Title: Bloodsport
Author: darkbardzero
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairings: Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss
Ratings: 18

Summary: ''Love is just a Bloodsport.''
Disclaimers: All things Criminal Minds belong to people other than me. I just write stuff.
Author's Notes: Well, this is something that was originally part of a drabble I wrote in the CM music challenge. Back then, I was nudged and encouraged by Steppenwolf_20 to write it full length. So here it is! It's been in the works for quite a while due to various reasons, but it's on the tracks now.
Thank You: To Steppenwolf_20 for suggesting it, Sofia_Lindsay for not letting me give up on it early on, and Heidimaggs22 for supporting me, batting ideas around, putting up with rants and waffles, beta'ing and for being my rock!


''Drink! Drink! Drink!''

The boom of voices, almost everyone in the bar joining in withthe chorus, spurred JJ along in her quest.

It was a shack of a place, really. A little dingy with dull hanging lights and a couple of ceiling fans that were so old she thought they could be considered antiquesby now. The walls obviously hadn't been touched since before she was born, and the floor was gaudy and the tables a little wobbly and sticky. Yet, she loved it here. Actually, she practically lived here when she wasn't studying, training or sleeping. Framed pictures lined the walls, ancient prints of posters too, mixed in withplenty of law enforcement paraphernalia, football flags and helmets.

The barely turned 24-year-old let the beat of the voices provide her a rhythm as she picked up the last of her tequila shots, downing the burning liquid easily. Now it was time for the harder part of this 'competition'. She had already taken the 5 set out shots, now it was time to see just how far she could get with the beers. 3 cold old style beer mugs were lined up before her, and she would be damned if she finished after her competitor. Only a few had managed all 8 drinks in a row, she was aware of that. But as long as you drank more than who you were racing, you won. JJ was not a graceful loser. If she did something, she was in it to win.

The enthusiastic crowd continued to chant, along with a couple of friends that leant close to her, shouting their encouragement like personal gurus. She let the flow take over her, and before she knew it, she had drowned the last lick of beer from the last mug, then haphazardly moved to turn each mug and shot glass over so they were lined upside down, proving that she had drank it all. As soon as she did a loud and echoing chorus of cheers erupted into the excited atmosphere of the bar.

JJ stood up, thrusting her hands in the air victoriously even though she staggered a little as she turned around. She laughed as one of her friends caught her by the waist, cheering as he held her in place.

''What place does she take on the board Burney?''

A voice called out, making everyone, including JJ, to turn back to the bar. She grinned like a fool at the guy that had challenged her to the drinking race, offering out a hand toward him for good will. He laughed, shaking it with a rather impressed look in his eyes. He had thought for sure he'd be able to drink twice as much as she could, given her slight of frame and innocent essence. Seemed it wasn't true. After they had shaken hands, they both looked back at the owner of their beloved dive of a bar. An older guy, once a beat cop but retired after he met the business end of a bullet that only barely left him alive. He hadset up the place for the next generations to come to.

The rounded, vaguely scruffy man grinned down at the board, working out some of the names on there as he took down JJ's race time that he had been keeping with a stopwatch. Writing down her preferred nickname, he then lifted it up, causing another round of cheers to sound out around the bar. And yet again, JJ cheered, arms shooting straight back up into the air.

2nd place was a hell of a place to be on that board!

An hour later and some more beers made for an extremely wasted young FBI Cadet. She laughed heartily at the conversation that she was having with her friends, all sitting around one of the rickety old tables just shooting the breeze. They were celebrating tonight, having completed one of the hardest obstacle courses they'd had yet along with a firearms proficiency.

''Hey, anyone wanna play darts?''

The buzzed blonde asked, eyes flashing as a roll of groans swept across the table.


She asked innocently, squeaking slightly at their teasingly grim faces. Her friend Glenn, the one that had kept her from falling on her ass earlier, shook his head quickly and flailed his hands in the air.

''No way! Not with you! Even when you're wasted you beat the crap out of us.''

He pointed out, not daring to go yet another humiliating round with the scarily well aimed blonde. She grinned at him mischievously, silently reveling in his fear to play with her. She had to admit, she did love wiping the floor with these guys. It was so damn easy.



JJ outright laughed at the chorus, shrugging lightly in an 'oh well' kind of way. They had quickly found out that she was more or less a game shark, but then it was their fault for teasing her about being the baby of the bunch and for all the blonde jokes they aimed her way. She had to get them back somehow.

''I'll play you.''

Everyone looked up, wondering just where this new voice had come from. JJ's friends either snickered or laughed as they clapped their eyes on a woman standing at the bar, back leant against it with her elbows propped on it. She was hot. Like, smoking hot! And judging from the smoldering look she was gearing toward JJ, every one of them knew what she wanted. And no one blamed her for it.

JJ herself was speechless. Actually rendered unable to speak, as bluer than blue eyes all be it a little hazier than normal, reached the woman in front of her. She was breathtaking, and instantly JJ felt herself sober up just a little bit. Felt her insides twist, and butterflies begin to flap in her stomach. She wasn't sure if she had seen anyone like this girl before. JJ wanted her. Never let it be said that she didn't have a weakness for beautiful women. She didn't even know this girls name and she wanted her. And like she had thought before, when she was in something, she was in it to win.

''Can you handle it?''

The blonde retorted smoothly, raising an eyebrow and matching the intensity of the look she was being given with her own eyes. Making it clear that she was flirting, making it clear what her intentions were. Her friends let out a soft round of 'ooh's', making herself and the stranger smile slightly.

''Sure baby, I can handle it.''

The dark beauty replied, just as smooth, a lop sided smirk covering her lips. She narrowed her eyes, the sparkle of challenge swirling in deep chocolate depths. She was tall, maybe an inch over JJ herself, with a slender, athletic figure. Silky smooth skin, naturally darker, showing her Portuguese lineage. She had burning chocolate eyes that flickered with mischief and oozed confidence, but not so much that it was arrogant. Her jet-black hair shone in the light, the length of it stopping just after her shoulder blades. She was around the same age as JJ, dressed simply in low jeans and a short-sleeved t-shirt that stopped before it met her belt, exposing a band of her midriff. A little like JJ's chosen red t-shirt, which was only intended to ride along with her movements than actually fall short of her belt.

Sinking the last of her beer, JJ stood up silently, keeping her eye contact on this beautiful stranger as she made her way out from around the table, ignoring the mutters of her friends. She strode along the length of the bar, coming to stand in front of the darker woman, eyes dancing.

''Lead the way.''

It was an hour and a half later that JJ and this Portuguese beauty barreled into her dorm room, stumbling constantly as they blindly tried to maneuver around, mouths fused into a furious, open mouthed kiss. As soon as the door was kicked shut, JJ found herself unceremoniously shoved up against it, pinned there by a delightfully hot body.

''I'm Delilah, by the way.''

The dark goddess muttered, mouth so close to JJ's ear that her breath caused her to shudder. Her hands sprawled out over her sides, fingers smoothing out over the sensitive skin over her ribcages, thumbs grazing teasingly just under her breasts, all over the material of her t-shirt that felt like it was suffocating her right now.

''JJ. Strip.''

4 Years Later

JJ smiled as she unlocked her apartment door, shouldering her way through before yanking the key out and closing it behind her. She smiled because she was instantly greeted by warmth and a smell that immediately made her mouth water. She hadn't realised how damn hungry she was until she had been greeted by the waft of air from inside, and that was unusual for her.

The 28-year-old FBI Agent let out a breath that she felt she had been holding inside her chest for her entire life. Gladly, she set her go bag down onto the floor near the little hallway table and began to make her way out of the short half hallway and into the living area, turning toward the open planned kitchen that seemed to be empty.

Raising an eyebrow as she looked left then right, JJ proceeded to approach the cooking bench, eyes roaming over the pans on the stove, as well as the scattering of chopped goods left over on the chopping board. Getting to the island, she reached over and picked up a piece of green pepper she found there.


Unassuming eyes looked around again, spotting a couple of differences in her apartment from when she had left it in the morning. It had been one hell of a long day.


JJ startled, stepping back quickly as a figure popped up from behind the island in the kitchen space that looked like a stretched out oblong. It was actually a pretty decent apartment, if she didn't say so herself. JJ had thought herself lucky to have found it; she had more than enough space for herself, a good kitchen, a comfortable living room, a healthy sized bedroom and a great bathroom.

''Shit! Christ Delilah, lurk much?''

What she hadn't been expecting was for her girlfriend to pop up, scaring the crap out of her. She had figured that maybe she was in the bedroom or the bathroom while the food simmered and baked. Evidently not. But as charming as ever, Delilah smiled apologetically, cringing ever so slightly.

''I didn't meant to scare you JJ, I'm sorry. I just dropped something and was cleaning it up is all.''

The 27-year-old explained softly with a pang of concern edging into her voice. JJ didn't usually scare so easy. Delilah watched as her lover let out a slow breath, closing her eyes as she ran a hand through her hair slowly.

''No, I'm sorry. Still a little on edge I guess.''

Delilah nodded, wiping her hands on the towel before walking around the island and over toward the blonde.

''Yeah I heard what happened. How's Elle?''

Delilah had caught wind about the hostage situation on the train, heard that Elle along with some other passengers were being held at gunpoint by some sort of mental patient. She had tried to call JJ earlier in the day, but her call had gone straight to voicemail and since then she had decided not to bother her, figuring they would be pretty full on busy over in Texas.

''She's okay, tired and still a little shocked although she's too stubborn to admit it. I just dropped her off at home. She'll be fine.''

Delilah nodded as JJ informed her, reaching up to push some blonde strands out the way of her face as the other smoothed up and down her jacket suit clad arm.

''And you? Are you okay?''

''I'm tired too, but I'm fine. Hungry!''

A glimmer of playfulness moved in through JJ's eyes as she smirked, making Delilah chuckle slightly as she nodded again, groaning slightly.

''Gee what a surprise, Jennifer Jareau is hungry. Shocker!''

JJ huffed in mock offence, shoving her girlfriend lightly as she pouted.

''Shut up and feed me.''

She insisted in a cute 'grumpy' voice. Delilah laughed lightly, pulling JJ nearer by her belt loops.

''How 'bout I just shut up and kiss you?''

''That works.''

JJ barely had chance to get her words out before their lips met solidly, but with no rush or urgency. The kiss was leisurely and lethargic, aimed at connecting and relaxing. JJ's hands slipped up into long black hair as Delilah's fingers wrapped around her hips, thumbs managing to find skin that they smoothed along softly.

''Eu te amo, Belo.''

JJ smiled at Delilah's husky, heartfelt whisper, stroking through her hair as she kissed her gently once more before leaning her forehead against hers.

''I love you too.''