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"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" The young lawyer folded his arms across his suit and raised a well-groomed eyebrow.

"Of course. My data is never wrong." Glasses were pushed up self-consciously. "I have planned the perfect date." A blush.

"Well, Ore-sama is just dying of anticipation. Were you planning on calling a cab, or are we walking?" Atobe smirked and slipped a few papers into his briefcase. "Ore-sama doesn't have all night, now."

"Nonsense. We're going in style. The car is parked at the sidewalk." He held the door as the smaller man sauntered through. The car was, indeed, parked outside Atobe's building. It was blue, highly polished, and very trendy.

"Why are we taking Tezuka's car?" asked Atobe, now openly amused. He slid into the passenger seat, chuckling. "Yours get blown up or something, ahn?"

"I didn't think mine was the type you'd find appealing," replied Sadaharu. "We will arrive at our destination shortly." The darkening sky lent an air of mystery to the familiar city surroundings, and Atobe found himself genuinely curious as to where they were going. He gazed with haughty interest as the car found its way to the heart of Tokyo's entertainment district. Karaoke? He was about to ask, when Sadaharu pulled into a parking spot beside a dance club. A dance club?

"Sadaharu, what are you-?"

"Please, my data is never wrong." A gleam of the data master's glasses ended Atobe's protests. "You enjoy dancing."

"Yes, but-"

"Then this is the perfect spot." He exited the car and came around to open the passenger door. Irked, the silver-haired tycoon opened it himself, stepping brusquely out onto the pavement.

"Let's go then." He followed Sadaharu into the club with resignation. The music was almost overpowering, a heavy beat throbbing over the air and rattling the drink glasses on the bar. Everywhere there were teenage girls, often with their boyfriends, swinging wildly to a rhythm that was not even remotely close to the current song. Poisonously neon lights flashed randomly. Atobe could feel a headache lurking in his temple already. In contrast, Sadaharu had finally relaxed, smiling slightly. This was not in the man's nature, at least as far as Atobe had previously observed, and his Insight was never wrong. He thought for a moment as Inui bought them drinks, and came up with the beginning of a plan.

"Na, Sadaharu, do you disco?" This was spoken over the rim of his margarita and accompanied by a studiously coy look. Another blush. Bingo.

"My disco is 80 percent effective."

"Show Ore-sama." Heh.


"Yes, Ore-sama would like to see. Go on."

"…" Sadaharu stood up and began to dance. Or try to dance. Mostly it was a frenetic flailing of limbs, index finger extended, and feet tripping over one another. He sat down. "This is illogical…"

"Ore-sama thought it was excellent." This was accompanied by a slow clap, just shy of mocking status. "But, you know…" Atobe leaned forward across their small table. "Ore-sama really does prefer a tango." He took the taller man's hand in his and pulled him back to the dance floor.

"Shall I show you?"

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