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KH Crack 13

I stepped out of the bathroom and wrapped a towel around me. Today was Friday meaning half day and it was the weekend of Otafest.

"Miguela open the door!" Axel pounded on the door.

"Nyu! I need to get ready!" I yelled while pouting.

"You've been in there for an hour and I really have to go!"

"Then use the other bathroom!" Gosh it was like no one had a brain anymore.

"Larxene is using the other one and the one downstairs is locked."

"Well then go outside!" I grabbed a near by towel and started drying my hair.

"Xion could you come here for a moment?" Axel yelled.

I laughed, how could Xion bring me out of here?"

"Yeah Axel?" Xion asked.

"Can you unlock the door with your keyblade?"

My eyes widen as I gripped the door knob.

"Xion you better not!" I yelled trying to keep my towel up.

"Xion please? I really have to go." I could practically hear Axel giving Xion his puppy pout.

"If you open this door Xion I swear I'll rip off your head and feed you to my dog!"

"You have a dog?" Axel and Xion asked in usion.

"Yes but shes living with my moms ex."


"Xion come on open the door my bladders about to explode." I heard Axel jumping up and down.

Xion sighed, "Fine, but you better protect me when your done."

"What! Xion come on I'm practically na-"

The door unlocked and Axel bursted though the door he ran to the toilet and I heard a zipping noise.

"Nyu!" I covered my eyes and ran out the door, trying to hold on to my towel.

I ran into the kitchen to see Xaldin cooking.

He stared at me before going back to cooking.

"Jerkhole..." I muttered underneath my breath.

"Hey breastless." Roxas passed me not even turning to me.

My face went bright red, "I do to have a chest! and how did you learn that word?"

Roxas opened the fridge and started looking though it, "Axel."

A few minutes passed and Axel was still in the bathroom.

I groaned, "You know your like a zombie right?"

Roxas finally found what he was looking for and grabbed a Popsicle, "I know."

"Its unhealthy to eat that in the morning."

"..." Roxas said no more and headed to my moms room.

I pouted, why was Roxas acting like such a Zombie now? Wasn't he with Axel? ISNT he supposed to be happy?

I sighed as Saix came in the room and looked at me.

"What!" I yelled at him.

"Nothing." Saix began walking but then he stopped, "You know if you want bigger breast then you should drink more milk."

I heard Xaldin snicker at me.

I stared at Saix for a while then pointed my finger at him,

"Meanie!" I whined in an incredibly high pitched voice that was much worse than Larxene's Japanese voice. Both Xaldin and Saix covered their ears before glaring at me with such an intensity could kill a heartless in a second. Then Saix made the first move by walking towards the front door and leaving.

"My business is done!" I heard Axel yell.

I walked to the bathroom and saw Axel.

I glared at him as he passed me.

"All yours." He smirked, "Oh yeah I used all of your gel."

I stared at Axel with wide eyes.

"UGH ITS LIKE LIVING WITH BROTHERS ALL OVER AGAIN!" I screamed as I slammed the bathroom door which fell off. I screamed one more time before marching off to my


1st Period Social

Dorothy's PoV

The bell rang as Joanna and I sat in our desks. I looked around trying to figure out where Miguela was, she was usually here before the second bell rang. I pulled out a piece of paper and started writing. It was then I heard a crackle and I turned to the front door and saw something that should never be, Larxene.

"Sit down you little brats!" Larxene growled, causing everyone to sit down in their assigned seats, "I'm you substitute teacher."

I stared at Larxene, horrified. There was no way that she could be teaching this class. It all had to be a dream or in other words a nightmare right? I rubbed my eyes as Larxene walked over to the board.

"My name is Arlene and you'll obey every order I give you." Larxene grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote her 'name' on it.

"Sorry I'm late!"

I turned to the door to see a very flustered Miguela with her hair in every single place imaginable. I turned to see Larxene who was glaring daggers at Miguela for interrupting her class.

"Miggy your here!" Janelle cried out as she hugged Miguela.

"YOU TWO SHUT THE HELL UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN!" Larxene screeched as she pointed to the desks. Miguela glared at Larxene before walking over to her desk with Janelle, "Now you little fuckers grab your text books and start reading whatever while I do stuff over here and don't make a sound!"

The whole room fell silent before there was a noise of shuffling and what not, then the room fell silent once again. Ignoring Larxene's language I grabbed a text book and started into a random page. I continued looking before getting frustrated by only being able to understand a few things before closing the text book. The sound echoed throughout the whole room and only after I realized I had made one of the worst mistakes in my life.

I felt everyone's eyes on me, especially Larxene's.

"What did I say about making a sound?" Larxene's voice was higher each word she spoke causing me to wince. I made a little pray in my head hoping that somehow I would stay alive after this.

Soon the door was slammed open and I saw my saviour.

"Larxene! Darling! How wonderfully pleasing it is to have you here." Marluxia, in other words now known as my hero and the one who I shall worship forever and ever with his every so 'gay' voice.

"Marluxia!" Larxene squealed giving him a hug.

I continued to stare at the two of them, as the rest of the class, as they talked. I swear Marluxia was my new God.