Another really old one from LJ. Pairing from the generator.

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He had a passion for red heads. It was a weakness, he supposed, but he smiled amusedly when he thought about it, treating it as an indulgence. It was no secret to those who knew him well that his doubles partner often shared his bed, but even they would be shocked to hear – Mukahi bored him now. Yes, it was only a matter of time before something much more intriguing came along, snaring his wandering eye.

"Coffee?" The drinks were set down none too gently, lifting him from his musing. His guest scooted into the booth across from him with more energy than was strictly necessary, rattling the silverware.

"Thank you." He grasped the foam cup and sipped the bitter liquid hot, earning a disgusted glance. The smaller man was already ladling the sugar bowl into his own drink, stirring occasionally with gusto. "I'm glad you could meet me today."

"Well, it's not like I had anything better to do, really. And besides, I kind of like intrigue." This was followed with a snicker, before his mouth was captured in a warm tongue-to-tongue embrace.

"So do I, Bunta. So do I."

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