Moka stared on in shock and awe as Tsukune regarded her face for a second, his features never once showing emotion as she watched him continue walking past her and say "As you can see Akashiya-san it would be best if you stay away from me... it will save us both a lot of problems", Moka was still in a trance still astonished 'a half vampire... it's impossible could he really be a...' but as she turned around to call out to him.. he was no where to be found... the rosario restriction in question glowed ominously yet again, but it again it once again died down, as Moka in a trance like state stood there for moments which felt like an eternity, millions of emotions, questions, but mainly confusion riddled her thoughts, any form of thought was squashed under her unbridled confusion, all her life she has been thought to believe, 'the most supreme is oneself', since vampires never liked other races, and have never tolerated dating other races let alone marriage, since a vampire's pride came first and foremost, it would be beneath them to associate with any unworthy others let alone humans!. but here he was Aono Tsukune contradicting everything she has been lead to believe, and he's the first person she meets, naturally his scent caught her attention, but there was something about him... 'A Dhampir... a half human... perhaps it would be best to stay away from him, he must hate me right now anyways, I even told him how much I hated humans he must have taken serious offence to that, it's no wonder why he avoids me like the plague, ever since we first met he has avoided any contact with me whatsoever, but still... he's been nothing but courteous towards me... I...just...'

Among the trees in the distance Tsukune looks back and sees Moka looking at the ground in pensive longing, 'tch... so she doesn't like humans, because they treated her badly in elementary school... how childish it's elementary school that's how kids are period she should fancy herself fortunate that was all...huh well I know better than to judge individuals by what they are, but I also hold some form of resentment towards Youkai, so I'm not totally innocent ...not enough to warrant taking up into fully being a professional monster hunter, like those of my kind before me have been famously stereotyped into doing. Although a mission or two does help rid the world of the trash that lingers in obscurity, helping harness my fighting abilities, amongst quenching my natural thirst for battle thus relieving the pent up stress. I should have never gotten close to begin with or revealed my true nature to anyone but that orc had it coming since he made that elaborate speech about humans, one of these days my inability to stop playing the hero and hate towards racist remarks is going to get me killed...' Tsukune then saw the academy vampire slowly and almost robotically make her way back to her dorms 'sigh... I have to tread carefully now I'm in youkai territory after all... and that hardly ever goes well... for beings like me it's best to remain as inconspicuous as possible' Tsukune shook his head, took a moment and cleared his mind, the whole Akashiya incident forgotten , not being accepted or tolerated by another vampire didn't affect him at all it was sort of a given to begin with, he actually hated dealing with arrogant self-righteous individuals to begin with, so he tended to avoid them at all cost, well who in real life doesn't.

Once he cleared his mind, he took track of the things that needed to be done today, he then turned around and headed for his dorm room, as he reached his dorm room he passed a couple of guys giving him cold looks, Tsukune broke his emotionless expression and smirked and made a head gesture to them in recognition, gesture which instead of seeming like a cool greeting one might give; given Tsukune's features it came out like a dark chilling smile and a nod promising evil horrible things befalling upon their heads, which made the guys very uneasy, so they nervously but trying to keep their cool demeanor nodded back. Tsukune kept walking until he reached his door he pushed it open and locked it behind him. There he saw in his dorm room large suit cases and a bag (with miscellaneous things such as his belts, watches, ect.) sitting at side the side of his bed which he had conveniently been provided with, he grabbed the first suit case opened it up and pulled out all his shirts, mostly dress shirts, although he pulled out a couple of plain shirts and tees with elaborate stamps adorning them all of, mostly dark colors and he did have a variety so it wasn't totally depressing somber like clothing it was more dark elegant style more than anything (he picked it up from his father), and hanging his jackets along with them, he pulled out several dress pants, some jeans and his shoes. He then arranged his clothes in his closet, and pulled up a second suit case there he pulled out several school uniforms and put them in his closet as well. Then took out some special shampoo, and several bottles of herbs, after which he brought out enough varieties of medicines to treat several individuals and his bathroom essentials. He then reached down again and pulled forth several conspicuous looking books on both human and youkai history, politics, conflict resolution, dark arts, magic, several atlas, and an several enormous books on youki control and seals, vampires, the history of the church and it's persecutions, the rise and spread of humanity, and a dictionary on various types of monsters. which he arranges on his desk, hiding several of them, mostly out of them being banned and could be considered dangerously rare to own, and arranged the rest to blend in with the rest of his school books.

Tsukune glanced down at the last bag which was by far the most conscious looking, with a cold calculating serious expression, he pulled it up and opened it and pulled out an ornate sword engraved with various markings from it sheath, he studied it for a long while and put it aside. He then pulled out various types of daggers which he carefully studied as well, and the various straps on which they are put to make them concealable, along with a small black book written in Latin, which he set aside as well, and finally he pulled out what seemed to be a variation revolver/shotgun Gothic (Van Hellsing style) menacing looking dark silver gun embedded with Latin inscriptions, and silver cross adorning its' handle, he checked the high caliber bullets, and the whole gun with careful precision much like his sword. They were necessary tools of the trade, when taking on his type of missions and the trouble he tends to stir, not that he actually liked to resort to such extremes but one tends to fight repeatedly and alone at that, against various opponents at the same time regardless of their superior numbers or how powerful they were, he would rather fight them hand to hand but who in this world ever fights fair, and honorably in this day of age. He then took out a black trench coat and a black variation of what can be attributed as black body armor, and put the items back and his the suitcase along with putting several lock on it and hiding it well. Tsukune sighed flopped down on his bed after brushing his teeth and having a bath, reflecting on his current position and where the world or mostly his fierce hate of injustice dragged him into, after a while sleep overtook him.

Tsukune woke up earlier than he had planned to due to the infernal screeching at his window sill, he got up and opened the window and found several bats had flown in and settled on his window sill and the tree nearest to his room, he tended to attract bats since a young age, they mostly just liked being around him, but he didn't consider them great company because they attracted to much attention for his own benefit, he frowned knowing trying to make them keep a distance would only excite them into a screeching frenzy, so he just ignored them and went about his morning routine; he got up freshened up, cooked himself breakfast, went over his home work, and pulled out of the fridge a huge can of tomato juice, and walked out the door. Everyone was in the hall outside their dorms getting to know their neighbors, Tsukune with his emotionless expression he tended to allways adorn moved past them as they continued on with their bussiness, although everyone did seem to be watching him from the corner of their eyes, he also spotted those guys he greeted yesterday although now they weren't trying to keep up their cool demeanor and mostly wore faces of amazement and what he could identify as fear, and try avoid his passing glance, 'tch... guess word here travels fast I assumed that orc would keep the fight to himself... I attract to much attention to begin... heh but what's done is done I suppose best play it off and keep to myself from now on, most rumors die out eventually, when something else amusing crosses their path', and so Tsukune made his way from the dorms and attempted to ignore the overdone played out scenarios of how badly Saizo was beaten and how ruthless and vicious Tsukune was. As he walked down the dirt path he gave of a small growl in annoyance as felt a pair of eyes from beyond the trees although he couldn't identify for sure who it was as he kept on walking keeping intact his cool demeanor and just waited for the individual to either reveal themselves, give up in their pursuit, or spring whatever plans they have in mind. That is until he spotted a girl along his path who just 'happened' to stumble out when he got with distance and gripped at her chest and moaned out in hurt, panting. Tsukune almost rolled his eyes and broke his trademark expression, was this girl seriusly stupid enough to believe anyone would fall for such theatrics, then it came back to him this girl was in his classroom, he remembered because this was the same girl straining herself in looking at him in class, this was obviously a set up for something, so without a passing glance Tsukune walked past her, until something lashed on to his leg and found that the girl had lounged at him in a desperate attempt to get his attention. he stopped, reached out for her and pulled her up she attempted to fall against him still going on with this charade of hers but Tsukune still kept her at arms length from him and let her alone to stand once she found that she wasn't getting her way, she spoke, "thank you for helping me I've been prone to being weak since I was younger", she looked up and mentally grinned and uttered 'charm'. Tsukune who wasn't looking directly at her noticed the supposed stalker give out what he picked up to be a gasp, but was brought out of his newly found discovery when he felt a strange sort of sensation, brought on by a strange sot of energy emanating from the girls eyes ' a witchcraft and what I perseive as a strong charming ability emanating from her eyes, a succubus, huh, so that's her game,' Tsukune then looked directly into her eyes, which threw the young succubus off, her eyes widening as Tsukune simply turned and walked away from her without a single gesture towards her and disapered from view, the succubus absolutely stunned and growing angrier and angrier by the moment at the audacity of this boy, how dare he defy her the beautiful and sexy Korono Kurumu. If it's the last thing she does she will definitely get that boy to fall for her and be her slave than she would be number one in the school loved by all and have her harem to do her bidding for her 'you will soon be mine if it;s the last thing I dol! just you wait Aono Tsukune.'

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