A New School and Introductions

It was the beginning of a new school year and Teenagers all over Japan were exited and anxious to begin the semester, unfortunately not all shared those joyous feelings , such is the case of dark haired teenage boy of around 15 yrs. old, quite attractive for his age, with a pale complexion, riding a conspicuous looking bus headed for one Youkai Gauken. His emotionless expression gave not a sign of his inner turmoil, 'damn it...!why do I have to go to some school for 'Youkai.....' to think I left a stable, and overall peaceful school life in the human world.... Grrrr...I need to learn what I am, where I come from, and my 'place' in the world, is that all you know to say to me.... well it's all riddles to me father....sigh...well at least I won't have to deal with my fan club any longer, no more worrying about being stalked, and people figuring out what I am, and freaking out..... by the way that bus driver is starting to creep me out' He noticed as the bus creped up to a halt, without delay he took his bags and stepped off the bus, and bowed in gratitude and politeness to the bus driver, to which the bus driver chuckled, "Well here we are Youkai Gauken, best be careful boy.... Yukai Gauken can be a veeerry scary place....but I am sure you'll do just fine... it's been a while since I've seen someone like you, so I wouldn't worry too much.....he he he!" In response the young man narrowed his eyes and gave him a glare. The bus driver only laughed it off, "Well good luck boy....things should get interesting soon enough Heh heh heh", and with that the bus driver closed the door and sped off towards the tunnel connecting the school to the other dimensions.

The dark haired boy then unceremoniously looked away and proceeded down the beaten path, he noticed the lifelessness of the place the ravens and headstones adorning the scenery 'how fitting, hmm....guess things will get interesting' he silently mused. He narrowed his eyes and looked up, only to jump into a back flip, he had sensed something was charging at him from behind....'a girl' he realized, a girl on her bike who was headed for a tree, without a second thought grabbed on to her in mid air, and landed gracefully on the ground said with girl in hands in a bridal style carry. He then watched with his trademark emotionless expression, as her bike crashed into a tree as predicted. Meanwhile the girl very slowly opened her eyes expecting to have gone crashing with her bike, only to realize her current position. She was in someone's arms, and looked into the face of said person, only to blush at how.... well off he looked...she blushed at her current position, but couldn't help but notice how good he smelled, but was brought out of her trance, as she then noticed the boy down his gaze down to her..... she looked in his deep brown eyes, and shivered at how intense his gaze was, so she decided to speak up as she shifted her gaze elsewhere, "Ano....sorry... I kind of lost control... I'm prone to dose of because I'm anemic". The dark haired boy listened intently to her explanation, and noticed in particular something she said 'anemic...'. He gently set her down and gave her time to composed herself, the dark haired boy bowed in greeting and spoke, in a respectful even tone, "My name is Aono, Tsukune, a pleasure, to meet you Miss,' She blushed at his formality and manners, and responded in kind, "My name is Akashiya, Moka, and it's also nice to meet you too" Tsukune studied her and noticed her odd pink hair, and large green eyes, she was fairly attractive he silently concluded....but what really caught his attention, was her large silver cross adorning her chest, and instantly recognized it's purpose 'a Rosario seal....she's a vampire,...!' Moka continued talking "Thank you for saving me.....you see I'm new around here...and it would ...have been troublesome... to start out with an accident....hah hah hah", but noticed as she spoke that he no longer paid any attention to her, and watched as he reached for his bag and pulled out a can, and handed it to her, while till keeping his emotionless features. She nervously took the can and studied it...'tomato juice!?' she looked up shocked and confused. Tsukune simply nodded picked up his bags and started walking away.

Moka was left stunned and shocked..... ' how does he..... and...'she was brought out of her trance and picked up her stuff and followed to catch up to him, but noticed that he had speed off leaving her alone, "Who are you...?" she questioned out loud, but continued down her path completely lost in thought, 'how did he know f I never told him.... the seal should concealed my aura.... how could he tell.... is he a..!?!' While the pink haired beauty racked her brain....The Rosario she wore started to glow ominously... but died down having reacted to the meeting with the strange young man.

Meanwhile Tsukune having successfully escaped, the meeting with the academy vampire, 'I really shouldn't have left her by herself, she seemed nice enough, and she was sealed.... but he never really got along with most of the vampires he meet during his life, well they were always talking down to him and trying to beat him to death if not kill him. He was certainly no coward and was not afraid he just didn't wan to deal with those kind of situations at the moment..' he silently mused as he reached his assigned classroom and took a seat. He noticed the whole class notice his arrival, mostly cause they all stopped doing what they were doing to stare at him. As he took his seat he noticed all the girls started to talk among themselves.... and giggle while staring at home throwing him glances, he noticed in particular a blue haired girl, staring at him almost straining herself as she looked at him. But out of the corner of his eyes he notices a big brute staring him down already sizing him up and displaying an unusually large tongue.. 'an orc' he silently mused. As time droned on, a woman with cat ears and tail came in and introduced himself as their homeroom teacher, Nekonome Sensei, an overly happy teacher, who started to explain the rules of Youkai Gauken...1. all students must remain in human form, 2. Humans are not allowed on campus or they will be killed on the spot. "Hmmph why don' t we just eat all the humans, anyways" stated the large brute who the class recognized as Saizo Komiya. "Now that you mention it I swear I smell a human scent coming off..." Then everybody stopped, when the door slid open and the vampire he met earlier by the name of Akashiya Moka, stepped up and apologized having lost her way after orientation. The whole male portion of the class looked at her and started drooling at her beauty, minus Tsukune of course, who simply sat still with an impassive, unreadable expression looking at the class react to their new classmate, and looked up to meet her gaze... she threw shy smile and waved at him as she took the seat directly behind him. Action, which rallied the whole class to murmur, wondering if they knew each other earning Tsukune hard looks from the male portion of the class especially that Saizo guy he noted.

As class ended Tsukune got up and stepped out before anyone else, during class the whole class was observing him out of the corner of their eyes mosty the female portion of the class. Moka especially who looked to be studying him deeply and even starting to sniff him when she though he wasn't looking, while the male portion stared at Moka with lustful eyes no different from what the looks the girls were throwing at him. In all sincerity.... he was a very, very good looking guy and very well built that showed off in his athletic/model type body, he had an air of confidence and mystery that garnered attention, too much for him personally. He sighed as he reached the vending machine...truthfully he left because he was very thirsty, since he gave his last tomato juice to the Akashiya girl. As he reached for his tomato juice and took a sip of it, or more like a large gulping of it he turned around to find the Akashiya girl behind him looking at him with a shy/confused/ determined manner, she smiled and said, "Hello... again I didn't get to thank you for last time, if you're done with tomato, I'll get us both another...my treat" she finished rather shyly animated. Tsukune weighed his options he could just walk away and ignore her, probably avoid himself some trouble, but that would be rude she seemed nice enough and he was rather thirsty and that was rather uncalled for, leaving her alone back there... "I accept but there is no need to waste your money, I'll buy us both one as an apology for running off earlier, Akashiya-san" he responded in a kinder yet still even tone of his. Before she could respond Tsukune was already back in front of the vending machine and purchased two tomato juices, which Moka accepted rather bashfully a little bit disappointed he was being so formal with her.

They then seated at a nearby bench and sat drinking their tomato juice in silence for a shot while. Breaking the silence Moka asked rather embarrassed, "Tsukune....Do...do...you hate vampires.....?" almost as if afraid of his response. Tsukune felt a wave of guilt...he was no different than those people he grew up hating, and he knew she wasn't trying to fool him, he narrowed his eyes turned towards and met her gaze and spoke in an even tone, yet still gentle tone, "No, Akashiya-san I don't". Seeing Tsukune answer her in such a manner was a wave off her chest and gave her the encouragement to ask her second question, "Really..... I'm glad, for you see, I am a vampire....and I know I'm breaking the rules, by telling and asking you..... but since we met... it's been bothering me this but what kind of monster are you?....not that you have to tell me .. I would understand if you don't want to tell me..." Before Tsukune could answer her question, that Saizo guy, came up, "hey there, My name is Saizo Komiya.... why would a girl such as you be doing with a guy like him...why don't you ditch him and come with me and have some fun..? That last part made Moka uncomfortable and spoke, "no thank you I'm having fun here with Tsukune" she responded hastily". "This weak pretty boy, Saizo said as he reached and grabbed Tsukune by the front of his clothes. "Tsukune!!!! let go off him!! she got up and pleaded. Tsukune just stood with an emotional expression looking directly into Saizo's eyes, both Saizo and Moka watched stunned as Tsukune's started to flicker red and his pupils became narrow slits and his aura became stronger. he grabbed his arm crushed it and kicked him in his stomach, effectively knocking the wind out of him, Moka the hastidly proceeded to grab Tsukune's arm and lead them away saying that they had to go.

Once they got a reasonable, distance away from the fight, Moka looked at Tsukune, more confused than ever, Tsukune being quick to read these sort of situations already knew what Moka was asking, he faced her and spoke in his more serious voice before she could collect herself and start talking, "Akashiya-san, what do you think of humans?", "Huh.... wait what.....?" Moka responded rather taken back puzzled by the question. "what do you think of humans?" he asked again "I...I.. hate them" she finished looking downward, "I see" Tsukune responded emotionlessly. Moka then steadily responded, "It's not what you think, I went to human school in Middle school, but all the students and picked on me and treated me horribly, they ignored me and I felt so alone.... they treated me horribly when all I wanted was a friend... but now thankfully I met you and I don't feel so alone anymore, now that I met you... Tsukune..." She finished rather embarrassed with a huge blush, Tsukune regarded her for a moment, and spoke, "what if I was to tell you that I am human" Tsukune watched as her expression changed into a horrified expression as she took a couple of steps back, "but..... that's impossible....humans aren't allowed here, and earlier your.....eyes were....red....and your aura....." Tsukune sighed and "I'm not lying, I am as much one of those human that you claim to hate, for you see....I am..." "Hey, you , there you are you BASTARD thought that you could get away from me, you coward!!!!!! You're going to pay for what you did to me, now fight me!!! and after I kill you I'm going to have fun with that little friend of yours", Tsukune turned around to see Saizo running up to him. and transforming into his true form, an orc. Tsukune never taking his eyes of his opponent motioned Moka to look at him, "Akashiya-san, you wish to know who I am, watch closely and I'll show you". Moka watched as Tsukune with a deep scowl marched up toward a charging Saizo, who was extremely pissed of at his arrogance, "are you looking down on me you're weak and I'm going to enjoy bashing your head in!!!!" he screamed as he threw a ouch directed at Tsukune head . "Tsukune watch out !!!!" screamed Moka as she watched the punch go directly at his head. Tsukune simply put his hand up and caught Saizo's fist with relative ease not even stumbling back, then all of the sudden his aura exploded, leaving all present in awe his eyes turned from brown to a blood red crimson and a red aura surrounded him. His facial features became much more refined, and his muscles grew turning his image into someone you wouldn't want o mess with, Saizo, stood there too shocked to move, Tsukune then in a flash disappeared only to appear right in front of a still stunned Saizo, and punched him in the stomach, so hard that he doubled over and caused a massive amount of blood to come pouring out his mouth. he was coughing and wheezing trying to stand, while Tsukune stood poised with an emotionless face as he watched him get up, "I suggest you leave, Orc, it'll spare you a lot of misery and woe, before I start to take things more seriously" Tsukune finished with an unusual coldness in his voice flashing a set of extremely intimidating set of fangs to drive home his point. Saizo stood up, "YOU....THINK.......... THAT....SOMEONE ... LIKE...ME....AN..ORC.... WOULD EVER HAVE TO THINK TWICE.....TO KILL SOMEONE LIKE YOU.... YOU NOW DIE!!!!!!" Tsukune didn't hold back this time as he easily dodged the attack and hit him straight in the head sending flying away crashing into tress and headstones a very impressive distance away, knocking him out cold. Moka was shocked speechless, but she noticed something when Tsukune was fighting, "how is he able to conceal such large amount of youki.....could he really be...?" Moka walked up to Tsukune to verify. "Tsukune...... you're a vampire?", Moka watched as Tsukune turned towards her and she noticed his blood red eyes, the official feature shared among vampires, watched as they returned to their previous brown color, and as his more vampiric features were slowly disappearing. He looked at her and sighed, "I am a Dhampir".