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AN: Some context for this story. This is set in the Through a Mirror Darkly series. Kirk and McCoy came to an arrangement a little less than a year ago, in which McCoy agreed to submit to Kirk in order for his family to be protected. The boys are celebrating their first Valentine's Day together.

My Bloody Valentine

Teris Xenite

Kirk pulled his head up from McCoy cock, his eyes shining and a satisfied smirk on his face. "Since it's Valentine's Day and you've managed to put me into a very good mood, you have permission to come at will. All weekend long, anytime that you can and want to come, do. I'm looking forward to seeing how many times I can hear that sexy little gasp of yours, so don't hold back on me. Do you understand?"

McCoy moaned as Kirk punctuated this question with a fisting of his dick which continued while he was trying to speak. "Yes sir, I understand." Kirk grinned almost predatorily at the breathless need evident in McCoy's voice.

"Already so very hungry for me aren't you McCoy? If it wasn't for the fact that magnificent mind of yours would atrophy, and you'd be absolutely miserable to be around if you couldn't burn off some of that brilliance on the poor bastards in Med Bay, I'd keep you like this in my quarters all the time. Spread open, ready and eager for my hands, my mouth, and my cock."

While the actual application of the threat would terrify him, the image that the statement called to mind made McCoy groan, and his cock twitched in Kirk's hands. "You like that idea don't you? That's good, because you're going to have a taste of that this weekend. I plan to keep you bound and naked for the next three days. All you've got to do is feel, and make those sweet little noises that I like so much. Can you handle that?"

"Oh hell, yes." McCoy gasped as Kirk proceeded to make him whimper as his skilled fingers played with his balls and stroked the skin at the head of his cock.

"This place has fabulous gardens, and a cliff where you can see the ocean. You're gonna look so pretty stretched out in the grass, panting and moaning for me. I'd say that we'd fool around in the sand, but in my experience that just leads to bad things." Kirk kissed McCoy's hip and continued making McCoy writhe. "I can just see it now, you're going to have an absolutely perfect tan when we get back on ship. And I'm the only one who's going to know that it extends here," Kirk nipped and sucked low on McCoy's pelvis, "and here." McCoy gasped as Kirk grabbed his ass and gave it a squeeze.

"You know I was thinking, what can I get my consort for Valentine's Day? I mean I couldn't go with the traditional enemy's heart on a plate. You know, with you being so fucking touchy about me killing people for you and all." Kirk rolled his eyes good naturedly at him, and though the words were pointed the teasing was affectionate. Kirk did occasionally warn him that his compassion was likely to get him killed, or that he really did need to get over the whole being upset about murder thing. But when it counted like earlier today, Kirk showed that he respected McCoy's reverence for life. And he allowed him the occasional indulgence of sparing those who by all rights should have died, just because it made him happy.

"But since I happened to be the only Captain in the fleet with a consort who doesn't want at least half of the people on the ship dead, I had to be creative. Which isn't an issue, cause you're totally worth the effort, but shopping for you is a bitch."

"That's because you've already bought me half the known universe." McCoy grumbled, digging up the old argument that they kept having that Kirk was far too extravagant when it came to giving McCoy gifts. Ironically enough it was exactly that reaction that drove Kirk to continue giving McCoy gifts. Unlike other relationships where he'd known that gifts were expected of him on a frequent basis, McCoy was always so surprised when Kirk gave him anything.

It had taken the better part of a year, but Kirk was finally starting to chase the edge of doubt that showed up in McCoy's eyes when he received gifts or any of the other good things that Kirk had promised him. The question of whether or not he deserved the attention and the adoration that Kirk showered him with was slowly fading. To Kirk's amusement though the protests remained, though the vehemence with which they were delivered had decreased over time.

Kirk smiled at McCoy and cupped his cheek running his thumb over McCoy lips, effectively silencing any further protest. "We've been over this McCoy, I like getting you presents." Kirk's smile faded as he brushed his fingers lightly over the bruised jaw. "I don't like seeing you like this though. Where's your dermal mender?"

"How do you know that I brought one? This was supposed to be a peaceful vacation remember?"

Kirk snorted at that and gave him a meaningful look. "That's about as likely to happen with the two of us as me spouting wings and flying. And as you, my dear consort, are ever the fucking Boy Scout who won't hit the head without access to appropriate medical gear. So spill, where is it?"

McCoy had to be honest, he was still the slightest bit surprised when Kirk summarized his behavior so accurately. Maybe Jocelyn had ruined any belief that he'd ever had that someone would really be interested in his own particular quirks and idiosyncrasies, or maybe he was still shocked that a man like Kirk would take the time. Whatever the case might be he couldn't deny that Jim knew him perhaps better than anyone ever had, sometimes anticipating what he needed before he himself realized it. The thought of how deeply this man cared for him, even if he'd never give him the words humbled him, and so he ceased his banter. "Bedside table, second drawer under the padd."

Kirk shifted and opened the drawer removing the device with a fluid movement. His eyes didn't leave McCoy's as he set the machine to work and McCoy found that he was distracted from the mild stinging of the repair process by the look of aggravated concern in the blue orbs. In short order McCoy's bruise was faded, and the pain that had just begun to make him aware of its presence as the adrenaline faded had dissipated. Kirk hummed in satisfaction as he brushed his thumb over the newly healed skin.

"Much better, you're mine. The only marks that you're ever gonna have are the ones that I put on you." Kirk's lips crashed into his and the violence of the kiss expressed all the things that Kirk would never admit to. The fierceness of his need to protect McCoy, the fear of what would have happened had he been only moments later finding him, and the fright that accompanied the knowledge that not even he could protect McCoy from all that might do him harm. All these things were compressed into the passionate kiss that McCoy found himself receiving.

"Going to put you on a fucking leash, never let you out of my sight." It had taken some time before McCoy had learned to interpret the words 'you're mine' as 'I love you', and 'can't leave you alone for a fucking minute' as 'don't fucking scare me like that'. However, now versed in the anger and fanatical possessiveness of James T. Kirk, he was able to translate the sentiment to something along the lines of: I was fucking terrified that something had happened to you when I couldn't find you, and I should have done more to see to it that you were safe.

In almost a year Kirk had never once said that he loved McCoy. McCoy knew that unless one of them were dying that the chances of that particular four letter word crossing Kirk's lips were slim. Not that he wasn't affectionate, he was. In fact if you knew what to look for the man wore his heart on his sleeve. And right now McCoy knew that Kirk was regretting letting him go off alone, even though he'd taken all the reasonable precautions that he could, and that there was no way he could have know. "Not your fault you know."

"If not mine then whose fault is it? I'm supposed to protect you. And because I was complacent, and didn't think there was any way you could possibly get into trouble in this sleepy little town, you got hurt. Whose fault is it if not mine? I should never have let you out of my sight."

"You had no way of knowing that there would be an idiot who wouldn't have the sense god gave a goose." McCoy knew that later the fear would come, the fog of protective numbness would fade and he'd twitch and shake and shudder at the thought of what would have happened if Kirk had arrived a few minutes later than he had. For the moment however, he was content to float on a sea of denial, and let himself feel only that joy that accompanied Kirk's touches. That is if he could ever get his lover to stop with the recriminations and get on with the sexual part of the evening.

"It's alright. You saved me, not for the first time from people who wanted to hurt me. Now, can we please forget that little bastard and his friends? I'm going to have to be offended if you keep thinking about other men while you're in bed with me." McCoy gave him a pointed look with a raised eyebrow, and Kirk finally seemed to relax a bit.

"Well far be it from me to offend my consort. I suppose I should make it up to you. I wonder how I might do that." Kirk paused for a moment looking at his bound mate and spent a moment being thankful that he'd not been further delayed in finding him. As satisfying as killing the people who hurt McCoy was, he'd prefer not to have the need to do so. He greatly preferred his consort unscathed. He let his body drape over McCoy's feeling the steady solid warmth beneath him that assured him that the man was real. Then he laid his hand above McCoy's steady heartbeat.

After a moment allowing himself the comfort of simply taking in the man's presence, he allowed his fingers and hands to start moving. Kirk had after all intended to make McCoy gasp and moan as many times as he could before he had to return to the world of time tables, work shifts, and uppity alien races to conquer. Now was after all as good a time as any to start.

The hand that had rested softly above McCoy's heart began to toy with the sensitive nipple and his lips pressed against the leaping pulse in McCoy's throat. He'd discovered early in their relationship that McCoy's nipples were almost painfully responsive, and as always McCoy hips ground against his as he pinched and rolled the tender nub between his fingers. "You like that don't you sweetheart?" He smirked against McCoy's neck as he groaned in answer.

Then proceeded to lick and nibble his way to the pebbled flesh. His lips and tongue teased McCoy to the point of whimpering and gasping, and Kirk enjoyed the feeling of McCoy's hips grinding into him seeking some kind of relief. Of course he also enjoyed holding himself just far enough out of reach that McCoy's efforts only brought the most fleeting of satisfaction. "So very sensitive aren't they? One of these days I'm going to pierce them for you."

He halfway expected McCoy to shy from that thought, but instead his hips rocked underneath him straining for some additional stimulation as his cock twitched. "Like that idea don't you, Bones? It'd make them even more sensitive than they already are. I bet you like the idea of your uniform shirt rubbing up against them while you're sitting in those boring staff meetings that Starfleet mandates?" As he spoke Kirk's fingers manipulated the sensitized flesh, and Kirk undulated allowing McCoy the occasional satisfying brush against Kirk's hips.

"I can see it now, you squirming on the chair, with me the only one knowing exactly why. You'd be at least half hard all the time, maybe more judging by the way you pant for me with just a little pinch." He grasped McCoy's cock and worried the enflamed head with his thumb. McCoy whimpered as Kirk continued stroking his cock, and then Kirk leaned down to his chest and gave McCoy's nipple a sharp nip which provided Kirk with the first of those tale tell gasps that he enjoyed so much.

Kirk watched in satisfaction as McCoy convulsed, trembling and straining as far as his bonds would allow. While he rode out the afterglow Kirk's lips traced a path down McCoy's chest, across his hips, and arrived at the tightly muscled globes of McCoy's ass. He brought McCoy's legs over his shoulder, and spread McCoy's cheeks exposing his well cleaned entrance. McCoy felt the ghost of hot breath against the area and tensed, an action that increased in intensity as he felt the first tentative stroke of Kirk's tongue.

"Jim?" McCoy asked questioningly.

Kirk looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Bones? Is there a problem?" He watched McCoy struggle with the frustration at not being able to protest this action, under the threat of a gag which he hated. Although Kirk had said that he only wanted to hear his name or God's he wasn't specific as to which three of his names that McCoy could use, still leaving him the option to protest if he really felt that strongly about this, which Kirk thought he might given his status as CMO. As no further protest was forthcoming Kirk leaned in and ran his tongue over his quivering entrance. McCoy's hips twitched and he gasped loudly. "Feels good doesn't?"

McCoy struggled with the idea for a moment, worrying his lip with his teeth before speaking. Finally he seemed unable to resist the warning that spilled forth. "Do you have any idea how many different diseases you could have just caught? You do know I can't treat you when I'm tied up, don't you?"

Kirk chuckled, and stroked his side gently. While he was sure that other complaints had crossed McCoy's mind before that one, it was hard to fault him for his concern. Especially when he noted that he was worried that something would happen to Kirk while he couldn't help him. "Don't worry Bones, I've taken care of that. That solution I used earlier will take care of anything nasty that might be lurking around. I knew otherwise you'd get all prickly on me, now lie back and enjoy."

He skimmed his fingers down McCoy's thighs and buried his head between them kissing and laving McCoy's hole. As much as he wanted to resist on principal, McCoy found himself gasping in pleasure. The hot wet tongue felt truly amazing as it stroked the skin, and then Kirk pointed it and thrust it inside of him and all semblance of resistance was lost. Kirk's hands kneaded McCoy's ass and he applied himself more vigorously as McCoy started to whimper and moan.

Kirk's lips quirked up in a smile as McCoy clenched around him. He'd wanted to try this with McCoy for some time now, knowing that the man would put on one hell of a show once he got used to the idea. However, as far as they had come since the beginning of their association, there were still some things that McCoy was skittish about. Perhaps it was his training as a doctor, or maybe he'd become a doctor because of his innate germaphobia. Either way there were some lines, like this one, that Kirk hadn't pushed him to cross yet.

In some ways the little brat had served a purpose, because had he not spared him he was certain that he and McCoy would have had a much longer conversation about this. However, McCoy had given his word not to protest, and he normally kept his word in those situations. He hadn't actually even really protested, merely questioned, and even that token resistance had faded once Kirk had reassured him that he'd taken all proper precautions. Granted, Kirk hadn't been absolutely paranoid about disease transmission before he'd started sleeping with his doctor, but he'd still been careful enough to know that care needed to be used in this particular activity.

He had been a bit more cautious than he would have been had he not been sleeping with McCoy, in deference to the man's near paranoia about diseases. It had totally been worth the extra preparation to see the look of bliss on McCoy's face though. His eyes were half lidded, his lips moist and slightly parted, and his head was thrown back extending the length of his neck. There was a light flush to his cheeks, and beads of sweat had started collecting along his hair line from the exertion that Kirk was putting him through. For all his earlier discomfort he was rapidly hardening under Kirk's ministrations, and Kirk reached a hand up to roll McCoy's balls in his fingers.

The gasps and groans increased in speed and intensity, and with the combined efforts of his tongue and fingers Kirk had McCoy teetering on the edge in short order. He continued working until he felt McCoy's balls tighten and then he pulled back so that he could more closely watch McCoy's face as he came. When his rapture was spent, McCoy sagged back against the bed and panted looking at Kirk through an almost drugged gaze. "That was fucking amazing."

This drew a full bodied laugh from Kirk and he shook his head as he looked down affectionately at McCoy. "One of these days you're going to learn to trust me on these things McCoy." He patted McCoy's chest and rose from the bed. "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere."

McCoy looked pointedly at his chained hands and then rolled his eyes. Kirk smiled at him, and bowed slightly in acquiescence to his point. Then he proceeded to the bathroom, and after a moment McCoy heard water running. Before he could begin to chill as the sweat of their encounter dried upon him Kirk returned breath smelling of toothpaste and mouthwash, carrying a cool wet towel. He employed his newly clean mouth to explore the contours of McCoy's mouth while he ran the cool cloth over McCoy.

"Doing alright Valentine?" Kirk's eyes sparkled with glee at the question, and McCoy could see him as quite possibly the most obscene Cupid ever known. He was happy, which McCoy was smart enough to acknowledge as being a very good thing.

"You're going to be the death of my one of these days kid, but at least I'll go happy."

"We've talked about this. You're not that old McCoy, just grumpy as hell. Which I have to admit never fails to make me want to fuck a smile onto your face."

"I'm waiting." McCoy retorted while Kirk proceeded to lubricate his cock, and nestle it up to McCoy's still very relaxed entrance. He sighed at Kirk's slow, methodical insertion, and wiggled his hips in greeting once Kirk was fully seated within him.

"Now McCoy, you know that I always keep my promises. Ready to smile for me?"

McCoy frowned at him, giving him a particularly pained grimace. "I don't know. I'm feeling mighty disagreeable. I think that you might have your work cut out for you."

"Mh, good thing I love a challenge then isn't it?" Kirk proceeded to rise to the occasion with an enthusiasm that McCoy would have laughed at had he been able to draw enough breath. However, all things being considered he was doing his best just to be able to gasp and pant between the fevered kisses, the heated touches, and the rhythmic thrusts. As Kirk did indeed keep his word bringing a satisfied smile to McCoy's face, the bound man mused that there were far better things to receive on Valentine's Day than flowers or hearts.

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