Hey everyone, I am starting here a new thing. A story that will contain mainly Bowser/Ludwig romance ( weird right?) but it will be nice I hope. Please beware, this is NC-17!! If it´s something else, I will tell you. Also this is short, but believe me, much more is coming on its way. Just you wait!! :-)

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Bowser had seen them together before but he never knew that Ludwig may have feelings for the other koopa. Who was he? Did he even like Ludwig back? Bowser was very ashamed, how could he have feelings for his own son? Bowser groaned and drew his hand through his red hair.

He walked to the throne room and sat down heavily. Ludwig has always been beautiful to him, ever since he was born with his blue hair and blue eyes. He was very intelligent and talented in many things. Music, science and he loved reading old historical books.

Suddenly Ludwig ran in " Father....Father, guess what?" Ludwig was smiling and panting.

" What son?" Bowser smiled seeing Ludwig so happy. Maybe the other koopa had asked him out or kissed him?

" I got accepted to the science club!" Bowser nodded. " That guy that I was talking to, he was the founder of that science club!" Bowser sighed in relief. Ludwig wasn´t in love with that guy. Ludwig suddenly blushed and whispered something that Bowser didn´t hear.

" What did you say Ludwig?" Ludwig blushed and said.

" Umm....Are you proud of me? I know that you want me to be like you and hunt down Mario but I...."

" Ludwig....son...what makes you happy, makes me happy"

" Are you sure?" Ludwig walked forward and stood infront of his father.

" Yes"

" 100% sure?"

" Yes, why?" Bowser was suddenly very quiet when Ludwig suddenly kissed him. Bowser felt the blood rush down immediately to his cock which swelled and grew. Ludwig moaned when he felt his father´s cock become erect. Bowser pulled away.

" Ludwig....Are you sure that you want me to do this?"

" Father, I have been in love with you since I remember. Will you love me like I love you?" Bowser´s answer was to kiss Ludwig and take away all his worry.

They started thrusting against eachother and Ludwig started growing erect too. Bowser took Ludwig´s cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly, the drops of pre-cum were increasing fast and Bowser´s hand was sliding up and down faster and smoothly. Ludwig moaned and sat down on his father´s lap and started thrusting against him. Bowser groaned feeling Ludwig´s butt sliding back and forth against his cock.

Bowser groaned and came on Ludwig´s butt coating it with his essence. Ludwig moaned and came on his father stomach. Ludwig whimpered and sagged against his father.

Bowser stroked his hair as Ludwig fell asleep, happy that his father loved him this way.

The End!

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