Honest Answer (—in Honest Confession Series)

Fandom: Wild Life

Rating: T/15+

Genre: Humor-Romance

Pairing: Ryoto x Tessho

Disclaimer: Wild Life and its characters belong to Fujisaki Masato. Luna only borrows the boys to play with and no profit is gain from this little piece.

Summary: "… and it's not like I hate you or anything, so will it be okay if we start slowly?" Honestly, Ryoto could only stare at the blond vet with a flabbergasted expression as he heard the impossible innuendo.

A/N: As you can see, this is the final round of RyoxTess battle in romance ^__^. I hope it will turn out okay. Please, enjoy the humor and romance of this idiotic pairing XDDD *love*

Warning: man x man relationship (you know what I mean), languages (maybe), oOC-ness (always), what else? (you can decide it yourself)

Honest Answer

Tsukasa Ryoto had thought, maybe going straight to the point about romance-stuffs with Tessho Iwashiro was not a very good idea. But on the other hand, he had observed that Tessho was a kind of man who would go straight to the point in every problem. He was a simple minded guy without any prejudice, and it was very cute of him, but that wasn't the point. Tessho might have been a grown up man, but Ryoto doubted he had ever experienced a relationship beyond friendship with anyone else, even with women. So, Tessho might still be very immature in human, no, scratch that; he meant in lovers relationship.

Despite his passion in his work and even in his love to the animals, Tessho Iwashiro was clueless of how to build a relationship that involved romantic feeling between two people.... Well, usually it was for a man and a woman, but in this case, between Tessho and Ryoto, that was.

"How should I fix that problem?" Ryoto spoke his thought aloud unconsciously, and Mitaka looked at him from his seat with wondering look.

"Something bothering you, Ryoto?" the slightly bulkier dark haired man asked as Ryoto shifted from director seat that wasn't even his. The director had taken a leave for a big operation somewhere… liked Ryoto would care. Anyway, that seat was his for today, at least.

"Ah, did I say something odd?" Ryoto turned his smiling cunning face at his friend, and the fellow veterinarian tilted his head curiously.

"You'd been sighing a lot in the whole thirty minutes now, and you just said something about fixing problem," Mitaka said slowly.

"I did? Oh my… I didn't notice," Ryoto said while scratching his cheek sheepishly.

"You can talk to me, you know, if you have problem," Mitaka offered.

"Well…, I'd like to, but I doubt you will listen to me if I said it involve my preference in romance," Ryoto was still smiling his poker face while speaking so blatantly about sensitive subject, and Mitaka expression faltered a bit.

Everyone knew Ryoto was a great vet, but he had the only flaw that made his fellow co-workers put a slight distance to him. Yep, his preference in sexual intercourse, that was. Not that Ryoto minded that. It was in his nature to be slightly out of reach because of his genius brain. Yet he didn't really understand why everyone regarded him as a freak in love-area while he loved all humans in general equally…, well, not all were equal right now if he wanted to put Tessho as a special one. He loved that guy thousands times more than human in general.

"Uh… I've never notice you have problem in that area. I mean… aren't you always smoothly flirting with anyone?" Mitaka said.

"Wow, that sounds like I am quite cheap," Ryoto said while looking genuinely surprised.

"You sound really surprised. You haven't noticed that?" Mitaka made an 'impossible!' look at him.

"I flirt only with people that interest me," Ryoto protested a bit.

"And how many people do interest you, Ryoto?" Mitaka asked again, a bead of sweat rolling on his face.

"Well…," Ryoto paused slightly to think before "-that will be almost everyone," he answered with a cheery smile.

"Yep, that's the problem. Everyone interests you in many kinds of levels," Mitaka nodded in agreement.

"But this is different," Ryoto said, sinking slightly on the puffy seat. "This one… I've never felt the attraction so strongly like this, until it makes me dizzy sometimes," he continued with genuinely soft expression that made Mitaka look at him in freaked look.

"That guy must be something," Mitaka muttered slightly under his breath. But of course, Ryoto heard the comment.

"How do you know it's a 'guy'?" he asked slightly with an amused smile.

"Well… you've never serious about women for once, and the only person you'd ever cared about so strongly was the director. I just assumed that you only give your full attention towards someone with high dedication and passion and preferably a vet as well. If it's in our vicinity, it must have been a guy, right?" Mitaka said while scratching his neck, grunting slightly.

"Oh my… and here I've never noticed that you stare, Mitaka," Ryoto chuckled slightly and he saw his friend's face blush a bit.

"I don't stare at you. I am just being observant. That's what a doctor do, right?" he said while looking away.

"Yes, yes, you're such a good friend," Ryoto said with a teasing grin.

"And, who is this poor guy?" Mitaka asked again and Ryoto pouted at him.

"What do you mean 'poor'?"

"Well, he must be a straight guy with simpleminded personality, right?" Mitaka made a knowing look. "Poor guy, he must have been having nightmares about you and your teasing."

"That's rude. I properly confessed my feeling with a proper procedure even. I asked him for a date to have dinner together and he accepted. But he bailed out after I said 'I love you' to him." Ryoto held his chin, thinking with a confused expression. "What lacks in that plan anyway?"

"Are you sure you didn't force him to come with you?" Mitaka asked suspiciously and Ryoto punched his palm.

"I think… I did something like that," he said with a bead of sweat on his cheek.

"Jeez, he must have been freaked out. You should ask for his consent first on something like that, Ryoto. It's not nice if he doesn't even trust you," Mitaka said.

"I am pretty sure he trusts me on many things though…," Ryoto said while thinking again. Mitaka made a motion to speak again, but he hurriedly cut him. "Ah, well… I can just ask him around again. This time I'll do it right," Ryoto winked and Mitaka could only roll his eyes at that.

"I hope the guy is still alive after you finish with him," Mitaka sighed with a defeated look.

"What are you saying? I always make people follow their hearts desires," the silver haired professor stood and walked out the door with a determined smile in his face.

But of course, plan would only be a plan without any executor. It turned out to be a little hard to catch Tessho on his free time because he hadn't had something like that. Tessho was always busy with his patients and his bonding time with the children at Nagatanien. He was so good with them and was willing to sacrifice his break time to play with the kids.

Tessho was heartwarming to everyone. Ryoto had noticed that from their first meeting, and the impression only strengthen as the time went by and he knew Tessho more. He was like a figure of pure innocence when he was smiling affectionately to his patient and he cared about them, their owners, and the kids very much. Ryoto could see it from the way he was always being protective. Tessho was nice to everyone and he loved his smile when he was happy by taking care of his patient. He had never failed to amaze Ryoto with many amazing things born from his persistence and dedication on his work, and being with Tessho and observing him were never boring for Ryoto.

Deep down in the corner of his heart, Ryoto wanted Tessho to stay the way he was, but the other parts screamed that he wanted that smile for himself. Ryoto didn't even realize he had that kind of greed inside him. Thus the other parts, the darker parts, were curious of what kind of expression Tessho would make when he was doing other things. Things that might be… a bit dangerous and involve a lot of mind-blowing sensations.

That must be awesome—Ryoto fantasized and grinned at himself, earning a weird look from everyone that stared at him. Realized for beings stared at, Ryoto coughed a bit and continued his quest of Tessho-on-break.

By the time Ryoto found the blond wonder free some days later, he and Tessho were both called by the director to go together tending a whale in an Under Ocean Garden in the nearby ocean. Ryoto could feel the awkwardness when Tessho looked at him. It seemed he indeed was still thinking about the other night. He also noticed that Tessho had bags under his eyes.

Was he still losing sleeps?

Ryoto had tried to speak to Tessho about the matter while they were working together to figure out how to diagnose the whale's disease (if it was), but Tessho's eagerness in doing his work shut his brain out completely about that matter. Ryoto couldn't help it. Tessho was just like that. The patient came first before anything else.

Ryoto played along and worked together with him, sometimes giving clue about the general knowledge about the whale and so on.

Thus, after they finally figured out the disease, which actually wasn't a disease at all—just a small problem with the aquarium glass that affected the quality of the water and the whale itself—, they could sit together again, face to face, on a ferry, resting and enjoying dinner under thousands of stars in the middle of the ocean.

Actually, Ryoto wasn't the romantic type, but even he knew this was a perfect opportunity to talk about everything involving romance. If not, he just didn't want to be a burden to Tessho, so he'd better clear this out before it caused him some unhealthy stress that could affect his work.

Now… how would Ryoto start the conversation? They even hardly talked except about work. General stuffs worked best to start a conversation in his experience. He should just begin from that.

"It's beautiful," Ryoto spoke slightly, not looking at Tessho's direction but at the darkening sky. "The stars," he added slowly while glancing slightly, and found Tessho turning his face at him for awhile before he also looked up.

"Yeah," Tessho said with a small relieved smile. "It's a great night because we figured out the whale's problem. Now, they can fix it and the whale will be okay," he continued with a happy grin while facing Ryoto's direction once again.

"Yes, that's truly an accomplishment," Ryoto smiled back sincerely at Tessho and added, "-because you worked so hard to help it."

Ryoto could see the light blush dusting Tessho's cheek as he heard his compliment and he shook his head slightly. "Without your guidance, that would be impossible," he said while scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Thank you," Ryoto said calmly still wearing his sincere smile. He had to wonder why Tessho made him smile so much. It didn't even hurt any his facial muscle one bit. He affected him to that degree it was funny. Tessho was indeed a mystery for him.

Tessho then looked away slightly, still blushing, if Ryoto's eyes didn't play any trick on him. Ryoto pondered how to continue when he decided he should just get to the business and asked. He should be frank with Tessho or he wouldn't even understand what he was trying to say.

"Tessho," Ryoto called for getting Tessho's attention. Then, when Tessho turned his face once again at him, Ryoto sighed slightly. "It's about the other night, when we had dinner together," he continued slowly and paused slightly as he saw the confusion in Tessho's look for a few seconds before he widened his eyes and a deeper blush stained his cheek.

Ryoto seriously had to hold back an amused laugh at that and preferably, to control himself because Tessho was truly cute at that moment he wanted to kiss him senselessly. Ryoto coughed slightly to hide the attempt and continued. "I see…, it seems you're still thinking about that…."

Tessho looked at another way again and mumbled slightly. Ryoto got an impression that he was annoyed at him, so he sighed again.

"Don't tell me the lack of sleep is partially my fault because of that stupid confession?" he asked further and Tessho didn't say anything. But, Tessho looking away further gave away that it was indeed the reason. "Well, that's a problem then. If it really bothers you that much, you shouldn't think about it that seriously. It's not really that important," Ryoto continued with a sympathetic gaze and Tessho snapped to look at him.

To Ryoto's surprise, Tessho looked really angry.

"What do you mean it's not important? Of course it is!" Tessho said with strained yell. "I've been trying to figure it out, about my feelings for you and how to answer that confession these past days, and you call it stupid and unimportant!? Are you trying to make a fool of me!?" each time he yelled the next word, his voice got louder and louder. "And after a lot of effort I am getting to understand it a bit. Don't you dare to even think to take that back because it will make me look completely like an idiot for even thinking to take the matter so seriously!"

By the time Tessho finished his outburst, Ryoto could only stare at him, completely perplexed. "Uh… and that means…?" Ryoto still didn't see the hope from the outburst, but he was willing to try and take the risk to hear Tessho's answer.

"You asked me after the confession… whether I hated you or not, right?" Tessho asked to make sure and Ryoto nodded slowly. "Well, I don't hate you," he said, face completely red and funny in Ryoto's mind. "… I don't hate you at all…, but I don't know whether I like you the way you like me or not as well. I have never felt this way before so I can't be sure. I admire you as a greater vet and I admit that I want to be like you someday, so if I can study more about you…, reach the same level as you…, I can try it out."

Ryoto blinked in a deadpanned look. "Pardon?" he wanted Tessho to say it again so he could clarify the meaning he had caught from his long confusing explanation that wasn't Tessho's strong point at all.

Tessho's blush deepened again and he muttered slightly in annoyance. "I said… it's not like I hate you or anything, so will it be okay if we start slowly?"

Honestly, Ryoto couldn't believe his eyes and his hearing at all. He could only stare at the blond veterinarian with a flabbergasted expression as he heard the impossible innuendo. Did Tessho just say that he was willing to try going out with him? For like… SERIOUSLY!?

Ryoto was really speechless. He just had been so sure that Tessho would reject him. This was completely… unexpected. Once again, Tessho managed to amaze and surprise him to the core. Ryoto couldn't help twitching the corner of his mouth upward at that.

"Don't just make a smug face and say something, damn it!" Tessho threw a fit again, face really read, completely embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry, sorry, I am just… really surprised. I didn't expect that… at all," Ryoto said, trying to hold back his expression. Man, he was so happy. Too happy it was scary!

"What? You confessed to me while expecting my rejection?" Tessho looked at Ryoto with an odd gaze directed at him.

"Ah, yeah… I merely wanted to tell you how I feel…," Ryoto said. "And I was really sure that you would say 'no' no matter what, so I thought I should just do it and get over it, but then you ran away… I felt a little guilty after that. I've been really egoistical to you and not really thinking about your situation as well. I really should apologize," he confessed again.

"Well, sometimes we make mistake… I am sorry for running away before hearing your explanation as well," Tessho said with a guilty look. Then there was an awkward silence between them.

"Um… Tessho," Ryoto called to break the silence.

"Ye-yeah?" Tessho looked up at him nervously.

"Have you ever kissed before?" Ryoto asked blatantly and Tessho went red like a boiled squid immediately.

"W-why would you ask something like that!?" Tessho freaked out a bit and Ryoto really had to cover his mouth to hold back a laugh.

Really, Tessho was just too cute to his own good!

"Well, if you're wondering if we can work it out, why don't we try it as soon as possible?" Ryoto offered with a strained laugh and Tessho's face went even redder if it was possible.

Tessho looked really embarrassed and hesitated as he, might be, was trying to think something to respond to Ryoto's offer. "Uh…, just… for a bit…," he spoke really quietly that Ryoto almost couldn't hear him.

It seemed Tessho was curious enough to try. Ryoto had skill, so he was pretty sure that Tessho would enjoy it. Ryoto smiled as he stood and moved to sit down slowly beside Tessho. The younger vet made a face as if he wanted to run, but of course, Ryoto didn't let him. He caught his hand and pulled the younger man in a gentle hug.

It felt… really nice and grew nicer as Tessho tried not to push him instead, clutching his shirt on his arm. Ryoto snuggled closer and kissed Tessho's surprisingly soft hair despite the spiky look, earning a surprised squeak from the younger vet. He had to chuckle at that.

"Not funny, Ryoto!" Tessho protested a bit and Ryoto had to laugh as he tightened his hug at the man.

"I am sorry, you're just too cute!" Ryoto said again and of course, Tessho made a protesting noise again at the girly remark. Ryoto was still chuckling as he slowly released the blond vet and looked at his red-blushing embarrassed expression. "Thank you for trying to understand me," Ryoto said then with a caring face. "You have to tell me straightly if you're uncomfortable with this. I won't be mad, I promise."

"I said I want to try, right?" Tessho said now with a more determined look. "I'll figure it out later whether we can work it out or not," he continued.

Ryoto smiled at Tessho's choice of word 'we' with a genuine smile again and a deep look on his eyes, and Tessho blushed again. "I've got to admit… that smile makes me feel weird," he said.

"Weird as in…?" Ryoto lowered his gaze on Tessho's lips and he could almost feel their heart rate quickened slightly.

"I don't know…. It… makes my stomach… flutters…," each time Tessho said the next word, his voice was lower and lower until it was no more than whispers. His eyelids were drooped slowly, and the next thing Ryoto knew, he had closed their small distance with an innocent kiss on his lips.

Ryoto closed his eyes as well and kissed back gently, letting the younger inexperienced man slowly led their relationship to the next level. When Tessho then pulled back slightly, Ryoto smiled at him. "How does that feel?" he asked.

"I don't really know… but it's kind of… nice?" Tessho said, his awkwardness was slowly dissipating as he smiled as well.

"I can teach you a lot more nice feeling," Ryoto said with lower voice and Tessho looked at his eyes in curious look.

"Show me?" he said with an unsure tone.

"Only if you want to," Ryoto said with an understanding look.

Tessho smiled at him. "Please guide me, Ryoto," he said.

"As your wish," Ryoto responded to the request with a content honest smile.

The End

Honest Confession Series, COMPLETED!

A/N: Wow~, it took me a bit long to write this one XD. I know Ryoto and Tessho are completely oOC in this pic, but damn! I suck at making romantic scene! Seriously! I don't think Tessho and Ryoto will even have one! Ryoto is more like the… teasing dominating ones, but I don't want to make Tessho experience a horrible feeling when he starts his relationship with him, so… this is what we get…. Completely innocent relationship.

Maybe I will write something more to give a braver scene… but that will wait until Tessho learns something about sex. Honestly… I don't think I can even associate that word with Tessho. He is so completely innocent it's scary. He's 25 year old for God's sake!

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