They kept the relationship top secret, and Shikamaru continued to render duties as liaison officer. She hadn't asked him for tips and he hadn't given any. They even postponed any games of shogi on the off chance he would inadvertently reveal something about possible strategies she could use during the exam.

It was impossible to keep it secret from their own team members though, which proved that Team Gai and Team Ten either had remarkable information-gathering skills, or they were just plain nosy.

"So you think we could kiss?"

Shikamaru looked at her incredulously. "You're next up on the arena, and you're thinking about that?"

"Uh-huh. Would you kiss me after the match?" She wasn't looking at him; she was assessing the ninja she was pitted against. Her opponent was from the Hidden Rain Village, and had been leering at her and making lewd remarks ever since they'd announced the matches. She was beginning to take it in stride. It was part of growing up, learning to deal with such depravities. Also, Tenten knew that if she didn't finish him off completely during the match, Neji and Lee would be waiting for him outside the arena. They'd become more youthful like that.

"Concentrate, Tenten," Shikamaru lamented, "I don't want you to get killed out there."

"But Shikamaru," she turned doe eyes up at him. "Aren't I your first love?"

He had only two responses to eyes like that, utter speechlessness, or "yes, dear."

"Yes, dear." He was practicing other replies, really he was. "What does being my first love have to do with—"

"I can't be killed. I'm immortal," she beamed at him and delivered the punchline. "First love never dies."


Shikamaru was not a violent man, but he would kill her himself one day. Some things could not be borne.

"I will kiss you after the match," he promised darkly while he heard their team mates cackling behind him.

"Good." She stepped forward as her name was called. "I'm ready."






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