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Sad to be ending this story but all good things must come to an end eventually. Doubt there will be a sequel though possibly a one-shot or two if I feel like it.

Chapter 10

Sam woke up screaming. Dean was instantly sitting up and holding him close, trying to help calm his mate and Sam's breathing slowly calmed.

"Vision?" Dean asked and Sam nodded, eyes wide with fear.

"Bobby, we have to get to Bobby's. The demon, it's going to..." Sam trailed off and Dean nodded, grabbing the colt and then they were out the door, running full speed. Neither was as fast as Edward but they were still very fast. They run without stopping, both glad they were only a state away as the almost flew across the ground. Dean knew Sam was pushing himself too hard but the young hybrid refused to slow, Bobby was all he had left of his human life and he could not lose him to the thing that had killed the rest of his family. They eventually had to slow and have a quick feed off a herd of deer but then they were going at top speed again. They finally slowed when they hit the town over from Bobby's so that Dean could practically force feed Sam human food and some much needed water. His mate grumbled but did as told; he needed to be at fighting best for what was coming.

They crept onto Bobby's property, senses searching for anything amiss and then Sam growled and Dean realised what he was smelling, sulphur. They moved in a blur, Sam at the front door and Dean at the back. Dean had the Colt since they hoped the demon would expect Sam as the hunter to be the bigger threat. Dean didn't like the plan but Sam had been doing this longer than him and he had to trust his instincts. Hearing a grunt of pain from Bobby they crashed through the doors.

For the first time since he was a baby Sam found himself face to face with sickly yellow eyes and he found himself filled with revulsion for the demon that had taken so much from him.

"Sammy." The demon greeted cheerfully and Sam snarled, taking it by surprise and making it look closer."
"What have you done?" The demon asked in horror even as Sam lashed out telekinetically, throwing the demon away from Bobby. Dean darted in, grabbing Bobby and ignoring the smell of blood coming from the hunter as he carried him from the house and hid him amongst the wrecks. Bobby groaned and then grabbed Dean's wrist as the vampire went to leave, making him look down.

"Protect Sam." Bobby whispered and Dean nodded, pulling out the Colt.

"With my life." He promised and then he was rushing back towards the house to find the demon and his mate locked in a battle of powers. He took a deep, unneeded breath and took careful aim before shooting. Sam sensed what he'd done and doubled his efforts, aiming to hold the demon still but it broke free at the last second, sending Dean flying with a lazy wave of its hand.

"Did you really think it'd be that easy Sammy?" The demon taunted and Sam glared, his eyes black from anger. Dean scrambled up to his feet, eyeing the Colt where it had landed before lunging only to be slammed into the wall and held there.
"So you're the freak that tried to take Sam from me. Did you really think I would let him go?" The demon taunted and for the first time since his change Dean found himself crying out in pain as he felt something stabbing through him.

Sam watched as the demon attacked his mate and for one brief second his eyes burned yellow as the Colt leapt into his hand and he pulled the trigger. The demon began to turn, mouth opening to speak as the bullet slammed into its chest. Dean dropped to the ground as the demon convulsed, lightning seeming to spread from the wound before it dropped to the floor, dead. Sam scrambled to his feet and over to Dean's side, gently pulling him into his arms.

"Dean?" He called fearfully and Dean slowly opened his eyes, relaxing when he saw Sam's face.

"Sammy, you hurt?" Dean asked and Sam laughed, shaking his head.

"A bit hungry for both sources but okay. What about you?"

"Okay, I think." Dean answered and he struggled upright, Sam helping him. Dena relaxed as he realised the pain was gone. They both stared down at the body on the floor and Sam smiled, hugging Dean.

"I'm free." Sam whispered and Dean held him tightly, kissing him tenderly.
"Bobby!" Sam called when they parted and Dean mentally swore, how could he have forgotten the injured hunter?

Bobby slowly sat at the table, grumbling over Sam's hovering and making Dean chuckle. He'd been discharged from the hospital that morning and Dean had picked him up. He'd wondered why until he'd come home to find the house fully repaired and Sam cooking up a storm. While it was nice that he wouldn't have to worry about cooking for at least a month it was a bit much.

"I'm so sorry Bobby." Sam muttered and Bobby reached out to grab Sam's arm.

"What have you got to be sorry for kiddo?" He demanded and Sam hung his head.

"He came after you because of me." Sam whispered and Bobby rolled his eyes, tugging on Sam's arm despite knowing Sam would only move if he wanted to. Stupid supernatural strength. But Sam let him move him, coming to kneel in front of Bobby.

"You listen to me Sam. None of this is your fault. I'm one of the few demon experts around; he would have targeted me eventually. But thanks to you I survived." Bobby argued and Sam finally looked up at him.

"You don't blame me?" Sam asked hesitantly and Bobby hugged him.

"Never kiddo." Bobby answered hoarsely, eyes and throat burning from suppressed tears.

"You okay?" Dean asked softly, curling tighter around Sam who nodded.

"I guess it still doesn't feel real. Almost twenty two years of my life have been about the demon and now it's gone for good. I just hope Mom and Dad know somehow." Sam answered and Dean kissed him gently.

"I'm sure they do." He assured Sam who smiled and leant in to kiss Dean. Sam rolled so that he was hovering over Dean as they kissed and touched in a way Sam hadn't felt comfortable with while they were at Bobby's. It had been driving Dean crazy so while he liked he hunter and would actually miss him Dean was quite happy to be back on the road. He smirked and flipped them so he was on top, making Sam laugh and then move them again so he was back on top, making Dean pout.
"Stupid hunter training." His grumble made Sam laugh and then kiss him before yanking Dean's shirt upwards. Obviously Sam was eager to make up for lost time as he was.

The next morning they checked out, Sam slipping the clerk a little extra to cover the broken bed and then they hit the road after Sam grabbed some breakfast. Dean was driving while Sam used his laptop to search for a new hunt. Dean tapped along on the steering wheel to the song playing and Sam started humming as they drove.

"Odd deaths in New York." Sam finally said and Dean took the next exit that would take them east. He finally had a purpose in his immortality, just like his siblings and he had a mate to share that purpose with, could life get any better?

"Dean! Take a look!" Sam yelled and Dean was instantly at his side. Sitting innocently in Sam's inbox was a scanned wedding invite.

"About time." Dean commented as he read the invite over.
"At least we have plenty of time to finish up here before heading back."

"Drats, here I was hoping to get out of this hunt." Sam pulled a face and Dean laughed.

"You're the one who suggested it!" Dean teased and Sam pounced, Dean dodging. Their playing and even serious training had helped Dean finally learn to truly use his vampiric speed and reflexes to their fullest. After all before joining up with Sam, Dean hadn't really needed to know how to fight and he still wasn't as good as Sam or Jasper but he was improving all the time.
"Come on, faster we finish up the faster we can hit the road. Oh man..."

"What?" Sam asked as he grabbed the holy water.

"What the hell do we get them as a gift?" Dean asked and Sam laughed all the way to the car.

"No one will dare to call you plain when I'm through with you." Sam heard Alice say as he approached the bedroom.

"Only because they're afraid you'll suck their blood." Bella answered and Sam chuckled as he leant in the doorway.
"Sam!" Bella cried out and he stepped forward, hugging her gently.

"Congratulations Bella, it's about time you two tied the knot." He teased and she frowned at him.
"No frowning on your wedding day. Hey Pixie." He greeted the other vampire who pounced and he lifted her, swinging her around as he hugged her.

"Where's Dean?" Bella asked after Sam had put Alice down.

"With Edward and the others. Apparently I'm the wife in this relationship and therefore it's up to me to see you and Dean to see Edward." Sam answered, pulling a face and Bella laughed.

Alice watched the younger vampire closer as he chatted with Bella, keeping her calm as Alice got her ready for the big day. Something was different but she just couldn't put her finger on it. She couldn't see Sam very well due to his hybrid status and Dean was pretty good at hiding himself from her sight so while she knew they'd been hunting she didn't know the details. She smiled as Dean came up and grabbed Sam from behind in a hug and Sam melted into his arms, even Dean was different, more...relaxed, as if a huge weight had vanished. Sam looked over at her and smiled before closing his eyes, focusing. Alice gasped as she saw a vision, not of the future but of the past. She saw Sam and Dean attacking a man with yellow eyes, saw Dean being tortured and then Sam shooting the man.

"Sam?" She whispered and he smiled brilliantly at her.

"The demon's dead Alice, I'm finally free." He answered just as softly and she sobbed before throwing herself at him again. Sam hugged her tightly and Dean joined him.

"Guys? What's wrong?" Bella called anxiously and they parted to smile at her.

"Nothing Bella, everything's finally right." Sam answered and she relaxed, letting Alice continue her work.

"We better head downstairs. Good luck Bella." Dean said and they left the two women behind to finish their preparations.

The wedding was far more elaborate than their own and both males agreed that Bella looked stunning despite her fears. The ceremony was soon over and then they were dancing at the reception. Bella laughed when Sam actually lifted her up for their dance, Emmett doing the same when it was his turn. The two were so tall that no one would think them being able to do that was odd. Dean gracefully swirled Bella around when he got his turn and then he went back to Sam and they moved slowly together on the dance floor. They got a few odd looks form those that hadn't been at their wedding nearly a year and a half earlier but no one said anything. Sam smiled when he saw Jacob Black emerge from the deepening shadows to dance with Bella. Jacob saw him looking and Sam smiled at him, nodding his head before letting his head rest against Dean's as they swayed.

Maybe the world wasn't perfect but for the moment Sam's world was.

The End.