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"Fine!" Sonny shouted.

"Fine!" Chad shot back.

"Good!" Sonny retorted.

"Good!" Chad spat back.

"So we're good?" Sonny asked, completely unaware of the man standing behind her, until Chad's face fell and his eyes widened in horror. She slowly turned around.

"You are SO not good." Mr. Condor said. "My office. Both of you. Now." With that he walked off.

Sonny looked nervously at Chad, and the two of them left the commissary, quickly running after him. They came to a stop in the doorway, but were waved off to wait outside the office as Mr. Condor shut the door. He was on the phone.

"This is your fault." Chad said as he took a seat on the bench outside. His voice was dripping in fear.

"Whatever Chad." Sonny didn't feel like getting in another fight. "What were we even fighting about?"

Chad looked at her carefully for a moment. "I don't remember."

They sat in silence watching the back of Mr. Condor's chair for what seemed like hours. Eventually a hand popped up over the black leather and waved them in. Sonny and Chad shot a glance at each other and stepped into the office.

"Take a seat." Mr. Condor said, his back still to them.

They swallowed hard and did as they were told. Mr. Condor slowly turned to face them. He did not look happy. If looks could kill, he would be finding two new stars right now. Sonny and Chad looked down at their laps, too afraid to do much else.

"I am sick of you two fighting." He finally said. "Chad if you weren't the best actor Mackenzie Falls has, you'd be fired." Chad didn't know whether to smirk or gulp.

"Sonny," Mr. Condor turned to her. She swallowed, and raised her gaze to meet his. She hoped he couldn't see her shaking. "You are by far the best on So Random. Since you've joined, ratings have skyrocketed, and I wouldn't be surprised if So Random overtook Mackenzie Falls one day, I'd be stupid to fire you."

"Thank you, sir." She said meekly as she glanced at Chad who was looking down seething at what Mr. Condor had said.

"But this fighting has to stop; therefore I have arranged a little trip for the two of you."

"What about our shows?" Chad asked, looking up for the first time.

"You will both go back now and film your parts for the rest of the season. Mackenzie will have gone missing. Sonny you can do what you can and then So Random will be alright. The seasons end in a month anyway, and you have most of the filming done anyway. The break is two months long, therefore you will be gone a total of three months." They both wanted direly to protest, but knew that once Mr. Condor made a decision, that was that. He shuffled through some papers and handed a manila envelope to each of them.

"Here's your flight info, you fly out at eight o'clock." He told them. "I expect you both to work things out while you are gone." His tone was threatening, and Sonny swallowed nervously.

"Yes sir." The two teens said in unison.

"Good. You'll be meeting a distant relative of your friend Marshall. You'll be staying with her. Sonny, I trust you'll give her this for me?" He handed her another envelope that read "For Tiffany".

"Of course, Mr. Condor." Sonny said with a toothy grin, happy that the boss would trust her.

"Thank you. Have a fun trip." He dismissed them.

Chad and Sonny exited his office and made their way back to the commissary to finish their lunch. When they arrived, they saw their casts were waiting for them.

"Sonny!" Grady called as she walked over to the table. "What happened?"

"You didn't get fired did you?" Nico asked her.

"No." She said quietly prodding her chicken knuckles with her fork.

"So what happened?" Grady asked again.

She set her fork down and looked around at her cast mates.

"Spill it!" Zora said, breaking her from her trance.

"Mr. Condor is just sick of me and Chad fighting…" She trailed off and looked behind her at the Mackenzie Falls' table. Chad was breaking the news to his cast as well.

"And?" Tawni asked, looking up from her nails. "That's it?"

"We are to finish filming what we can today and we're off on a flight tonight. We come back when the new season starts up." Sonny sighed heavily.

Her cast and Chad's cast all gasped simultaneously. "WHAT!" They shouted.

Sonny turned to see the Falls cast leaving.

"Listen, let's just go film what we can." Sonny said and led her cast back to the stage.

(Sonny films as many sketches as she can manage. At the end of the day she and her cast are absolutely exhausted. Chad finishes the episode they had been working on, along with the one where Mackenzie is kidnapped by his step brother at the end. Both Chad and Sonny are leaving their stages when they bump into each other in the parking lot.)

"Hey wa- oh, its you." Chad fixed his hair. "I meant to ask you – do you want me to pick you up later?"

"Uh, sure." Sonny replied, shocked at his offer.

"I'll pick you up at six thirty." He told her before hopping into his convertible and speeding off.

Normally Sonny would wonder what just happened, but she was too stressed right now. She had two hours to pack for three months and it was a twenty minute drive home. She climbed into her car and set the two envelopes in her passenger seat as she drove away.

When she arrived at home she ran inside. Her mom was standing in her room.

"Mr. Condor called me." Connie said. "He explained everything. I'll help you pack."

"Thanks mom." Sonny hugged her mother and grinned brightly as the two of them packed.

Connie and Sonny packed and tlked, talked and packed. They didn't finish until exactly six thirty when there was a knock on the door. Connie went to answer it.

"Hello Chad, come in." Sonny heard her mom say from the other room. She zipped up the last of her suitcases, and started dragging them to the living room. Chad took a couple of them as Sonny hugged her mom.

"Be careful and make sure and call me." Connie told her daughter, stroking her hair and trying to hold back the tears.

"I will, mom. I'm going to miss you so much!" She hugged her mom again.

"I'll miss you too, Sonshine." She told her. "You should go before you miss your flight." Chad looked relieved when she said that.

"OK. Love you mom."

"You too, sweetheart."

Sonny and Chad walked out, dragging Sonny's bags behind them. They loaded them into the trunk in silence. Sonny gripped her envelopes tightly as she sat in Chad's convertible. 'Nice car.' She thought. She hadn't paid much attention to it until now. She studied the leather interior as Chad climbed in on his side.

"Ready to get this over with?" He asked her as he began to drive.

"Yeah." She said flatly before something occurred to her. "Where are we going anyway?"

Chad thought for a moment. "I don't think he ever said. Why don't you look?"

Sonny opened her envelope and pulled out a ticket. "Let's see… Gates 38B… ooh, first class… to… Eppley Airfield in… Omaha, Nebraska."

"WHAT!" Chad shouted causing her to jump and the car to swerve slightly. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"What's wrong now?"

"Nebraska is what's wrong! How can Mr. Condor do this to me!" He whined.

"What's wrong with Nebraska?" Sonny asked, confused.

"There's nothing to do there, that's what's wrong! We'll be hanging out with a bunch of rednecks and fighting Indians!"

Sonny laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"Chad, they don't fight Indians. And I'm sure there's plenty to do."

They arrived at the airport where they unloaded and checked in their bags, and went to find the gate. They had sunglasses and hats on, and luckily avoided being spotted. Chad was still whining about Nebraska as they reached the gate. When they got there it was time to board the plane. They handed their tickets to the lady at the gate, and went to find their seats. Sonny had been assigned the window seat, and Chad had the aisle which he also whined about. As the plane finished boarding, the flight attendant went through the preflight safety spiel, then the plane began to taxi out to the runways. Sonny pulled out a pack of strawberry orbit, and popped one of the sticks in her mouth.

"Gum?" She offered to Chad.

"Sure, thanks." He took a piece and unwrapped it before placing it in his mouth.

"Wow, Chad Dylan Cooper thanking people?" She teased.

"Don't get used to it." He said as the plane sped up and went airborne.

Sonny watched the shrinking world from the window. She thought she could see her apartment building for a moment, and her mind wandered back to her mom. She would be so lonely without her.

"Sonny? Yoo-hoo, Sonny!"

"Hmm? What?" She snapped out of her thoughts and turned to Chad. A stewardess was standing next to him with the drink cart.

"What would you like, dear?" She asked Sonny kindly.

"Pepsi, please." Sonny smiled up at her. She was middle-aged and had dark red hair and soft green eyes. She handed Sonny a can of ice cold Pepsi, a cup with ice in it, and a package of trail mix. Chad had the same.

"So…" Chad broke the silence. "What was in that other envelope Mr. Condor gave you?"

"I don't know." Sonny said, sipping on her soda.

"Well, open it up."

"No! Its not for me!" Sonny exclaimed. She set the envelope on the tray next to her soda. "See? It says 'For Tiffany'."

"It doesn't say we can't open it." He told her, curious as ever.

"No, Chad." She said again. "You'll just have to ask Tiffany after she opens it. What do you think she's like?"

"I bet shes hot." He said with a smirk. Sonny raised an eyebrow at him. "What?" was his reply to her strange look.

"What makes you think that?" She asked with an amused smirk of her own.

"Her name is Tiffany for one thing. Names say a lot about people, Sonny." He told her as she rolled her eyes. "Why… jealous?"

"Jealous of what? We don't even know her!" She defended.

"Sonny, Sonny, Sonny… funny, funny little Sonny." He started. "Girls can't resist CDC's charm." He popped his collar.

Sonny scoffed. "I'm doing a pretty good job of it." She folded her arms.

"You know you want me." He said.

"Like a hole in my head." She stated, putting her headphones in and staring out the window. It was going to be a long trip.

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