There I was in the middle of a war I didn't particularly want to be in,

The only thing that was between me and death was a dragon that was doing a great job of trying to convince the enemy to spare us and a barricade 5 meters long. Now I'm sure you're wondering what a simple shop owner was doing in the middle of a war that has been going on for three years, but the answer is simple I got into this mess thanks to my dragon who is right now trying to not get killed by the enemy (good thing he has extremely tough scales). By the time he had finished I had talked to the general about a nice dragon lamp that I thought would have interested him too bad he didn't like it, but then I pulled out a dragon box and that he was delighted to see for he loved decorative boxes, he had a whole collection of them at his home. Now when Dawnflyer (my dragon) came back he told me that they would end the war on one condition which was that I give them all the dragon lamps I have, see the general of the enemy loved my dragon lamps I never figured out why but every week he sends his troops to go to my shop and buy all the ones I have in stock, I told Dawnflyer to tell them that I only have one lamp with me and that if they wanted all of the lamps they would have to let me go back to my shop.

When Dawnflyer finished telling the enemy's general that he would have to allow me to go to my shop he told me that he would let me go under armed guard, unfortunately I didn't have a choice it was that or get killed by the same people that were willing to help me which sadly was the enemy. So after Dawnflyer and I finished talking to the general about our leave we packed our bags and started off, the guards we were sent were very skinny and I was thinking that when we got back to the shop we could use the secret tunnel to get us away from the bloody war. Then I thought that if we did then the guards would come after us but I also thought that the cage trap I put down there would hold them off so I decided to try that after I told Dawnflyer he said that he would activate the trap then follow me. So I told the guards to stay outside because i had a secret code to get them out of my safe and that if they try to cross us then Dawnflyer would breath a flame so fierce that their skin would melt and their eye's would fall out of their skulls like skittles hit by a bowling ball, so they did what I told them and headed the warning, while we went down the trapdoor and after I had gone round the corner Dawnflyer went to the guards that I needed help to carry them out so they followed him down to the tunnel and he told them that he would go down and then they could come down, so Dawnflyer went down and the guards followed then but when he activated the trap on them the cage shattered so they ended up having some scratches from the metal hitting their skin like needles piercing cloth. By the time they realized that we had escaped all they could do was go back up the stairs and grab all the dragon lamps they could carry and went back to the war they were glad to be rid of for a little while it pained them to go back but they knew that if they didn't go back they would hunt them down like a mouse trapped by a cat. After Dawnflyer and I escaped we appeared in a deserted town, it was here that we took refuge for as long as we dared not only because we thought that we were in danger but also because of fear of starvation drove us away.