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They twined their fingers together in affection, staring deeply into each other's eyes…

The rapid clacking of the keyboard was the only sound in his room, filling the darkness. The clock on his table blinked 12:45 in red numbers. He smiled to himself as the story took shape.

"Gensou," he breathed. "I'm so lucky to have you tonight."

He posted the message eagerly, hopping slightly in his seat. It hadn't been long since he joined this message board, and already he'd found a roleplay partner. Really, the internet was an amazing place!


Refreshing the page revealed the new post, and he leaned forward to read the text in the dim light from his computer. Nodding to himself, he clicked 'Reply' and started to respond.

"Kiyomi, I've long wanted someone who could understand me." Gensou adjusted his hat nervously. "Would you… Would you kiss me?"


This was getting exciting! He bent and furiously typed

"Oh yes!" They fell into each other's arms passionately and locked lips, tongues battling for dominance.

There, that ought to do it. Girls liked that kind of thing, right? He had no doubt whoever was roleplaying with him would now ask him out for his sheer creativity. Grinning, he awaited a reply.


He was just starting a new paragraph when there was a knock at his door.

"Gen'ichirou? Are you still awake? What are you doing in there?"

Horrified, he shouted a quick "Nothing!" before typing one last message. He closed the laptop as Yukimura came in, looking pale in the lack of light.

"Come to bed, Gen'ichirou, you have a Calculus test tomorrow."

"Of course."


Sengoku could not believe his eyes. He scooted closer for a better look, but no! It just couldn't be! He slammed his computer shut and practically flew across the room to bed, where he buried himself in his blanket. How horrifying. He screwed up his eyes and tried to sleep, while the single word 'Tarundoru' flashed in his mind.

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