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Ron pulled up his pants, replaced his blue crystal ring and picked up the Tempus Simia. He looked around, carefully taking in the environment of peace and tranquility. In this moment of introspection, nothing came through time to disrupt his thoughts. He accepted that he arrived Yaumanouchi without any rogue monster screaming through time.

The boy decided he arrived at the right time since he arrived at the right place. Ron crept and stalked carefully through the campus with a deftness only born of an ascended master of mystical monkey power. Soon he stood outside Yori's room.

Ron slid the door shut behind him and found himself awestruck. She was beautiful. Her calm, regular breathing. The flushness of her face as blood delivered oxygen and nutrients and warmth to her golden skin. The unconscious flutter of her dreaming eyes, resting her body and mind. The living girl's life moved Ron in a way her corpse' sensuality never did.

Yori opened her eyes on her own. The ninja, even asleep, could sense the familiar and powerful and dear presence that accompanied her in sleep. As she sat up the girl questioned, "Stoppable-san...?"

Then her eyes widened. "No. Master Stoppable."

Yori immediately knelt before Ron. "Have you outstripped even Master Sensei's expectations?"

Ron rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, no...I think I'll ascend sometime tomorrow. I just traveled through time to talk with you."

Yori's eyes widened. "I had been under the impression that when you ascended with Possible-sama's aid, you would have no further use for me. Master Sensei had informed me of such. I had even been/"

"That's what I came back to talk to you about.", Ron told her. Then he continued on. He told her of her death and reanimation. He told her of the murders her corpse would commit around the world. He told her of the deaths of her classmates and mentor. He told her of corpse' dependency on him and the sins she would commit to keep her hold on him.

Yori smiled hopefully. "So you're saying that I'll be able to serve you in every capacity forever? That I will be able to rescue you from the shadows of the great Kim Possible. And all I have to do to show you my faith is offer my life? I will do so immediately."

Ron gaped. "What? No!"

"Oh, of course.", Yori agreed. "Not until tomorrow's bath after your ascension, like you instructed."

The girl flung herself around Ron, hugging him warmly. "I had feared you did not care about me. You never seemed to care before your ascension, with Kim Possible taking up all of your attentions. But taking the time to come back and ensure my companionship...it is...it is...such a holy miracle. A prophecy of god waiting to be fulfilled.

"Thank you, Ron-kun. I have always loved you."

Ron stood up, slipping from Yori's arms. A blood red portal opened in her room. Ron was gone without a trace.

Yori started her morning early. She had the unanticipated chore of chopping wood for the bath's fire ahead of her, so she would need an early start.


Once upon a time there was a monkey. She tried the stay in the trees, like all the other monkeys.

The only problem was that the other monkeys did not want her there. So they abused her and screamed at her and kept all the shade and fruits for themselves.

The monkey decided to leave the trees. She headed to the trunk of the trees, so that she could travel to the ground and live there.

Ron caught the monkey before it hit the ground. "You don't want to leave the trees.", he told her. "It's garbage down here."

Ron lifted the monkey back to the branches and warned her. When monkeys leave the trees they would learn that mere sins of the jungle like greed for food and violence for survival and lust for procreation can be replaced. New, much more dangerous sins awaited them. Sins like jealousy, obsession, haughtiness, vanity lurked on the ground. Ready to drive any one of her children mad.

The small act of coming to the ground from her perfect garden of the trees would ensure at least one demonstration of this. A perfectly honorable, loving, intelligent girl would be abandoned by her parents, tortured by her mentor and brainwashed by a cult of her family. And when this girl finally found love, it would be bent into a parasitical darkness. After it consumed her, everyone would suffer. Her victimization would only produce more victimization.

"So please.", Ron asked. "Stay in the trees."

Ron set the Tempus Simia on the ground. He walked away from it.

Once he was clear, the burning blue aura and the true shape of the Lotus Blade took hold. Ron vanished into the skies. Across the universe, tales would spread of a 'big blue'.

The monkey up in the tree wondered at her visit. The others that chastised her came back. With her being even more different because something they did not understand visited her. So they threw her from the tree so she died upon the ground.

Her corpse finally had the opportunity to be in the new world she wanted but never did. So of course, the monkey came back because of her regret at missing that opportunity. Inevitably, she cursed the land...with a creature that could perform all those new sins her visitor described.


Montgomery Fiske stood holding the Tempus Simia, refound after the devastation of the planet had unearthed it. The man ignored the grave yard that surrounded him, Yori's howling corpse chained to Ron Stoppable's grave and the psychadelic sky painted of Kim Possible's memories of Ron. He simply waited for the untamed monster he knew was coming.

Kim blurred onto the scene. Her hair was a natural blonde. She wore a hockey jersey and cargo khakis from a time before humanity hunkered in fear of her. Her no longer green eyes cast their brown gaze onto the man before her. A highly evolved naked mole rat hung dead, chained to her pocket.

"I'm late?", she demanded. "But you have it. You have the Tempus Simia. Hand it over so I can bring Ron home with me."

Fiske showed her a stiff upper lip and never let her see him sweat. "Well, that's all fine and well with me. But would it be alright with my student?

"My student would have to abide such a demand as well, due to your power. I mean, to stand against you the pupil would have to be undead. And they would have to have some additional advantage, like being imbued with Mystical Monkey Power, to show any real resistance. But the proper training would have to start when they were a toddler. And there's no shikabane that grew from a birth state."

And then he smiled a sinister smile that he had not had an opportunity to use in years. "Oh, wait.", Monkey Fist advised. "There is."

A twenty-four year old Hana Stoppable appeared out of seemingly no where. The young woman's corpse was enveloped in the glow of a monkey. Her fist was enveloped in Kim Possible's jaw.

The elder shikabane flew away as the skies crackled in wrath.

The End