We were meant to be

by Caz

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Rated K

"I'm not a man of many words, except, of course, when those words are about the woman that I love. Abbigail Gibbs. My wife. My soulmate.

Soulmate. What a precious word. What a beautiful concept.

It's because we have a friendship, and a love that's way beyond compare. How can you compare it to anything else? You can't, it's as simple as that, and I don't even want to. I don't want to lessen my feelings for Abby by putting them into a category that is meant for all others.

Abby is special. Unique. Mine.

No, I cannot call it anything else. I won't call it anything else. It is what it is. It is us.

And when it comes to the holidays, well, Valentines Day takes to another level for us. I'm not sure how that can happen, but it does, and this years Valentines Day is no exception.

Except, this years Valentines is extra special. This year, Abby has become more than my wife. She has become the mother of my unborn child and I am delirious with happiness. I am beyond words. I am...

Blessed. Again.

It always seemed to me that before I even met Abby we were destined to be. After I met Abby it seemed that fate had conspired to join us together, in every way. Heart, body and soul.

It was meant to be.

We were meant to be.

The holidays always seem to magnify that, whether it is Christmas, a Birthday, 4th of July, or Valentines. I love Valentines because it's a day that I can really let my heart fly free. It's a day that I can be extra loving. Extra mushy. Just extra everything.

But this year. Oh, Abby. My love. My heart. This year you've given me the only thing that was missing. A family.

I love you, Mrs Gibbs.

Happy Valentines Day."