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This last chapter is set two days after Mystery Meat.

"Dani, can you set the table? I have hot food." Mom came out of the kitchen with a bowl of chicken and dumplings.

I set down my pencil and went to get some bowls and spoons, "Kay." I got three of each and set them down at the table when my phone rang. I fished into my pocket and looked at the caller ID. "Wisconsin area code?" I went into the other room and opened my phone. "Hello?"

"Ah, Miss Jarvis. I knew I'd get you." A polite voice said on the other end.

"Who are you and how did you get this number?" I whispered into the phone.

"That is of no concern to you right now, I just know that the world of yours will change in the next couple hours or so." The voice said again.

My eyes narrowed, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that your family will turn against you Dani Phantom." he chuckled.

I gasped in surprise, "How did you-"

"I have money Danielle, and power that not even you would understand."

"I will expose you for what you are and when I do, you will be running to escape. And your little partner will be next." The phone hung up.

I stood there, frozen. How could some guy find out my secret? I need to go to Danny's house after I eat.

"Dinner Dani and Joesph." Mom called.

"I'll worry about this after I eat." I said under my breath.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Danny's number, after three rings he picked up. "Hey Dani. What's up?" His cheery voice was comforting.

"We have a problem, do you think that you can get Sam and Tucker to come over so we can talk about this?" I said quickly into the phone.

"I don't know, Sam had something to do tonight and Tucker had a test to study for." His voice was full of confusion. "Why?"

"I'll tell you once I get over there okay?" I whispered.

"It has to do with something." His voice was full of understanding.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a couple minutes."

"All right. See you." He hung up.

"I have to get help from Danny on homework." I called into the living room.

"Just be back by ten thirty." Was my dad's reply.

"Okay." I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door. I ran into the alley-way beside my house and became my ghostly alter-ego. I flew while invisible to Danny's house. I need to figure out who called me, maybe, by chance, someone at Danny's house might know the caller. If not I'm doomed!

I stopped right outside Danny's window ans knocked on it. "Danny." I hissed.

The curtains opened and he opened the window. "Good idea." He whispered.

I flew into his closet and became my human self again. "Thanks. " I said as I walked out.

"So, what's wrong?" Danny sat down on his bed.

I pulled out my cell phone and showed him the caller ID, "Someone from Wisconsin called me and knew who I was." I said simply.

Danny was confused, "What?"

"I mean who my other self really is." I explained further so he could get it.

"No." His blue eyes widened.

I nodded, "I want you to copy down this number and see if anyone knows this number. I have the feeling that someone knows."

"I can do that. Give me your phone." Danny held out his hand. I placed my phone in it and sat down on the other side of him.

"Wait I remember this number." Danny's eyes widened. He pulled a land line phone from the edge of his bed. And he showed me the exact same number. "My mother was talking to this person, and his name is Vlad Masters."

"Wait! The Vlad Masters." I started to sweat. "He knows about me? How!" I stood up.

"I don't think it would be him. Unless he's been spying on you." Danny shook his head, causing his black hair to fall into his eyes.

"I have a feeling that a ghost is behind this." I gritted my teeth.

"What did the guy exactly say?" Danny looked at me.

"He said that he was going to reveal me to my family, and drive me away from my partner and Amity Park." I clenched my fists.

"We will fight whatever this is. You will not be driven away!" Danny said, and he slammed his fist on the bed.

Then my phone rang, I looked at the Caller ID and saw it was from home. I sighed in relief, "At last, some type of normalcy." I took the phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Come home now!" My dad's voice was barely a whisper, but it sounded angry.

"Why?" I tried to sound innocent.

"You know why. We have a visitor, and he wants to meet you."

I growled slightly, "Who?"

"Do not use that tone with me young lady! Get here now!" Dad shouted.

"Fine. I'll be there in about ten minutes." I kept my innocence.

"Don't bother." A new voice entered the conversation. "Use your powers to get here quicker."

"Grrrr.." I clenched my teeth.

"I told you, I don't need anybody to come against me once you know who I am. I have my eyes set on world domination, but once you find out who I am, You would go by every length to stop me. I might not know who your boyfriend is, but once I do, he will be next." Then the phone hung up.

"No, no, No!" I went ghost then and there.

"Who was that?" Danny stood up.

"It was him. He's at my house." I collapsed to the ground, "He did it, like he said he would." I started to shake. I looked up and got to my feet. "He's gonna pay for what he did."

"Dani, calm down. You need to focus." Danny's hand was on my shoulder.

"I don't know what's worse, the fact that i caused someones death or that my secret is revealed." I felt the tears start to build up.

"All right." He went ghost too, "I'm coming with you."

"What, this guy will reveal your secret too. You can't come." I let my white hair mask my eyes.

"Dani, remember at the hospital? When Sam, Tuck and I promised that we would be there for you. Sam and Tuck might not be here but I am. I will stand by your side as long as you need me." Danny then hugged me.

"Thank you Danny." I felt the tears spill over onto my cheeks. I wiped them away and looked out the window in determination. "Lets go!"

We both became intangible and flew out of the house and over to my house."Stay invisible until I need you." I whispered.

"Hm." Danny nodded. And he vanished from my sight.

"All right follow me in." I said. I flew down and became human again and walked in far enough that Danny had time to fly in behind me. I closed the door behind me and walked into the living room. "Hello? Where is everybody?" I asked.

"Hello Danielle." The voice whispered.

I turned around and saw a guy with white hair and in a tux. "You!"

"Yes, I am Vlad Masters. And follow me.." he turned and beckoned me to follow.

"Stay close." I hissed so only Danny could hear me.

"Danielle?" Mom asked. We stopped in front of both of my parents. In ghost hunting gear from head to toe.

"Mom, what are you doing?" I asked fearfully.

"You aren't my daughter." My father sneered. "You are a ghost!"

"You have no proof!" I shouted.

"I think they do young lady. I have cameras all over the city and I have one of you turning into a ghost." Vlad laughed.

I narrowed my eyes and scowled at him, "So, you know what I am. What's stopping my parents from destroying me?"

"I told them I would fund their ghost hunting if they let you go, but if you ever came back, you are free game." Vlad smiled. "You are done."

I sighed, "I guess I am. Well, this was frustrating. I know I have to leave. But I will come back." I smiled. "I have a promise to keep." I looked behind me, "Phantom. My friend. I'd like a escort out of the city please." I became my ghost half. I turned back to my parents, "I still care for you guys, even though you are blinded by your motives." I flew up into the air, "Goodbye." I became intangible and flew out of the house. I landed on top of the roof.

Danny became visible again, and came to comfort me, but I was crying so hard. i couldn't get a word out.

"Dani, everything will be fine." He hugged me.

"I don't know, Vlad got his wish, he didn't want anyone in his way. But he doesn't know that I will come back. I promise. Danny I will come back." My crying left my voice quiet and small.

"You don't have to leave." Danny said, I could see the tears threatening him too.

"I do Danny. I know you guys are my closest friends, but you need to trust me. I might be gone for a while, but I have confidence that I will come back." I hugged him, for what may be the last time for a long time.

"Wait, before you leave." Danny grabbed my hand as I started to leave.

"Hmm?" I looked at him.

"I want to give you more confidence, whenever you are down, just think of your friends. But this will give you strength." He pulled me closer to him and he kissed me softly. I could feel my face heat up and I gave into it. And I kissed him back. We pulled away.

"I will take my cell phone, but knowing my parents, in a while they will shut it off. So you might not hear anything from me for a while." I whispered.

"Don't worry, we will be by your side no matter where you are. In spirit." He squeezed my hand and I flew off.

Danny, don't worry about me. You have a greater threat now, and my leaving will make sure that you and our friends will be safe. I do promise to come back and I always keep my promises.

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