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Chapter 21

Epilogue - Letters to home.

He felt weightless, timeless, floating in mid air and not dropping. Where was he? He did not know. But it felt good. The warmth and gentleness that radiated around him felt wonderful. But then he felt something stirring not to far off. It wasn't a threat. He knew that. But he didn't know what it was. But he knew that it was happy and amused.

"I have waited so long for you, young one." A voice came out, and when he opened his blue eyes he looked towards the one there. But when he did so, he couldn't see anything in the distance except for a strong green light. Swivelling his head to and fro, he attempted to find the one that spoke to him.

"Where are you?"

"I've always been here. And yet right now, it is the only time when you can hear my song." It stated, amusement echoing through out the green void. "But you can't see me…. Alas. You are still not ready. But the time is coming. I can sense it in the distance."

"Sense what?"

"Change. Pain. Suffering. Anger. All of it is to come. But know that when the time is right, you will not stand alone. And you will become the beacon that will shine for eons to come." The voice stated, and then the green light began to flicker going between dimming and brightening. "It's time for you to wake up." It stated.

"Wait. Who are you? What are you?"

"So many questions… when the time is right. You will know and you will hear me."

-Xavier's Institute for the Gifted, sub basement medical bay.-

The first thing he felt was a strange tiredness over his body. Like he had just been beaten into a pulp by Pervy sage and Granny Tsunade. And both hit hard. Harder than what he wanted to actually bear. Bruised and tired. What had happened though? What had come to pass? He didn't know. And where was that strange warmth and presence he had felt earlier.

"Where Am I?"

"You are in the Medical Bay at Xavier's Institute for the Gifted…. And it is Ten O'clock in the morning. On October the eleventh if it pleases you to know." Came a familiar voice, one to which Naruto recognized immediately. It took strenuous effort, and yet, when his eyes opened, Naruto saw where he was. And who was with him. There Tyson sat, in a chair, looking down at him, with a raised eyebrow and a amused look. And then with a simple motion, Tyson brought a cup of water from the stand next to the hospital bed, and propped Naruto up with one arm. "Here. Drink."

And when it had been accomplished, Naruto coughed and shook his head. "My birthday? How long have I been here?"

"A week. When Mr. McCoy and The Professor examined you, they said that it was a combination of stress on your body and exhaustion." Tyson replied as he retook his seat. "Now I must stress the importance of the dick brained manuvere that you pulled… Granted your cause was right and heart was pure. That cannot be disputed… But the simple fact is that you didn't trust us enough to help you." Tyson stated. Of course It took a moment for Naruto to remember what had happened and what he was referring to, but when he did he just groaned.

"Listen. He said he'd hurt her if I didn't come alone. I didn't want to chance her getting hurt on my account."

"And yet she still did. Didn't she." Tyson pointed out, shaking his head, before he reached out and grabbed his cup of tea and he nodded his head towards him. "The lesson in this is that hostage takers don't really care what happens to the hostage. So long as they get what they want. It's a desperate and pathetic ploy. One that I'm surprised that you didn't see through… I'd thought that Yuriko would have gone over basic tactics with you." Tyson stated as he took a sip of the tea, before he rose up, reached out and patted his shoulder.

And then he reached out and pressed the emergency button. It wasn't a minute, before Henry McCoy came bursting through the door, his blue eyes holding dark bags under them with the Professor rolling in after him. But when they looked at the bed, to see Naruto's eyes open and his jaw dropped looking wide eyed at the door.

"He's awake." Tyson stated simply as he moved towards the door, nodding his head to both of them. "Now if you will excuse me gentlemen. I need to speak with Ororo and the others."

Of course though when Tyson rounded the corner, he saw Emma Frost there, breathless and looking slightly red around the face, as though she had ran there and had been completely worried. Reaching out, he patted her shoulder gently. "Come. There are preparations to see to. And you can tell me what you know of the other two that have returned to us."

"Preparations? For what?"

"It's Naruto's birthday today. And I'm beginning to think that it slipped everyone's minds that it has come to pass. Understandable really, given the circumstances. Thus we will have to rush to ensure that things are at the ready for when Naruto is released." Tyson stated, holding his own faint smile. One that showed that he was both amused and happy, though his nearly impassive face didn't reflect it. "Tell me. Are you related to the head of Frost Enterprises?"

A topic to which caused the young blonde to narrow her eyes to ice cold daggers. A look of which that Tyson took the meaning of and he nodded his head, offering his a credit card in his name.

"Ah. I see… We'll have to discuss it another time, when there isn't so much going on. I will be making a trip to the city today. There is a mall, recently rebuilt in the Bayville district. I'll leave the shopping for his replacement clothes to you… I trust that you, from the line that you descend from, can find something reasonably fashionable." Tyson stated, as they entered the elevator and began to move towards the kitchen where He knew everyone was talking and eating.

Upon entering, Tyson noticed That Mystique and Rogue were talking in the corner, a serious conversation, while Kurt looked on in worried glances. Of course Kitty and Jean were looking down at Magazines, while Scott and Logan were eyeing the news paper. One with the sports another for the headlines. Colossus and Gambit, though in the room, associated with one another, not quite feeling at ease with their new surroundings at that point in time. Nor with those around them. After all, they had once been the jailors of the boy that was not resting down stairs. Ororo and Yuriko though, They were sipping tea and talking of favoured stories of Naruto, laughing and shaking their heads. It seemed that life was slowly returning to normal.

But when Ororo noticed Tyson enter, with his eyes narrowed she stopped what she had been doing immediately. "Tyson. What's the matter?"

"Just rather amazed really…. That there are no preparations being made." He commented shaking his head, as though disappointed, even in Ororo, to which brought a white brow raised up upon a dark forehead while everyone else stopped what they were doing to listen. "It is Naruto's birthday today. I have a convenient reason. I never knew." He stated as he looked around towards the others who were there, many looking down, while the new comers seemed to be grinning and shaking their heads. The only one that seemed to look confident was Rogue, who had her fist planted upon her hip and looked towards them.

"Don't tell meh ya'll forgot about it?" She asked confidently with a sly grin, evidently enjoying everything that was going on, must to the amusement of Mystique who just twitched her blue lips up into a smirk. And of course many heads turned towards her, while Evan just shook his head.

"Ah, Man… I went ahead and put a order down on something for him! I wonder if it's still there…. Doubt it." The younger teen stated, while Rogue just shook her head and nodded. They had forgotten alright, by indication and admission of the looks on their faces. Even Tyson had a faint upward twitch of his lips as he eyed the others.

"Ah. I see… Well what shall we do about this? We still have the time and the opportunity." Tyson stated, crossing his arms. And then that was when Ororo nodded her head , her blue eyes narrowing with a glow of determination. Of course that was a look that Tyson enjoyed seeing upon her face.

"Jean. Contact The Professor and Hank, tell them our plan to throw a party for Naruto, and to keep him occupied. Logan. I assume that Evan will be needing a hand getting his present for Naruto. Yuriko, Think you can handle the decorations?" Ororo asked, taking command of the situation and getting everything ready. Of course Yuriko nodded, before she began to pen down a list of things that she would need, "Piotr, Remy, Scott. Do you think that you can manage to help her?"

"Da, Miss Munroe. I shall help." Piotr stated, as he stood up from his chair. Of course Remy looked through his sunglasses and eyed Both the woman that he would be working under, and then that of his friend, before he nodded his head towards them and slowly rose as well.

"Dis here Cajun can lend dat helpen hand." Remy stated with a ever growing cocky smirk. And that was when Scott nodded his head as well. Of course Ororo's blue eyes darted towards those that remained. Mystique, Rogue, Kurt, Kitty, Tyson. Those were people that she could use. But for what? Presents? Cake Gathering? Games? But before she could decide, Tyson reached out and took her shoulder, shaking his head.

"I'm afraid that we have a prior engagement to meet." He explained, shaking his head raising a silver brow and a all knowing smirk upon his face. One that Ororo wanted to wipe off of his face. Shaking her head, she crossed her arms and raised her own brown in return.


"Indeed. After all, We have to meet with my lawyers today, if we wish to rush the paperwork." Tyson replied, and at Ororo's confused look about the statement. Evidently with all the turmoil that had come to pass, she had come to forgotten what it was that they had discussed just a short time ago. Wrapping his arm around her shoulder, he slowly lead her out into the hallway. "The Paperwork for Naruto's Adoption. Your still wishing to do it, correct?" He explained and then Ororo's blue eyes widened at the question. And then she nodded her head, and then she turned her head and looked towards those that remained.

"Rogue, Take Kurt and Kitty out into the City. We're going to need party supplies. And see if you can't find that Matrix Movie that Naruto likes… Mystique. Could you see if Wong and that little girl of his, Illyana will be wanting to attend?" Ororo called back to them, before they turned and walked away.

"Illyana? She is here?" Piotr asked, and that was when Scott just reached out and patted his shoulder lightly. Everyone at the manor knew of Illyana Rasputin, the ward of Wong.

"There's a lot that is going on, Piotr. Illyana… Trust me. Going to see him so quickly may be a bad idea. Turns out he's some sort of Wizard." Scott Explained, to which Piotr raised an eyebrow. The look of course though, just got a shake of his head and smiled. "That's the same look that Yuriko gave Wong when he first explained the concept of magic. And she was proven wrong. Come on. I'll tell you all about it."

"Neight. I must see that my little sister is still alive and well." Piotr stated, shrugging off his shoulder. And of course, Scott's eyebrows reached for his hairline. But after a moment of consideration, he nodded his head. Both turned to look towards Mystique who raised a red eyebrow at the silent question that was being asked of her, while the others chatted away. And then she nodded her head.

"He can come."

-Later that night-

To Naruto, the Afternoon had been slow, agonizing to the point of him trying to escape with out the approval of both The Professor and Hank. And he had been caught red handed by the Professor who had been reading something on a clipboard, rolling down the hallway and towards his room. To which the Professor had ordered him back to bed. However he had been given something to do shortly after that, Hank had said that Logan had spoken to a giant toad who had been quite adamant that he was to begin to write letters to his friends back at Konoha.

That had effectively bottled him up as he confronted certain facts. They probably thought him dead at this point in time. All of his friends that he had in Konoha, Those that he had made in the Village of the Sand and the Land of Snow and Spring. For the first time, the true weight of what had happened to him and what it had cost him finally settled upon his shoulders. He had left them behind. It wasn't intentional, but there it was, none the less. The Ugly Truth that came to bare. He was here and there didn't seem to be a way for him to go back. But now that he had to wonder if he even wanted to go back. Sure he had friends there, but here was a true sense of family. Of purpose and belonging. Leaving everyone that he had ever known was hard to accept, but he had come to the idea that he would be heading back eventually.

But now.

Now he had a way to communicate with his friends back at Konoha. That was just a couple short hops from going back to his home there. But could he leave the Professor, Logan, Evan, Kitty, Kurt, Jean, Scott, Wong, Ororo, Tyson, Rogue And Emma... Emma! Thinking about leaving her put a deep knife into his chest. The more he thought about leaving her, the more his heart clenched. Apparently he had been so engrossed in the thoughts that he had, that he hadn't even noticed that The Professor had come in and had began to speak to him. But when a hand reached out and waved in front of him, Naruto jumped in his bed, before he looked towards the professor who had a eyebrow cocked and a gentle smile upon his face.

"Penny for your thoughts."

And there Naruto stared at him, thinking if he should tell him what was going on in his mind. Of course though the Professor had noticed his hesitation towards talking about what was on his mind. Thus the older man just nodded his head, before he looked down towards the clip board, pad of paper and pen that they had left for Naruto to write upon. "I see you haven't written anything. Not wanting to talk to your friends from where you come from?"

"No it's not that." Naruto stated, sighing as he looked down towards the pad, and just stared. "If I send them letters. That means that I'll be talking to them."

"Is that so bad?"

"Well talking to them, means that there's a chance to go back to Konoha." Naruto admitted, setting the pad and paper on the side table, before turning his head to look towards the Professor who looked on in genuine interest. "Now that there's a chance of that happening... I don't want to go." Naruto stated, and the Professor just smirked gently before he shook his head lightly towards him.

"Naruto, you've always a choice to leave or stay. Nothing can affect that as much as you fight it. It is ultimately up to you. And we will always respect your decision. But keep in mind that even if you leave, there will always be a place here for you." The Professor stated smiling lightly towards him, before he looked towards the pad and paper again. Reaching out, he grabbed it and set it on Naruto's lap again. "But, they have a right to know that your alright. You are alive and well, and the accomplishments that you've done here, as well as your failures... If you want to mention that part. Though perhaps it might be better if you wait until after supper. I've heard that Ororo's planning on spoiling you tonight." The Professor commented, smiling at Naruto's confusion.

"Why would she do that?"

"You've been gone some time, Naruto. I suppose that they wish to ensure that you get to enjoy your day back... Though I fear that Logan may have something a bit more sinister planned for you when Hank gives you clearance to be in the Danger Room again. Something about Strategy and Tactics." The Professor stated with a all knowing smile. Of course he just shook his head and smiled lightly towards him, as Naruto mulled that thought over in his head, getting all sorts of creative and imaginative ways that Logan may teach him. "You can come in now." The Professor called.

And then there was the clapping of hard shoed feet against the tile floor. And with just a few moments, Emma Frost came walking through the door in a pair of white leather pants, and a white silk blouse, her angelic face hinting just a bit of white blush, while her eyes held white Mascara. Her lips had a similar shade of knockout white lipstick. With in her manicured hands, each held a small bag. For what purpose, time would tell, even to the professor. It took but a moment for Naruto to clue in that they were no longer alone, and when he saw Emma, Naruto's blue eyes widened to the point of saucers, his jaw dropped and his mind went blank. A clear message to both the telepaths in the room that his mind was clearly saying to them 'Error. Error. Please Reset.'

"Oh my, It appears that I may have broken him." Emma commented with a sultry grin, While the Professor covered his mouth with a smile, as she walked towards the side of the bed and set the bags beside his bed, smiling as he watched her every movement, and felt a joyous moment when she had his actual attention. Not that she didn't get it from the rest of the men in the mansion, however, from Naruto. it was special. How... Well time would tell, she still didn't know how well connected they were. Moving forwards she just looked down into Naruto's eyes, staring deep into them, before she just went down and kissed his cheek lightly. The Response was almost immediate, Naruto's face went from near white to cherry red in only a few moments. And when he began to sputter, she was confident that his mind was well working again. "Now, Naruto. Ororo has a special night planned for you. And it's best not to be late. I suggest putting on these. One must look fashionably well after all." Emma stated as she moved outside, smiling as she felt Naruto's Gaze never leave her.

And then when the door was closed to allow male Privacy, Naruto just flopped backwards on the bed, and began to smother himself with his pillow for a moment. It took but a moment for Naruto's raging hormones to slowly drop off and allow him to think clearly again. Much to the ever growing amusement of the Professor who in all honesty could stop chuckling at the scene that just occurred, bringing the thought that the Professor might have been like Pervy Sage. However that wasn't the case at all. Naruto knew the difference of perverted laugh and being laughed at. Naruto's face reddened again before he did the only thing he could do. Naruto Followed A Woman's Advice. Reaching for the bag, his eyes widened as he pulled out a set of designer dress pants, and a dark orange silk shirt, even his socks that came with the outfit felt like they were made of silk.

"Gah. What the hell is this? These aren't mine!" Naruto claimed and there the Professor shook his head again.

"Naruto, your going to have to accept it. After all, Emma went through all the trouble to pick you out a gift. Are you going to risk upsetting her by saying no, now?" The Professor asked, and the thought of Emma being upset immediately put him into action, after he gave The Professor such a dirty look.

"You don't play fair."

"Life often isn't, Naruto. You'll learn this soon enough." The Professor stated that all knowing smile never leaving his face as he turned his head to look down towards the charts that held Naruto's latest batches of tests, while the younger boy got dressed underneath the sheets. Five minutes later and much grumbling about old men and how they didn't fight fair, Naruto was dressed and looking ready for all things, while being pushed in a wheelchair upstairs.

It was true, he felt better, but he still felt drained. Either the full effects of the summoning were still being felt or he was still half a sleep. But what happened next, It didn't really matter. The professor lead the way into a dark room, which if Naruto knew correctly, happened to be the Living room. Reaching out, the professor flipped the switch off and on a few times, his eyebrow raising as he peered inside.

"It appears that we may have blown the bulbs in the room... That's rather ominous. Well no matter, it's a full moon outside, we should be fine until morning." The Professor commented as he rolled in, leaving Naruto to narrow his eyes towards the old man. Naruto had gotten the distinct feeling that there was something going on there. And he wasn't fully involved in it. But he never really got the chance to think on it, because as soon as Emma rolled him inside of the door, The Lights flashed on quickly, blinding Naruto to his surroundings and then he heard it.

"SURPRISE!" A group of voices chorused, and when Naruto's eyes adjusted to the light, there he saw them all. Kitty and Rogue lounging by the chair, Kurt Hanging upside down from the roof, Evan on his back from tripping over the coffee table. Scott and Jean were just over by a large table that hadn't been there when he had left. Piotr and Gambit hanging out on the couch, one smoking while the other took a picture. Yuriko, Wong and Mystique all huddled together, standing beside a large amount of bound packages with brightly covered paper. Tyson sipping his tea, and for the first time in the knowledge of Naruto's experiences with the man, he seemed to be smoking a old pipe and smiling at the exchange. Where Logan was, he was a big chair laughing a full belly laugh with his rustic voice. Naruto also saw that Illyana was there, her mouth holding a huge Mr. Freezie and waving.

But There Ororo was standing with a silver platter, with a large white and blue topping with lit with small Candles. A birthday cake. With Hank walking out of the kitchen with plates, forks, and knives. Of course all the eyes were upon Naruto who's own jaw had came off of it's hinges and just dangled there, while odd squeaks came out of his mouth. And there it was. Naruto saw his name in Japanese Writing with Happy Birthday in English. And then the idea started to get across. It was his birthday Party. His. All his.

"My… My… My Party? This is all mine… as in for me?" Naruto asked, and Ororo just gave a him a odd look but a smile upon her face while she raised an eyebrow. Of course the telepaths had all felt the thoughts with Naruto's head before he even answered. The Professor's eyes widened, Jean Gasped, and Emma's blue eyes came to be narrowed slits as they watched Naruto's previous birthdays come to pass before his eyes.

"Of course Naruto, Why wouldn't it be? It's your name on the cake…. Naruto, What's wrong?" Ororo asked as she set the cake upon the table, while many watched on in concern. Naruto's blue eyes had watered with tears, but the smile never left his face, as he watched her approach.

"I don't know. I honestly don't know… I've never had a birthday Party. What do I do?" Naruto admitted and asked in full honesty. Silence permeated the room in a thick Miasma. The Professor had let everyone know that Naruto had never had a proper childhood, but even he had thought that the young body would have been privy to such things while growing up. And that was when The Professor rolled over to Ororo, and then something happened.

-Mental Mindscape.-

There Naruto's Family was gathered around the Professor who stood on top of a floor, covered by fog. Scott, Kitty, Jean, Rogue, Ororo, Logan, Wong, Hank, Tyson, Yuriko, Evan, Piotr, Kurt and Emma all stood around in a circle around him. Of course for obvious reason, The Professor had left out Gambit, Mystique, and Illyana for mixed reasons. The former two, he did not fully trust, the last one didn't need to know what he was about to pass on. Of course there were several there that wished to know what the Professor had brought them there. And then Kitty showed more initiative than anyone else when the professor simply stood there, pondering.



"What did you bring us here for?"

"Ah. That's right. I'm sorry everyone. I'm afraid that we might look odd. However I suppose I should tell you why Naruto's never had a proper childhood. I thought it was time." The Professor stated shaking his head lightly. "Note that some of this is incredibly sensitive, and I've no intention of sharing it all. However Naruto has with in his body, a Mystical Presence. Wong explained as such. But what you don't know is the Why." The professor explained, and Emma crossed her arms, her look of pure unsaturated anger flowing off of her presence.

"And you've neglected to inform us of this why?" Emma questioned with a tone that many did not approve of. Of course Logan had been the closest, and the one to snap to the Professors defence before the man had a chance to explain.

"Listen Goldie Locks, and Listen good. Cause I ain't in the mood for repeatin' myself. If Chuck thinks we didn't need to know until now, then we didn't need to know. Taken that tone with him, with me in arms reach of you, is a quick way to earn yourself a early grave. Am I Clear?" Logan stated calmly, but the edge to his voice left no room for argument. But when Emma's eyes turned to glare towards him.

"Threaten me again, and you will spend the rest of your days dreaming that you are Sigmund Freud's Female Sex Slave. Am. I. Clear?" Emma stated, knowing full well that she was more than capable of completely the task, and a threat that she had every intention of fulfilling. However she never got the chance to act it through because The Professor came in between them.

"Enough. To answer your question, Emma, I didn't tell any one here because I wished for him to experience a normal teenage life. Even if he didn't get the chance at a childhood. Even for a brief time before I told you. If he didn't already." The Professor stated to them before he turned and addressed them all his aged eyes narrowing. "Naruto was used as a Human Sacrifice as a baby so his people could survive." He stated. And there were mixed reactions of outrage and sadness from it. Of course before they could question on how he knew, he shook his head. "Naruto has nightmares Often. And memories come to the surface. From what he knows, there was a great beast known as the…."

"Kyuubi No Yoko." A voice interrupted, one to which all eyes came to be drawn upon the form of Emma Frost. With a cock of her blonde eyebrow, she just simply shrugged them off. "We've met. But the Details aren't important right now. Continue, Professor."

"… yes. The Kyuubi No Yoko, from where Naruto is from, a demon, attacked the Village of Konoha. Sufficed to say, the Fourth Hokage, as he understands it, used him as a sacrifice to save the village and hundreds of lives. At the Expense of Naruto's childhood, and at the expense of the man's life." The Professor explained simply enough. Many were shocked when they learned of this. Of course though, the Professor looked towards Ororo meaningfully, a look that told her much, and she just nodded her head. She still wished to go through with it. The Professor turned his head to look towards the others there, and he nodded his head towards the. "Even though this brings into light so much for you, does it change anything that you see in front of your eyes? Does it change how you see Naruto?" The Professor asked.

"No, Professor." Piotr stated crossing his massive arms over his chest, his blue eyes narrowed showing that he was not scared of any possible rebuttal. "Naruto is Naruto. Dis Does not change a T'ing. This just a part of who he is… But I do not like this place. This Cone-no-ha." Piotr Commented, shaking his head. No he did not like it at all.

"I don't think many of use do, Rusky. Question is. What do we do about it now?" Logan stated, and that was when Kitty just grinned and shook her head. And Rogue immediately paled.

"Ah know that look."

"What are we going to do about it! I say that we, like, make it the party to remember!" Kitty stated as she pumped her fist into the air with such exuberance that Rogue groaned shaking her head, before running a hand through her brown and white hair, while the others just chuckled. Some half heartedly while others enjoyed her obvious enjoyment. "PARTAH!" And then Rogue nodded her head sagely.

"We've created ah monstah."

-The Real World-

Naruto had seen some strange things in his time. But he had never seen the likes of a dozen people all going silent at the same time. The only ones that didn't seem to be affected were Illyana and Remy, who were to busy swapping stories in English to notice the silence. And then those that had gone silent were the ones that began to move once more and there Ororo was, blinking her blue eyes at him, while holding a calming smile upon her face.

"You Naruto… Get to be spoiled tonight." Ororo explained as she looked towards Emma, who stood behind Naruto's Chair and then soundly stepped aside, allowing Ororo to push Naruto up to the table. "A birthday party is where we celebrate your day of birth. And those who are the birthday kids, get treats, toys, favoured food…" She explained as Hank walked in again, carrying a massive pot steaming at the top. And at the twitch of Naruto's nose, he immediately knew what it was. It was odd, he never knew the man had exited.

"RAMEN! Your Special Ramen." Naruto claimed, smiling. And then supper commenced. Laughs were shared at Naruto's Expense, who had apparently decided to forgo the use of his table manners and began to chow down immediately, creating all sorts of slurping sounds that echoed through out the room. Most of the people there found it hilarious, To Emma Frost and Piotr Rasputin, not so much. One from high class society where not adhering to proper manners got you a knife in the back. And one from a poorer background where you didn't waste time doing things improper. Before anyone new it, Naruto had finished his first bowl.

"Man. I blinked and I missed it…. Did even chew that?" Evan called out from his place at the end of the table.

"Come on, Evan. This is Naruto we're talking about…." Scott commented from where he was as he buttered a piece of bread to go with his dinner. "He doesn't think about the laws about it… He just does it." Scott commented as he watched Ororo fill up Naruto's bowl again, while Jean nodded her head in agreement, while Hank just shook his head.

"You all have to understand. I've seen more of his training sessions with Logan than anyone… He creates a thousand of himself. He's got to run through energy like a car burns gas." Hank explained, while Logan shoved his bowl to the side.

"Watching him eat is fun and all…. But watching him eat just cost me my appetite." He explained as he took a long drink from his coffee cup. And thus the meal continued on and finished as quickly as it could, with Naruto's Noodle addiction. Even Emma, though disgusted, was impressed with how he had been able to tuck it away.

But the main event had come. There it was, the cake with it's candles, ready to be blown out. There Hank rolled in with a video camera as the others watched, Naruto's eyes never losing that misty look as he heard the first Happy Birthday song with his name attached to it. And that was when Ororo smiled and nodded her head towards him, while the others crowded around, as Kurt manned the night switch.

"Now this is the part where you blow out the candles and make your wish." Ororo Explained, before she waved to Kurt, who in turn turned the light switch off, turning off the lights of the room. And there Naruto paused, looking down towards the icing coloured dough mixture. And then with a huff and a puff, the candles were blown out. Clapping was heard and then the lights were flicked back on. And then that was when Illyana smiled as she practically jumped up and down in her chair.

"So…. What did you wish for?"

Before anyone could actually stop him from actually revealing his wish, Naruto spoke. "I wished for Yuriko to teach me some cool Ninja Techniques. Like The Chidori, where I can shoot lightning from my hand. Or something! I mean I can only go so far with physical training. Though I love it all the same. No offence sensei, I appreciate everything that you've taught me still. And It shows. I'm way better off than what I was." He explained. And Yuriko just raised a delicate eyebrow before she smiled.

"This is True Naruto… But I can't teach you what you want to learn. Only what you can use." Yuriko stated, offering a sad smile, while Naruto's face nearly hit the ground when he heard that.

"Your saying that you can't teach me how to manipulate chakra?"

"By Chakra you mean your unique energy? Than no. I'm afraid that I can't." Yuriko replied, but before Naruto could act out, There was a strong arm that landed upon his shoulder and when his face turned, his met With Wong, and the aged Chinese man nodded his head towards him.

"She Cannot… I can. My gift to you." He stated, as his dark eyes narrowing slightly. "If you wish to study with me young man, I will not be so gracious with you as I am with your School Grades." Wong stated as he stood up straight, where he crossed his arms and nodded his head towards him, before glancing at Yuriko and he nodded his head towards her. "With your Sensei's approval of course."

"I fail to see why he can't. So long as it doesn't affect his studies or his training with me." Yuriko stated as she crossed her arms, smiling. And Naruto smiled, nodding his head towards them both. And then it was time for the presents that he was given. Kurt had gotten him the Matrix Series. Oh how Naruto loved the series completely. The Action was great, and the plot was even better.

Evan had gotten him a drum set used in bands. As well as movies on specific beats and how to start using it with music. Guitars and such. Kitty had picked him up a old history book that was on Captain America, printed back in the early 1950's, up to his supposed last mission off of the coast of Germany. Jean had gotten him an Encyclopaedia on medicinal herbs and plants. Which could be combined into non-fatal poisons and those that could be used as antidotes. Scott had picked out a set of reflective orange sunglasses. Remy had given him a gold pocket watch. Whether or not it had been stolen though, none really looked to far into it.

Hank had gotten him a junior detective kit that came with several small harmless chemicals that, though said handle with care and avoid drinking it or getting in the eyes, were good for analyzing many things. Logan had gotten him the Crocodile Dundee hat with the crocodile teeth on top. Rogue had gotten him a book on tarot cards, how they were to be used and read. A thing that had fascinated Naruto since he heard of them. Yuriko had brought forth three wrapped up packages. The First was a set of metal cleaning and blade sharpening kit. The Second was a large amount of Kunai. Made from a light weight and extremely durable metal. The Last was uncovered to reveal a small broad sword.

"Your are not ready for a Katana. But you must start somewhere, Naruto." Yuriko had explained. Tyson had given Naruto a chess set with a book of strategies and tactics for how the units worked. And then a book of old history wars, chief victories and the strategies leading up to those victories. Charles had gotten Naruto two leather bound books. Treasure Island and Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea. Piotr had given Naruto a charcoaled sketch of a set of dogs playing underneath a tree. And Illyana had given him recipes for foods that might actually enjoy.

But the grand finally had been when Ororo had sat down right in front of Naruto the smile never leaving her face. And then a large brown envelope was handed towards him. When it was opened, Naruto looked down towards the title lines that read "Adoption Form." The subject in question that was headlined through the adoption papers was his. And the want to be parent's name was Ororo Munroe.

"Ororo, What's this mean?"

"This means that if you want to, I can have you as my legal son." Ororo explained, while the others were busy watching Remy who had the good nerve to follow Emma's advice to keep the others distracted by means of the drum set. For what happened next was shocking. Naruto's face went from shock, to fear, and then complete and utter happiness. Naruto's eyes misted over as small tears dribbled from the corners of his eyes. It was so much for him to take in. The fact that they had thrown him a birthday party, and then that of presents, the greatest of which being the chance to have something close to what a family might be by adoption. He remembered all too well his time at the orphanage, waiting for someone to come and collect him like he saw all the other children have.

"This for real?"

Ororo just smiled, revealing two rows of white teeth and she nodded her head completely to him. The Transition happened quickly. Naruto, despite the orders given to him by Hank and the Professor, had jumped from his wheelchair and had tackled Ororo, much to every one's surprise. When Naruto hugged her she just smiled and shook her head, holding him lightly, while feeling his nodding head against her body. Of course the commotion had caused the focus to shift from Remy's Drum Playing to the magical bond that had just formed.

That of Mother and Son.

Dear Everyone…

It's Me, Naruto Uzumaki, the Future Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. And I know your all going to need proof. So here's to ya Granny Tsunade. If your thinking about putting me into a early grave, Don't. You couldn't handle the grey hairs.

Now I'm not dead. And I don't have a whole lot of time to do this. I'm running late for high school as it is. When I was fighting Sasuke, We ended up into some place different. I'm not sure what's all happening over there, but over here. Things are looking great. I got a bunch of friends. Evan looks like someone that we'd see from Lightning country, and is lazy when it comes to physical activity and yet when it comes to sports he's off the hook! Kurt is from Germany. He's a cool guy that enjoys eating as much as he likes hanging out with his friends.

Scott's the sort of cool that just isn't fair! I mean he's got the good looks, the fancy hair cut, the eyes that always need sunglasses. And he's got a crush on Jean Grey, a brainiac in terms of everything. I don't think she's failed one test she's aimed for. And she loves a sport called Soccer. I don't pretend to understand all the rules but there's a lot of running in it, while kicking a ball with your feet. Kitty's… well Kitty. She's from a place just about two hours away, and she's pretty smart to. In terms of smart, she's learning right now in terms of computer's that we have running our medical equipment now. Makes ya wish what sort of other things their teaching here. But don't let her good brains fool you. She loves creating biological warfare from the kitchen.

Rogue's Mysterious. I don't know much about her, but I know that she likes to read. And though she acts tough, she ain't so bad. Once you get through her bite. But the redeeming feature is that she knows about the Kyuubi, and she hasn't told anyone. How she found out? Well. From what I understand it is that she absorbed some energy and memories from me, and in that, the Kyuubi. We dunno if it's permanent. In any case, back to the introductions. Logan's the sort of Uncle that you know you don't want to have at the tea shops, and yet always want on your back in a fight. He's a short guy with a shorter temper that likes beer, cigars, and mechanics. And don't tell anyone I told you this, but I found in his mail some of those magazines that Pervy Sage used to look at when we were on the road looking for you, Granny Tsunade. Guess there are closet perverts here to.

And if there's a calmer person here to balance out Uncle Logan's Sophisticated nature, it's that in the form of Professor Charles Xavier. He's the dude that I'm staying with. He's got a place for people with special needs and he opened up a bunk for me. He gave me a chance at a life here, helped me make friends, and helped me know me a bit better. He likes reading, drinking tea, and offering council and advice in many fields, be they matters of the heart, or matters of politics. Personally, I think he should just stay the way his, Grandpa Chuck, the wise and all knowing. Chances are I'll never remember half of the things he talks about.

Now for my masters in learning martial arts and soon to be Jutsu's. Yuriko-Sensei is one tough lady. She's got about as much flexibility as a brick when it comes to training techniques in the ninja arts. And the way she explains it is that there is more to being a ninja than fancy jutsu and kick ass attacking. There's tactics and techniques to use from the shadows. Apparently Shinobi in this world are different than what they are in ours. They don't openly show themselves, or who they work for. As in what nation they belong to. They're all black and use all sorts of unique weapons and tools that I'm still learning about, and boy I tell you, it's hard to master them. And when we got it down to where I don't' stab myself, we move on. Sheesh, she doesn't give me a minute.

The Other is Sifu Wong. He's calm and collected, the same as Yuriko-Sensei. However she's teaching me the physical way of the ninja. He's teaching me the techniques I can use to my advantage. He calls it the manipulation of energies with in the body and around us. I think he means the Chakra Network, but I'll find out quickly enough. And he doesn't rush through anything. He explains things. Time and time again, until I get it. Though I once heard him say that I had the learning curve of a flat line until I'm put into danger. Heh. I wonder if he's right.

Oooh. I just a bout forgot. We had some new additions to the mansion. Remy Lebeau. He's already told me where he's from, and it's in the state of Louisiana, in the deep south where the Bayou is. Where that is, I've no idea. I'll have to get him to give me a map. But he's proud of his nature. But he's a thief, and a womanizer. I swear if there was a pervy sage here, Remy would be it. But there's one thing I've learned as I watch him. He's confident in his skills as a thief, and of one other thing. He likes to hustle card tables for money. The man is crafty, and he hasn't gotten caught yet. I keep thinking I should tell Logan that Remy's cheating at cards to get at his money, but I like it when Uncle Logan Loses. It's like watching Kiba in a tantrum.

The Next is Piotr Rasputin. He's a big guy. And by big he stands taller than Bushier Brow Sensei. And he's full of muscle. He told me once that he once had been a farmer, growing up in Russian, a place far away and up north. But just because he's a worker and has the ability to bend me in two, he's a real softie. He likes to draw and paint when he isn't working or playing with his sister. Speaking of his sister, Her name is Illyana. Took me a while to get it right to. But she's blonde, blue eyed, and my same age, with a unique way of seeing the world. It wasn't until a little while ago that I found out that she's staying with Sifu Wong. And from what I understand, I'll be training with her in the Jutsu training.

The last is Emma. Emma Grace Frost… Well what can I say about her? She's cool, refined, poised, smart, beautiful, and she's trying to teach me to. Apparently she's trying to teach me how to use proper meal etiquette. How to prevent a seriously important meal with people from going to hell. Though apparently she's also trying to get me to dress more fashionably. I got no idea why, I'm happy with my blue jeans and a orange t-shirt. When I ask her about the new clothes she just replies that a man should look his best. So I have to wonder, do the new clothes make me seem more like Scott and that sort of Cool? I don't know. But I do like they way they feel. But thankfully enough, I get to keep my old clothes for training and school. But what do I know about her. I don't know much. I know that she won't talk about herself to much either. Something to do with her parents from what I overheard. But I gotta Ask, Granny T, Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Kurunai-Sensei, Crazy Snake Lady, Shizune, Ayame… How do I get her to notice me?

Well That leaves to people left. I'll start with the less Important. Tyson Hawk. He's a mystery wrapped up in a mystery. He's got a huge past, and from what Jean and Ororo told me about it, it had a lot of bloodshed involved. The man's rich, and I've seen his picture in the news. He makes weapons to kill people and he makes medicine to save them. The man's what I've learned to be, a contradiction. Whatever agenda that he has, it's his own.

And Ororo Munroe. Now everyone there, Sit down. This next one is a real doozy. She adopted me. I have a mother. Ororo Munroe is my mother. She's been there from day one here. And she didn't judge me. I don't know if she knows about the Kyuubi, and I know I should tell her, but I don't know if I can. I mean, I have a family now. A mother and friends here. But what can I tell you about her… Well her cooking is great. And though she's stern, she's flexible in everything that we do together. Believe it or not, we were in the gardens just the other day and we were talking about the birthday party that she threw me, while we cared for the plants here. Speaking of which, she's got whole books on gardening and how to improve on things. I dunno if it's the same techniques that we use for the meds in Konoha, but couldn't hurt to try them out. I'll see if I can't get you some books on them.

Back to Momma O. Well. She says she's from Kenya. Where the people of her nation worshipped her like a goddess. Can't say I'd blame them. The weather around her shifts with her mood. I've seen her upset and I don't want to see it again. Lightning bolts, winds, hail. It's like facing those freaks in the lands of snow all over again, only on a bigger scale. In any case, she says that she would like me to come with her to Kenya on her next visit. I'm not sure If I want to go, but she did say that I had relatives there, someone called Azari is supposed to be my brother. It's complicated.

And now about me. I've grown. I've gotten to five feet and eight inches. I dunno how, but I think I just beat Sakura's height. I found out new recipes for Ramen. I'm going back to school which should give Iruka-Sensei grey hairs for this fact. I'm learning. I'm learning all sorts of great things. Science, Philosophy, History, Sports, Arts. The world here is so different. And I'd love to tell you all about it. I'll keep sending letters now that I have a way to send them to you, and it's just a short hop back to Konoha. But… I'll be coming home when I'm ready.

Now I gotta get to school. So you all take care now.

Yours truly,

The Number One Surprising Ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, The Future Hokage, and Member of the Rookie Nine,

Naruto Uzumaki.

-Story End-

Yes, I know a Cheezie end, but I loved it none the less. So that's it. THe first story is complete. I've got a Title for the second story, something that you should look out on in the horizon.

Second Year.

This will be the sequel to my story. If you all want to guess what will be going wrong in this one, by all means, guess. I don't mind insight and outside opininons. Now, unfortunately, I won't be able to get started on the new story until around december of this year. Sad, I know. But with my title of Fall of the Hero, needing to be worked upon and a third story between myself and another writer in the colaberation together, which we will soon see if it will pay off or not, I have no intention of over extending myself.

Falcon S. Kimeraki.