Chapter 3

I woke up with a start and frantically tried to find my phone to check the time worrying that I would be late for school until it hit me that it was the weekend. Trying to give my heart time to calm down I gazed around my room and thanked my lucky stars that the Volturi didn't make a reappearance. Not having too much planned for the day I leisurely made my way down to the kitchen to grab some cereal and some squash to drink as my throat was a little dry. The house seemed very quiet and empty without my parents there, so after having a shower and putting on a pair of my lounging jeans and a graphic film t-shirt I decided on what I needed to do for the day.

Since I'd failed to finish off my homework last night I sat down to do so now. I worked on the rest of the math problems that I was unable to finish during the lesson and then moved onto the English essay that my teacher had set while she was away. Thankfully it didn't take too long, as I only had four subjects to focus on, and I was never really one who had the patience for doing my homework, but I knew that my mother would most likely check if I had done it later on.
After I had finished I searched my bookcase for something to read since my Twilight books were confiscated. I didn't feel like starting a new book, so I chose one of my many worn stories that I loved. It was so easy for me to get lost in a book. I spent the rest of the day engrossed in Keturah's search for her true love as Lord Death waited for her to become his bride while my parents were out for the day on one of their 'date days' that they liked to go on every month or so. Everything about this story just captured my attention from Keturah's first brush with death wherein she convinces Lord Death to let her live, to their final meeting where she tells him of the man who is her true love and the one she will spend the rest of her days with.

Sunday was a lazy day spent with my parents. It seemed like the last of the summer weather was barely hanging on, so my mother and I prepared a picnic while my dad did whatever dads do to try and avoid anything that resembled cooking. We headed towards the Brecon Beacons, one of South Wales' National Parks. We were going to climb to the top of Pen Y Fan, one of the many mountains in the area, and settle down for lunch not quite at the top so that we would be protected from the wind.

"I noticed in your homework diary that you have a business enterprise day tomorrow." I glanced over at my mother and nodded while wildly gesturing to wait as I tried to quickly swallow my mouthful of food.

"Yeah, it's something that the school is trying so that we can get a better idea about the big wide world. They are asking a bunch of people to come and talk to us about what they do for a living." I took another bite from my sandwich and huddled a bit further into my coat wondering whose brilliant idea it was to climb a mountain in the autumn.

"So how is school going?"

Turning back toward my mother I answered, "It's not too bad, I guess. A bit more intense than what I thought it would be, but it's ok."
"Any boys catching your eye?" I could see my dad perk up a bit at this, not only so he knew who he needed to be threatened away from his daughter but also because he's a bit of a gossip lover at heart.

This was such a typical mum question. "No, not really. There's just no one to fancy. They are either dating someone else or just urgh."

"What do you mean 'urgh'?"

Shrugging my shoulders I replied, "I don't know. It's just that none them have what I'm looking for."

"Have you ever thought that maybe you are looking for a fictional man like an Edward Cullen or a Prince Charming. Maybe it is time that you started to live with your head out of the clouds."

I wanted to roll my eyes at her, but I didn't. She did have a point, and I knew it. Honestly, I wasn't looking for Prince Charming to come sweep me off my feet, but that didn't mean I had unrealistic standards. I wanted someone like Mum had found with Dad: someone to laugh and argue with, to ready a sappy romance or watch a goofy movie with, someone who would listen and let me cry on their shoulder, if needed. He had to have a kind, loving heart and a joke or two stashed up his sleeve for when I was feeling low. Most of all, he couldn't be one of those typical 'bad boys' that Laura always seemed so fond of. There was just no allure in a person who would sooner hurt you than love you. Okay, maybe some of it was a bit unrealistic, but if Dad could have nearly all of those qualities, why couldn't there be a guy out there like that for me?
"I'll think about it."

The trip to school didn't seem as long as it usually did, which was probably due to losing myself within my own thoughts while listening to music. During registration Laura couldn't contain herself.

"We are meeting Mark Voltan!"

I was more excited about a day without any lessons.

After the teacher had noted all of those who were in and those who were absent we were dismissed and made our way to the main hall. The chairs were formed in a semi-circle around the make shift stage where a number of people sat waiting. As I settled down into my own seat I looked toward the stage to see the man Laura couldn't stop chattering about. My heart seemed to stop in my chest as I struggled to breathe. They were here. I scanned the hall looking for any more of them, but none were obviously present. I knew I couldn't stay in the room, so grabbing my bag I stumbled over chairs and other people's legs in a rush to leave as quickly as I could.

Just as I made it to the end of the chairs I tripped over someone's bag and went sprawling across the floor causing a huge explosion of noise as chairs scraped across the floor and skittered out of the way. With red stained cheeks I picked myself up from the floor and once again tried to escape. Looking back my gaze locked onto the questioning hazel eyes of Marcus, one of the leaders of the infamous Volturi.

"Gemma, are you all right?" one of my teachers asked as they tried to usher the last of the sixth form into the main hall. Deciding on the best way to extract myself from the room I grabbed my stomach while putting a hand over my mouth, whispering a quick 'sorry' as I ran to the toilets knowing that it would give me a bit of a reprieve with the teachers while I figured out my next move.
Within the safety of the bathroom I racked my brain for some sort of solution to my ever growing problem. How had the Volutri gotten here? It was impossible! Me dreaming a freakishly real nightmare about them was one thing, but for one of them to actually be here was something else entirely. Wait a second. What was I thinking? This was ridiculous. Laura had talked incessantly of Mark Voltan, which meant a picture had to be involved in there somewhere. I had to have just seen his picture and, in some weird delusion, made his face the face of Marcus. I had to admit, he was better looking than that actor from the movies.
This made for an odd predicament. That little exit stunt I had pulled had caught everyone's attention, including his. I could stay in here until the end of his presentation, but then he might think I was running out because of him, which was true, unfortunately. On the other hand, it would be rude not to come back. But if I went back, the teachers would want an explanation or maybe send me to the nurse, neither of which sounded appealing. To use one of Laura's favourite phrases, I was royally screwed.

Deciding it would be easier to just sit out the presentation than risk facing that audience I settled in for the wait. The only question was what to do in a bathroom for an hour? Luckily, I had one of my books with me, though this wasn't exactly one of the situations I had ever planned on needing it for.
When the hour was finally up and I could hear people invading the halls again, I deemed it was safe enough to exit. Maybe I could sneak past the teachers that tried to stop me and not have to explain myself to them. That would be wonderful. Packing my book away, I opened the door and stepped out from the bathroom...only to be run into by some idiot trying to get to the boy's bathroom door.

"Watch it!" I snapped, thinking it was one of the younger students.

"My apologies, miss." The voice had a slight foreign accent to it and definitely didn't belong to a younger student. They didn't tend to apologize, let alone even acknowledge a person they happened to run over. I looked up at hazel eyes and devilish grin.

Oh crap...Mark

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