I had never had many aspirations for the future. I'd never wanted to be an actress or a singer. I'd always imagined myself meeting the perfect man, getting married, and having a family. I'd always loved getting lost in a good book, escaping to far off places that can only be dreamt of. Losing myself within the pages, imagining that I could have a love like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty with an almost instantaneous attraction.

I didn't expect to find myself where I am now. I mean, it shouldn't have been possible. Every fibre of my being says it's impossible. Things like this only happen in books or on T.V. They don't happen to ordinary girls like me. It's always the glamorous girl, someone far more interesting than me.

But it's me that's here, not the glamorous girl. The rational side of my brain says I should be terrified, that I should want to run as far away as possible. But that irrational side, the one that tells you anything is possible, even the most outlandish thing imaginable, that side was saying this is where I belong. I didn't know which one was right. I guess it didn't matter anymore. The choice had been made for me.

I was going to die tonight.

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