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The train ride back from Museville was a short one. It was short, because Mag was thinking on the way there. 300,000 Dinale for one week, all added to the infamous Launcher family debt. Still, he thought smiling, it was a good adventure. New dungeons, new friends. He stopped smiling at the thought of his friends. Pepper stayed behind, like she had planned half a year ago. Carcano had to deal with a new, legal way of life. And Yurka... Yurka was gone.
Mag looked over at Linear. She was still looking out the window, watching the country go by,
listining to the tune from the music box Mag had given her for her birthday, or at least the aniversary of the day she came to their home. In truth, Mag was slightly ashamed of himself.
The letter his father had sent him with Linear had only one request: protect Linear. And yet he kept finding new ways to screw up his promise. First there was that problem with the 8th
Empire, and the most recent mess up with Yurka. After finding out that Linear was, in fact,
Evolutia, he had continuously hoped for months that his parents would send some message about it. But six months came and went, and then the assignment to go to Museville popped up.
"Where are you, Dad?" he wispered so softly no one heard it.

The train finally pulled up, and our heroes, minus Chain, started trudging toward the sea-plane a mile away." See ya back at Pannam Town!" Chain yelled from the air in a very taunting voice."That girl really needs to be chained down,"Mag mumbled. Linear giggled; Mag
hadn't even realised he had made a joke. The plane ride back was kind of short compared to the train. When they finally reached the landing field, Mag was the first one in the house.
"Nina's gonna have to explain some things when we go to work tomorrow." he grumbled before getting into bed. Linear fell asleep shortly after Mag, with Gre finally collapsing on the couch.


Meanwhile, just outside the house two figures lay in secret. They knew this town like the back of their hand, but they shouldn't reveal themselves til' tommorrow. The taller one smirked. " I didn't think we'd be camping out on our first night back." Still, tommorrow was another day.