This is the start of my trilogy, i really hope that you like it. please reveiw. I know that it is short, but it is just the prolouge.

Disclaimer: I dont own Danny Phantom, or Danielle really, she is just a spin off of Dani from the series. And i change her look a little bit, but nothing major.

I am your average fourteen year old, average height, long black hair, gray-blue eyes. I have all of the worries that any teenager might have, grades, peer pressure, all of that stuff.

Especially moving, which just changed my life, drastically I might add. It might just be a city over, but I am starting all over, in Amity Park. Gosh, my life is just going to be complicated, 'cause

the only reason I am moving, is because my parents are professional ghost hunters. Yeah, but they don't just carry around ghost hunting gear, they look like the average annoying parents,

the kind of parents that aren't clueless, that you can't hide secrets from. They mean well, but they are ultimately putting everyone in danger. But I haven't told you my name yet huh? Sorry,

I babble when I am nervous, but my name is Danielle Jarvis, and I am starting over at Casper High as a freshman.

Please tell me what you think, i need support for this story.


Please tell me what you think, i really appreciate it.