched. Too close. "You already know why I came." It was a mere breath into his ear, and he shivered,

Much too close.

"Sempai-" The arm around his waist momentarily stifled his outburst. 'Sempai, why are you doing this? What about Mukahi?"

"Shh!" The hand that covered his mouth was firm, and warm. "Don't say that." The eyes behind the fake glasses were somehow lit from within. He could see anger there, and sorrow.


"No!" It was unlike the tensai to lose his temper, but he was close to it now. Hot lips covered his own as he was forced into a crushing kiss, but he pulled away, rolling over the bench and onto his feet. He could hear the blunet cursing softly behind him, but he didn't look back as he strode outside.

As he'd suspected, a slight boy with red hair was standing out on the corner, chin stubbornly outthrust, glaring at him. The boy took an angry breath and opened his mouth, but he stopped the tirade with a look.


"Give him back," Gakuto growled, trembling.

"I don't want him." He shifted uneasily. He could still taste the spice of the kiss.

Minutes later, when he was alone, Gakuto mumbled, "But he wants you…"

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