Ok this is my newest story. I wanted to do an Akuroku story but my friends got me to do this one.

Warnings: There will be hints of Yaoi in this story because I am a BIG Akuroku fan lol. There will also be some crack so expect major stupidity. Also there is swearing :D

Disclamer: I do not own anything sadly :'(

"TRIANGLE BUTTON TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE!!!!!!!" I screamed at my friend Sophie. (1)

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING!" She screamed back.

It was a normal party at my house. Well as normal as a Kingdom Hearts party can be. All of my crazy kingdom hearts friends were there. There was Janelle the Axel lover, Joanna Demyx's girlfriend, Victoria the Riku fan-girl Dorothy the silent Akuroku fan, Sophie the anti yaoi fan, Skaha the only boy and me the Crazy Roxas and yaoi fan-girl.

"Can you guys shut up! I'm trying to beat Riku!" Joanna shouted, "AHHHH!!! Damn I just died."

Janelle snickered at Joanna, "You really suck at this game don't you."

"SHUT UP! I'm better than you."

"TRIANGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

"I'M TRYING I'M TRYING!!!!" Sophie shouted back.

"Whoa Miguela just calm down." Skaha said.


"ARG! Damn I died." Sophie hanged her head in defeat.

"Yay! My turn!" Janelle grabbed the controller from Sophie and out on her 'game face'.

"Miguela! Can you help me?" Joanna Whined.

"Fine.." I muttered while I grabbed Joanna's ds from her. She always asked me for help on KH 365/2 days so I was pretty much used to it.

I looked up from the ds to see Janelle playing KH2, facing the giant dusk with Roxas. I looked over my shoulder to see Dorothy staring at everything I was doing. I smiled it was nice to have another KH party. I was really surprised that my mom let me. Last time we were screaming and Sophie spelt the sea-salt ice cream I made all over the floor and on my Ps2 because she didn't want to see Barbie Rapunzel. It was really funny though. All of were too scared to tell my mom but we cleaned it up. I know she knew what happened, it's kind of hard not to hear your teenage daughter and her friends screaming from downstairs. (2)

I laughed at the thought then realized I was getting my ass kicked by Riku.

"ARG!!!!! WHY CAN'T I KILL YOU!!!!!" Janelle screamed. I laughed, another one killed by the almighty dusk.

Janelle pouted, "Don't laugh at me I'd like to see you do better."

I pointed at the Ds, "Sorry need to beat Riku."

Victoria sighed, "Here I'll try."

"Miguela! You made the ice cream too sweet this time." Joanna whined

"Hey don't start complaining last time I made it too sour you're lucky I even made you guys some after what Sophie did last time."

"Hey it's your fault! If you didn't put that stupid movie in then it wouldn't have happened!" Sophie protested.

"Wait what movie?" Skaha asked

"Barbie!!!!" Sophie groaned.

"Oh come on Sophie Barbie is one of the best movies ever." Victoria laughed.

"MIGUELA!" My mom's voice screeched thought the air

I filched as I handed Joanna's ds to her and ran up the stairs. I swear my mom was one of the scariest bitches alive. Probably scarier than Larxene and that's saying a lot.

"Yes mom?" I said once I reached the top of the stairs.

"I'm going out for a while don't answer the door to anyone and don't go anywhere."

"Yes mother."

"Lock the door!" My mom yelled as she close the door.

I sighed my mom was so annoying at times.

"WOOO YES!!!!"

I laughed someone must have beaten the giant dusk. I ran downstairs to see Janelle jumping up and down with the controller in her hand.

"Someone's excited." I smirked

"Of course I just beat the dusk." She laughed.

"Oh yeah that reminds me I there's this video I want to show you guys." I walked over to the computer.

"Don't tell me it's the censored gay porn again." Sophie scrunched her face in disgust. (3)

"Come on Sophie we all know that you liked it." Victoria laughed.

"Yeah it was just SOOOO hot." She said sarcastically.

"I'm not even going to ask." Skaha's eye twitched a bit.

"Oh my gosh we HAVE to show him." Janelle giggled.

"No way am I going to watch any of your gay porn."

"Oh but Skaha we all know it turns you on." Joanna said

The poor boy's face went red, "Excuse me but I like girls, G-I-R-L-S got it memorized?"

I laughed, "Sure you do.."

All the other girls laughed.

I turned on the computer and went on YouTube.

A few minutes later we were trying to play the Intro of Kingdom Hearts 365/2 days at the same time.

"Ok one more time." Janelle said, "One the count of three we all push a ok."

"Yeah, yeah. Why are we even doing this?" Asked Joanna

"Because it'll be so cool if you can play the intro at the same time on your ds' " I clapped my hands together.

"Ok on three." Janelle started




Joanna, Victoria and Janelle pressed the A button at the same time.

Suddenly the room was filled with a blinding light.

"AIIIEEE!!!" Dorothy screamed.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?!" Sophie yelled.

The room went pitch white and the next thing I know I'm seeing black.

I woke up a few minutes later only to discover that organization XIII was in my basement.

"Holy Shit."

(1) Ok so at the last Kingdom Hearts Party I had it was me, Dorothy, Sophie, Joanna, and Victoria. We were all playing KH2 and you know that Giant dusk thing at the begining right? Well My friend Sophie was going agianst it and we were all screaming at her to press triangle. XD It was sooo funny.

(2) Yes this actually Happened. We couldn't beat the giant dusk :( so we decided to watch a movie, and I of course had a barbie. So we all decided to watch it but Sophie didn't want to. So she ended up sitting on us intill we changed the movie and she had my moms huge bouncy ball in her hands. I made sea-salt Icecream But I added too much sea-salt so no one bothered to eat it. So she spilt the ice cream all over my Ps2 and N64 by accident. Me, Victoria and Sophie were screaming at each other while cleaning up the mess and Joanna and Dorothy were palying 365/2 days.

(3) Ok here's the link for the Video www. youtube . com/watch?v=obi2VS-KiPY I have to warn you though there is some major Yaoi in it. When we showed Sophie it, she kept on making these faces and going like "Oh God!" It was sooo funny.

Ok so what do think? Was it good bad Horrible. Oh yeah even if you try to play the 365/2 days intro at the same time with your friends Organization XIII will NOT appear in your Basement sadly :( I just needed an Idea to get them in my house. I was going to have them pop out of my computer screen but that didn't work so well..... At first I was going to have my Friends and I go into KH but then it would be all messed up and junk. I was going to wait and have Joanna proof read it but she probaley wasn't going to read it intill I get back from school and that'll be about a week from now because I'm going to the Olympics :D So I just wanted to post it and stuff. I might upload the next chapter later on today (it's 1:28 right now where I live) I might not though so if I upload the next chapter next week then I'm sorry.