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Name: Reno

Agency: Turks

Age: 23

Natural Hair Color: Red

Chemical Enhancements: None

Natural Eye Color: Blue

Mako Enhancement: Minor

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 65.5 kg

Blood Type: O+

Years in the Company: 7

Years in Current Agency: 6

History Prior to ShinRa: Classified

Doctor Evan Dunlass sighed and set down the paperwork he'd requested on his patient, shaking his head. Much as he liked his work, and as much as he enjoyed his paycheck, the ShinRa Electric Power Company was rather stingy when it came to anything more than the essential information required to 'get the job done'. In this case, he was supposed to be healing the redhead in front of him from a considerable fall, which had followed a vicious fight with terrorists before the Sector 7 plate fell.

Reno had been quite close to dying when he was hauled in by his superiors, and the dark-haired one - Tseng, he later had found out was his name - snapped at the medical staff that the redhead was in no way permitted to die. It had been very difficult to obey the command, as the Turk seemed damned determined to kick the bucket. But they'd managed to get him stable. And even now, the fiesty Turk woke from time to time, perfectly alert - and in pain, though he covered that fact up admirably, chatting with whatever doctor or nurse was nearby as though he hadn't just had a very close brush with death.

Like now.

Those eyes fixed on him as he lowered the chart. Mako-tinted green, which was exactly what was expected considering his pale original eye-color. Blues often went green after even the mildest treatments with Mako, and remained so for a few years after, until all of the substance had left their system. "Read anything interesting?" the Turk had asked calmly, his lips tugged in a teasing smirk.

Evan laughed at his patient's sense of humor, then shook his head. "Bare bones, not that I expected the company to give me anything more. You're a Turk, after all. You're 'classified information'."

This seemed to please the redhead, who settled back against his pillow with a satisfied expression on his face. "Anything you need to know that the company kept hush-hush?" Even as weak as he was, Reno appeared completely in control. Perhaps it came from his years as one of the company's most ruthless assassins? Or maybe it came from some hidden event in his past. Evan regarded his patient with curious eyes, then nodded slightly.

"It says that your history is classified. All of it. There are a number of probing questions I could ask that might get the information out of you, but I doubt you'd want to answer questions that may or may not have anything to do with your treatment or getting better. So... I'll tell you what happened to you and how we're going to try to treat you. You tell me if there's anything from your past that might interfere with that treatment. Does that sound fair to you?"

The redhead had seemed interested in the deal, though there was a small flicker of -something- in his eyes at the question. Just a hint that there might be more to things than what he'd say. "I think you're far better at this than any of the docs I've seen before. Whatcha gonna do with me, doc? I'll tell ya if there's anything you need t'know." Well, that was relatively easy, Evan had to admit.

"You had a number of fractures - upper arm on one arm, lower on the other. One leg was broken, the other ankle was shattered. Two ribs were cracked. There was considerable internal damage, too - bruising and bleeding internally from the abrupt end to your fall. Your skin was ... well..." he gestured to the man's arms, which showed quite well what had happened to the rest of his body - or at least what showed beyond the wrappings that held his bones in place while they healed. Brush-burns did not begin to describe the damage. His skin looked like it'd been held to a cheese grater in some areas, and others had long cuts that had the redhead flinching at the sight.

"Yeah, yeah... I get it. I was a rapidly-descending rag-doll. So... what did you do, and what do you plan on doing?" He gave a little stretch, and Evan noted the small wince that indicated the gesture had not had the comfort-inducing effect Reno obviously had wanted.

"Well, we've set the bones and used a little mako to help spur on the mending. Your cuts have all been treated by an anti-bacterial salve that will hopefully aid in the healing process. However, you've inhaled a great deal of dust from the debris cloud created when Sector 7's plate fell, and I'm sure you've noticed that your voice has been affected, and your ability to take in a deep breath. We want to treat you with a true mako infusion, which will hopefully strengthen your body so it might expel what you've inhaled, as well as speed up your recovery in other areas. We also want to conduct breathing exercises that will hopefully help in that regard, as well. You'll be put on physical therapy in two days, to make certain that your bones are healing well, and that you don't suffer from muscle loss."

Reno nodded at that, then eyed Evan warily. "So far, there's nothin' I can think of tha'd interfere with all that. What else?"

Evan almost laughed - the kid was quick. But then, Turks had to be. "You'll be required to pass a psych-evaluation before you leave. To make sure you're fit to go back to your job."

Reno groaned. "Well, then we have a problem, doc. I never -was- all that sane," he drifted, laughing a little. Evan couldn't help but chuckle a little, himself.

"Well, I can help with that, if you want. If you've got anything you need to get off your chest, so you're calmer during the evaluation?"

The redhead considered that, frowning a little to himself. A small nod was given once he realized he couldn't really shrug his shoulders the way his arms were wrapped. "Couldn't hurt, I guess. Well, it won't hurt -me- at least." He snickered here, arching a dark-auburn brow at the doctor. "Depends on how squeamish you are whether it'll hurt you, Doc. And how well you can keep a secret."

So. That's chapter 1. This is going to be a two-chapter fic, serving the purpose of filling in a little of Reno's life - which is almost entirely up for speculation. Nothing is FACT, all of it is my mind going through the paces of what could possibly have happened to bring about certain things we know as fact for Reno. Like his loyalty to ShinRa. His casual attitude and attire. I just wanted to come up with a short history on it, and this is what came out. Read and Review, folks! You ought to know the drill by now!