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AN: Some context for this story. This is set in the Through a Mirror Darkly series. Kirk and McCoy came to an arrangement a little less than a year ago, in which McCoy agreed to submit to Kirk in order for his family to be protected. The boys are celebrating their first Valentine's Day together.

My Bloody Valentine

Teris Xenite

McCoy looked up at his bound hands and sighed. This wasn't quite how McCoy had pictured spending Valentine's Day. He and Kirk had been off ship, and he'd been wearing his very finely tooled collar. The leather still felt odd, perhaps because of the infrequency with which he wore it. After all Kirk held enough sway on the ship itself to make the mark of possession wholly unnecessary. No one was that stupid on board the Enterprise, at least not for long anyway.

When they were off ship they were normally at a Starfleet function. At those the collar was more Kirk bragging and showing him off. McCoy hated those parties with a passion, as he spent most of the night biting his tongue to keep from snarling and asking the rarified gentry that made up Starfleet's elite what the hell they were looking at. But Kirk never let anyone else touch him at those events, he was never expected to perform as some pets were, and Kirk was always very generous and conciliatory afterwards.

So really the only time that his collar had served a purpose was on those rare occasions that they were out in public. And the stupid bastard who had touched him should have known better. He had been wearing Kirk's family crest for fucks sake. But no, some smart ass little snot nosed brat, several years Kirk's junior even, had decided that the collar he wore was meaningless, and that he was going to have a sample of McCoy. Normally Kirk didn't let him out of his sight when they weren't on the ship, but he'd wanted to pick up Kirk's gift without him finding out what it was. And so with the promise of a present, and that McCoy would be careful he was allowed temporarily out of Kirk's presence.

Mistake number one apparently. Not only had Kirk's present gotten damaged in the scuffle, he'd ended up with a spectacular bruise across his jaw from where the brats goon had punched him. Three against one might have been odds that Kirk would have scoffed at. But it was more than enough for McCoy who hadn't seriously participated in combat since being in Starfleet, and what little edge his college football days might have given him was long gone. He wasn't prepared for the sucker punch that the man who'd been hunched over as if in pain had given him. And this would be why Kirk keeps telling you that your compassion is going to get you killed.

Kirk had found him with the three goons standing guard, while he was tied over a barrel, and the whelp was pulling his pants down while running a commentary as to how loud he was going to make McCoy scream. McCoy could clearly see Kirk's face as his jaw clenched and his could swear that he saw Kirk's pulse jumping in his forehead even from this distance. He had expected the man to rush the group, but he merely closed his eyes took a deep breath, and the fixed upon the men a cold smile that should have told them that they were seconds away from death. No one ever said however that goons were particularly intelligent.

In a voice that explicitly promised painful consequences, Kirk drawled. "Would one of you care to explain why you have my consort in such a position? You know before I kill you?"

The kid as McCoy had taken to thinking of him apparently had the self preservation of a turnip, because instead of pleading ignorance, which might have saved his life, decided to pick that moment to be a smartass. "Mind your own business off worlder. My fathers the magistrate, and if you don't let me take what I want from this one here, I'll see to it that you both rot in jail. Pretty man like you'd have a lot of company I'm sure." From his spot on the barrel McCoy groaned. Damn, how stupid is this kid?

"Well isn't that useful. At least I won't have to look for directions when I deliver your body to your parents. " Kirk shot two of the guards with his phaser, and the third tried to run. Granted he failed horribly but at least he tried. Kirk walked over to the boy, calmly sat his phaser on McCoy's back, and then punched the boy knocking him out easily.

"I swear McCoy. I can't you alone for five minutes." He took in the bodies of the three guards. "And really three men and a whelp, and you're beaten bloody and tied over a barrel? We have got to up your combat training. That is just embarrassing." Kirk's knife made short work of the ropes and he signaled McCoy to stand by placing a finger underneath his collar and quirking it upwards.

Once McCoy was standing Kirk's hands pressed everywhere on his frame looking for tender spots. Aside from the bruising to his face he was unharmed. "The jaw's the worst of it then?" McCoy nodded, and winced as Kirk drew his fingers along the swelling. "Doesn't look like it's broken." Kirk pressed a kiss to McCoy's forehead and allowed himself a moment to breathe in McCoy's scent. "I swear McCoy. I'm going to have to start keeping you on a much shorter leash. I can't let you out of my sight for five fucking minutes."

McCoy shrugged. "Not my fault that the whelp was an idiot."

Kirk raised an eyebrow before nodding, conceding that McCoy had a point."Not to mention suicidal."

"To be fair, I think he's too self important to realize that he was messing with someone a hell of a lot bigger than his daddy."

"Speaking of daddy, I think it's time we take this little brat home. I have no intention of spending my shore leave with you dealing with this insignificant little bastard."

"What do you plan to do with him?" McCoy looked at the boy on the ground, a bully yes, a rapist yes, but still probably not deserving of what Kirk had planned for him.

"Haven't decided yet, depends on how much of a dick his father is." Seeing McCoy's frown as he picked up the crushed package Kirk reached over and let his fingers tangle in the ends of his hair. "You know you really didn't have to get me anything. All you needed was a bow, right about here." He let his fingers trail over McCoy's cock. "And of course a smile."

"That is not the point." McCoy shot a particularly murderous glare at the prone form of the boy. "I had plans. And because this dumb son of a bitch couldn't keep his hands to himself, they're ruined."

"Gee us having holiday plans ruined? So far we've got Kodos showing up at Christmas and staying through New Years. And who could ever forget the debacle that was our attempt at a normal birthday party? These things happen. We'll try again next year for perfect. You're still my fucking valentine." This was stated with such maniacal glee that McCoy couldn't help but smile. To be such a demanding man in other areas, Kirk was surprisingly easy to shop for. He really would have been satisfied if McCoy had greeted him with nothing but a smile and a bow on Valentine's Day.

"Come on, let's get the whelp taken care of. Then we'll go back to the villa, engage in a little bit of hedonism, and you'll forget all about it."

McCoy watched as Kirk acquired some shackles from the locals, and bartered for a horse. McCoy was somewhat surprised at how gracefully that Kirk mounted the beast, as he hadn't known that he rode. He was further surprised when Kirk extended a hand to pull him up. Kirk pointed to the unconscious man on the ground and incited the locals. "Someone wake his worthless hide up?" A man with a very satisfied smirk came forward carrying a bucket that from the pungent smell of it contained things McCoy would really rather not think about. The man poured it over the boy's head and gave him a kick to the ribs.

"Wake up you slime, the Captain has other things to do today besides wait for your pathetic ass to wake up." The boy began to stir and was roughly pulled to his feet. "Not so tough now are ya boy? Without daddy here to protect you?"

"You, you can't do this. I have money! I'm powerful!" The kid's indignant wails grated on McCoy's nerves and he felt Kirk's body tighten. For all the talk that had gone around Starfleet about him milking his father's legacy and residual connections, Kirk had made it to where he was under the power of his own particular brand of brutality and brilliance. As such he had little patience for those who relied on family connections alone and thought that such things made them important.

Kirk fixed him with a stare from atop his horse. "So am I you little twit. And I don't give a shit how important you think you are."

"You can't do this to me!" Now the boy's voice descended to the whine of a petulant child. This in a way made McCoy very, very sad. Not that he had any reason to believe that this young man would improve should he get the chance to reach manhood, but still one never knew. And one thing was certain. The boy was going to die today for what he'd done. McCoy had been clearly marked, and Kirk would not, in fact could not allow such a trespass to go unchecked.

"Oh yes I can. You see your daddy is a big name on this insignificant little rock. With one call to Starfleet I can vaporize this insignificant little rock. Now who do you really think is going to win that particular pissing contest?"

The boy went pale and McCoy could tell the exact moment that he realized exactly how much trouble he was in. Kirk allowed him to think for a moment before having the man on the ground toss him the rope that ran between the boy's shackles, which he tied to the pommel of his saddle. "Keep up whelp, or I drag you. It makes no difference to me." With that he signaled the horse and they started off at a trot, leaving the boy to struggle to keep his feet as he ran along behind them, and McCoy to plaster himself to Kirk's back with his arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

The magistrate's home wasn't far, only about a mile or so, and it wasn't until they had turned into the driveway of the mansion that the boy had lost his footing. Kirk drug him the last 100 yards or so and left him lying on the ground as he called the boy's family out. His father looked like he was going to bluster, until he saw the Captain's insignia on Kirk's uniform, and the Kirk family crest on McCoy's sweater. "Captain Kirk to what do we owe this pleasure?"

"You magistrate should have taught your son that he shouldn't touch what explicitly does not belong to him. He attempted to take indecent liberties with my consort." The man took in the collar that marked McCoy as protected and the Kirk crest plainly visible on the collar of his sweater.

"My apologies Captain, my son has always been particularly dim. What might we do to make a mends for his transgression."

"The penalty within the Empire for a trespass of this magnitude is typically death."

The man paled, and as Kirk spoke McCoy's eyes were drawn to the small girl at his side. The child had tears in her eyes, and though she was too young to understand what indecent liberties that her brother might have taken, she knew that he was in very serious trouble. She looked no older than Joanna, yet still had a very real understanding of what death meant. You could see it in her eyes, the pain and impotent rage about being able to do nothing to save the brother who despite his faults had likely shown her some kindness at some point.

McCoy placed his fingers on Kirk's arm gently. When Kirk turned towards him he leaned in and indicated the child. "Jim she's just a child. No matter what her brother has done, she doesn't deserve to watch him die. He's a braggart and a blow hard, but he didn't realize I was yours."

"You want me to spare his life. Knowing what he would have done to you had I not shown up when I did?"

"I don't care what you do to him, not for his sake, but Jim look at her."

"You really want me to spare him?"

"Please, Jim?" McCoy looked at him with his soulful eyes, and he knew that if he killed the boy the good doctor would be in a mood all weekend, if not longer. And he'd said please so very, very prettily.

Looking between the tear filled eyes of the child and the hopeful look in McCoy's eyes, he sighed. It did grate on him to leave this man alive after what he would have done to McCoy. But there were ways to kill him later, and McCoy would never even have to know. "Alright McCoy, I'll spare the whelp. But I don't want to hear a peep of complaint out of you all weekend. No matter what, do you understand?"

"Yes sir." McCoy looked down, and did his best to look submissive, which Kirk had to admit needed work. But it was close enough, and even after almost a year it still sent a shiver of pleasure along his cock to hear McCoy call him sir.

He stepped over to the magistrate. "Your son is very, very lucky magistrate. My consort has convinced me that he would serve a better purpose to the Empire alive. He is going to be conscripted into the service of the Empire. So what will it be a ten year minimum of service on a ship of my choice, or the hangman's noose?"

"My son would be most grateful for the chance to serve the Empire. Won't you son?"

The boy nodded from where he had struggled to his knees. The little girl slowly walked over towards Kirk, shyly as if she was frightened of him. He crouched down onto eye level with her and smiled. "Hello there little one, you see that man over there?"

She nodded and he leaned in close to whisper. "Your brother did a very, very bad thing little one. And because that nice man didn't want to see him hurt, he's going to go on an adventure, to learn not to do bad things anymore. But he's going to be alright. Because that man over there wanted me to make sure of it, now why don't you go over there, and give him a hug? Give him a big hug and thank him. Can you do that?" She nodded solemnly and walked over to McCoy, her father's protests quieted with a look from Kirk.

She wrapped her little arms around his legs and squeezed while he put a hand on her silky soft hair. "Thank you." She had a high pitched sweet voice, with just the hint of a lisp, and it made McCoy miss his baby so much that he ached.

Kirk saw the lump in McCoy's throat from where he stood, and noticed that McCoy managed to choke down his tears quite well. He smiled and softly stroked her hair. "You're welcome darlin, you are most certainly welcome."

Kirk allowed McCoy to revel in the affection of the small girl, and made a mental note to make sure McCoy saw Joanna again at the soonest possible opportunity. If a vaguely reminiscent substitution brought out such beautiful emotions in the man, the real McCoy would be unforgettable. He nodded to the father. "Come on, we'll go to your office, and wait for the conscription papers." He looked to the battered boy. "Whelp, go wash off that stench, I'll not be wasting a uniform on someone that reeks."

As the two went into the office he allowed himself one final look at McCoy and the girl. The smile on McCoy's face was the rare joy filled one, and Kirk could accept letting the whelp live temporarily if it brought such joy to his consort. He saw the girl's father looking uncomfortably at the pair. "Don't worry magistrate, your child is perfectly safe. It is because of her that your worthless excuse for a son still draws breath. My consort did not want to see him executed, because it would hurt the little one."

The man looked at him perplexed. "Is that usual for a Starfleet officer?"

"Not particularly. But he is joined to me. I suppose one of us should have some semblance of mercy on occasion. Just to break the monotony. Besides, isn't a man supposed to indulge his consort on Valentine 's Day?"

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