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I'll Wait For You – And I'll Burn

It was my first day back to school after spring break and it was easy to slip back into old patterns. I had spent the break in Jacksonville with my Mom, Renee, and found it less relaxing then I had hoped. Forks had quickly become home. As I pulled my beat up old truck that my Dad had bought for me from some fishing friend of his I saw my friends waving at me.

I waved back to Angela, Ben, Jessica, Mike, Erik, Tyler and even Lauren (although she wasn't my favorite.) Grabbing my bag out of the passenger seat I jumped out of the cab and slammed the door shut. I loved my truck, but ever since it had been hit by Tyler's van this winter the driver door never seemed to shut all the way. Thank God I'd been early getting to class that day or I could have easily been killed!

Everyone was talking about what they had done over the break and I knew they'd all want to hear what I'd done since I was the only one who'd gone away. "Where's your tan!?!" squealed Jessica when she saw me, causing me to duck my head a little and blush, I hated being the center of attention.

"Yeah, me and the sun, not such good friends" I responded, hoping that would be the end of it.

"Really? God I would have LOVED to have gone to Florida" Jessica cooed "All that heat and sun, and sexy beach bodies. But I guess you don't have much interest in that do you?"

As Jessica spoke I turned and saw my boyfriend, my totally gorgeous, completely out of my league boyfriend getting out of his silver Volvo. His twin sister Alice and her boyfriend Jasper were getting out too, seemed like they went everywhere together. Edward walked over to me and it was like time slowed down. He was so perfect with his green eyes and auburn hair. He had his backpack thrown over one shoulder and was running his hand through his hair and he smiled that crooked, cocky smile I loved.

"Hey Bella" he whispered as he leaned down to kiss me gently. I practically swooned having him so close to me. Even his smell was sexy.

"Hey" I said, smiling at him chewing on my lip.

"Bella, oh my god! How was your Mom's? Was Phil there? Was he nice? Look at you! Did you spend ANY time on the beach?"

"Alice, ok, let me answer one question before you jump into the next!" I hugged Alice as Edward and Ben did the hand swat-shake-hug thing. It was too bad my two groups of friends didn't get along better but Edward and Alice had a way of taking over any situation they were in. Edward did put in a lot of effort though, now that he was dating me, and seemed to genuinely like Ben and Angela. He said hello to the group; Jessica and Lauren were tumbling on top of each other trying to talk to him when he said their names, hoping to win his attention for a conversation and knowing them, anything else they could get. Mike trying to kill him with his eyes. I think Mike was probably the only one I knew who actively disliked Edward, but I think that had more to do with jealously than anything else. Mike had asked me out a few times, but it never worked out, he really just wasn't my type. Plus, once Edward started talking to me, I was done, put a fork in me I was cooked.

"So, tell me everything" Alice said as she took my arm in hers and led me away from the group. I looked behind me at Edward, sad for even the small distance between us after being away for a week. He winked at me and smiled and I could feel the blush spreading across my face.

"Alice, it was fine, but really, there's nothing interesting to report. My mom bugged me the whole time about reading and doing my homework and I spent most of the week listening to her tell me all about Phil's new job. We painted her kitchen and did some shopping…"

"Shopping, yeah! What'd you get!"

"Oh just some jeans and a new jacket, nothing special"

"Jeez Bella, when are you going to start taking me seriously? You are so gorgeous, why do you insist on dressing like a 12 year old boy!"

I laughed at that, knowing that this was Alice's strange way of telling me she loves me. "I know Alice, maybe I'll try." I smiled and kissed her good bye on the cheek as I walked to my first class.

For the most part I liked school. I only had 1 class with Edward but saw him between classes and had friends in all of the rest. Angela was in most of my classes since she and I had both tested into the gifted program for our junior year. The only class I dreaded was gym, I was a hopeless klutz with no ability to catch or throw anything. Fortunately the Gym teacher recognized it and let me either referee or team up with Mike who didn't seem to mind doing most of the work when we were playing volleyball or racquetball.

I had never had many friends in Phoenix, but here it really was like I'd found the place I belonged. The weather was awful and gloomy, but somehow it all fit, and hell, I liked wearing jeans and a sweater all the time so it worked for me.

Biology II passed pretty uneventfully, just a review to get back into class, I was probably the only one who had done all of the homework anyway so it was basically a free period for me. I sat next to Angela who couldn't resist telling me all about her week with Ben over break via furious note passing. They still weren't "officially" dating but it sounded like they had spent every day together and she was really anxious to take it further.

On the way out from class I found Edward waiting for me outside the door. "Hey beautiful" he said as he leaned down to kiss me. "Hey" I stuttered. The fact that he was there, waiting for me was amazing. He was so smart and smooth, so perfect in everyway it was impossible to believe he wanted to be with clumsy plain mousey haired me. But here he was, looking at me with love.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and took his hand. "Damn Edward, did they have no heat in your Creative Writing class today? You're ice cold" I lifted his hand and rubbed it between my hands until the circulation returned to normal.

When we got to my locker he leaned lazily against the one next to me and watched me through his eyelashes turn the locker to my combination. His gaze on me made me so nervous I messed it up twice before getting it right and stuffing my book inside. He chuckled, watching me blush. Grabbing my English notebook and the novel we were currently reading "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe. It was a good book, an easy read.

"So what happens in this one?" Erik says as he joined Edward and me at my locker.

"You really should try reading the assignment sometime. You'd be shocked at all the opportunities literacy can bring you." Edward joked as we started walking to class.

"Ehh, I read a chapter or two, but really, it's not as entertaining as when Bella describes it to me." Erik wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "You have such a way with words, Bella, please…." He begged

"Sorry Erik, I told you Romeo and Juliet was the last one I was going to help you with, and I don't think there's a movie for this one!" I elbowed him in the ribs and ducked out from under his arm, grabbing Edwards hand as we walked away.

Edward laughed and squeezed my hand, "I love it when you get feisty; you're like a kitten who thinks she's a tiger." He smiled his crooked smile at me and I melted. Somehow Edward had a way of saying things that made me feel like I'd gotten the biggest compliment of my life. Maybe it was that he was speaking me to at all.

We got to English just as the bell rang and settled into our seats. English was my favorite class by far. Not only did I love to read and had already read the entire years reading list, but most of my friends were in this class too. We were all opening our notebooks as the classroom door opened and the biggest, most beautiful guy I'd ever seen walked in. I could hear Lauren start chocking across the room, which made me laugh. That girl was not known for her subtlety.

He must have been 6'1" wearing low slung jeans and a tight black tee-shirt. His skin was dark, a reddish brown chestnut color, his chest was broad and his arms were thick. I never much thought of myself as someone who went for the athletic type, but damn, he was hot.

"Oh, Mr. Black, you're here, good." said Ms. Watson "Class, this is Jacob Black; he's transferred here from La Push High to take advantage of our Gifted Program. Jacob, you can sit in one of the chairs along the wall until we can have another desk brought in. We weren't expecting another student in this class, but I'm glad to see you. I take it you were given the reading list?"

"Yes Ma'am" said Jacob, his voice low and scratchy, as if he'd been out smoking all night. "Thank you". He said and with his head lowered he walked down the isle toward the extra chairs stacked in the back. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail that hung down well below his shoulders.

"Here!" called out Jessica suddenly. She was like a puppy that had seen a great big sexy bone to chew on "you can squeeze in here with us today." She noisily scooted her chair over, forcing Erik to do the same thing so that Erik was practically sitting in the middle isle.

"Thanks" Jacob said, smiling at her, showing us all his perfect white teeth and twinkling black eyes. Jessica audibly sighed and Edward started to giggle. I elbowed him in the ribs. "What? You'd think the guy was dipped in caramel the way they're all acting" he whispered.

"Alright class, you can all get to know Jacob during break but for now let's get into 'Things Fall Apart'. Ms. Swan, can you give us a brief synopsis of the book?" As Ms. Watson said my name I could feel everyone looking at me. Even though I'd read and loved the book I hated the attention I got when called on. Teachers loved to call on me though because I usually had done the assignment.

As I began to speak I started to feel light headed. I turned and saw 2 onyx eyes looking directly at me. "Bells?" I heard him whisper while tilting his head to one side. I nodded unconsciously, lost in his gaze. I felt like we were the only two people in the room, our eyes locked for an eternity. His face was so beautiful, like it have been molded out of the most beautiful clay and smoothed to perfection, he was open and his eyes were warm, crinkled at the sides as his face lit up into a smile.

After class, everyone filed out, Jessica talking furiously to Jacob, asking him about his school and his friends and did he like Forks High so far. After I gathered my things up, Edward and I headed to the door. I could hear Jessica saying, "so yeah, like, I can show you around and whatever and if you need any help with school work while you catch up just let me know."

I snorted and looked at them, Jessica Stanley couldn't have helped a fruit fly find a banana let alone help Jacob if he was in the Gifted Program. Edward put his hand on my elbow as if to shepherd me along when I heard it "Bells, wait, Bells, is that you?" I stopped, knowing that there was only one person who called me that, my father, so who was this guy? I looked at him as he picked up his books and binder in one hand and came toward me. It was exciting and terrifying to have all his attention focused on me. Like being stalked by the sexiest Panther there ever was, his body kind of rolled as he walked, that smile so warm and inviting.

"Wait…" I heard Jessica say as he pushed his way past her.

"Bella, is that you? Bella Swan!"

"Yeah, do I know you?"

"Bells, it's me! Jake!" he smiled the biggest toothiest grin; it almost looked like it wouldn't fit on his face. And then I remembered, summers in La Push with my Dad and his friend Billy, building sand castles with Rachael, Rebecca and Jake… "You remember me right? You made me eat a mud pie when we were six!" He laughed a soft chuckle that seemed to emanate out of him like waves, pulling me closer to him.

"Jake?" I said, my eyes opening in realization. "What happened to you? You're huge! You know anabolic steroids are bad for you right?"

Edward grunted, never moving his hand from my elbow.

He laughed easily, "What can I say; you aren't the only one who grew up." He said, looking down at me with a little smile, his eyes darkening as he held mine.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen, Bella's boyfriend." Edward said with a thin lipped smile, one hand on my elbow, the other stretched out between Jacob and me.

"Hey! Great! Then I have two friends at my new school, huh?" Jake said, shaking Edward's hand. "So what do you have next? I have Social Sciences in Building 3 I think…"

I started walking to the door, Edward trailing behind, clearly fuming at the attention I was getting from Jacob. "Yeah, that's what I have too, honestly, if you're in the Gifted Program, we will have most of our classes together, there aren't too many of us officially in it."

We walked out into the hall and headed toward our next class. "Oh, that's great. I hate to say it but…" Jacob lowered his head down to me and whispered conspiratorially "all these Pale Faces are making me a little nervous." He lifted his head back up and looked at me mocking fear, chewing on his lip and looking around from side to side. I laughed out loud; he was making such a ridiculous face. I put my hand on his arm to steady myself as I giggled; his arm was so warm and strong, it made me feel safe just to stand next to him. I left my hand on his arm and looked up, his eyes looking directly at me.

"Ok, um, I have Gym so, I'll see you later Bella." I dropped my hand from Jacob quickly. What had come over me? Edward walked up to me quickly, gave me a peck on the cheek and walked off, his narrow shoulders hunched over, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets.

"Bye Ed!" Jacob called gleefully. "So, which way?" he looked at me innocently

I laughed again and headed off to the next class. Jacob was in my 3rd and 4th period classes. He charmed the teachers and other students into letting him sit next to me in both of them. By lunch we had mostly caught up on the past 8 years since I'd moved away at least in the sense that I knew his Dad was in a wheelchair, his sisters were in college and he was doing Mechanic work on the reservation to help pay the bills. I'd told him about Phoenix, my mom's new husband Phil and my decision to move to Forks. He never opened the books for the classes we were in but always seemed ready to jump in wherever the teacher was.

"So how do you know all the answers on your first day of school?" I asked as we walked to the lunch room.

"Well, don't tell but I read all the textbooks already so I'd be prepared for whatever happened today. Honestly, I wasn't anticipating having this good of a day." He looked at me beaming. It took my breath away to have him look at me like that, so open and happy.

As we walked in I showed him where the lunch line was. "So, you can get lunch over there or if you brought your own…" Jacob held up a plastic grocery bag he'd gotten out of his locker "then we can just sit down." We headed over to the table where I usually sat. I normally held the place at the center of the table, being the pivot point on which the little lunch time friend truce relied. On one side of me sat Edward, with Alice across from him and Jasper next to her. Across from me sat Angela and then Ben, Eric, Tyler, Mike, Jessica and Lauren all settled in on that side. I hated always feeling split in two but this way I could have Edward and my friends too.

"Come on" I said, pulling Jacob by the arm.

He stopped and looked around the cafeteria a little nervously and said to me: "Seriously, am I the only ethnicity you've got here?"

"Well, Angela has like an Eskimo grandfather or something but other then that, yeah, you're our affirmative action!" Jacob laughed his soft warm laugh and let me lead him over to the table. I took my place next to Edward and Jacob sat across from me, on the other side of Angela. "Hey guys, this is Jake, he's new but is from La Push so be nice."

"Oh great! La Push, awesome, I've been wanting to get out their surfing as soon as the weather breaks" said Tyler and with that Jacob was off, talking away about the beach and the weather this coming weekend. He was so comfortable, confident; it was great to see him blend in with my friends so easily. My guy friends at least; other than Angela the girls were barely able to make coherent sentences around him.

"So Jake, how do you know our little Bella?" Jessica piped up, having seen our re-introduction this morning in English.

"Well, our Dads are great friends and my Mom used to work at a shop where Bella's mom got all her school supplies when she lived here so we pretty much grew up together until she moved away." Jake said simply.

"Huh, never would have guessed you for a Rez Rat Bella." Edward huffed as he sat down next to me with his tray of food, using the term reserved for the easy girls who go down to the reservation to have a little cheep fun with the guys there.

Jacob turned to him very slowly "What. Did. You. Say?" he spoke each work clearly, softly and incredibly menacingly. I looked over to see that Jake's face was hard, his jaw clenched and he looked absolutely terrifying. His hands were on the table, one gripping the edge, the other curled into an incredibly hard fist.

"No offense Jake, just a joke, don't get all Indian Pride on me" Edward said smoothly, pulling out his most sincere smiles, all the while snaking his arms around me and pulling me closer. I'd never seen this side of Edward before, I couldn't decide if this was jealousy or something else, but I didn't like it.

"Indian or not, you don't talk to her like that. Ever." Jacob's eyes were blacker then black, like the anger and hatred he was sending out to Edward could reach out and touch him. "And it's Quileute."

The rest of the group shuffled a bit and tried not to get involved but it was clear that whatever this little stand off was between them wasn't going to get resolved easily. "Jake, it's OK, Edward was kidding. Thanks for defending me though." I smiled at him and touched his fist across the table. As soon as I made contact with his skin, I could feel his warmth. He looked at me, concern and kindness radiating out from him. "I'm OK, really." And with that it ended.

He leaned back against his chair and put his hand on the back of his neck. In that stretch, you could see every muscle of his abdomen and obliques through his shirt. He was stunning and seemed completely oblivious of it. "Ok Bells, I guess, old habits are hard to kick huh?" He looked at me meaningfully and I blushed slightly, nodded, smiled and looked away. Edward's grip on me tightened and I knew he had seen our exchange.

"Ok, so this weekend" interrupted Tyler, completely uninterested in our little drama, "who's in? La Push Baby!" he said and everyone relaxed, excitedly talking about taking a trip down to La Push. "Jake, will you meet us there? It'd be awesome to get the insider's hints on the best place to surf."

"Yeah, sure, that'll be great. Ok if a few of my friends meet us there?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, yeah, that'd be great."

"Sure, that'll be fun"

"Do they look like you?"

Jake laughed "Ok First Beach is probably best this time of year, let's say Saturday? 2?"

I was excited to go down to La Push and see everyone there, I hadn't been back since I returned to Forks. I hoped that Jake's friends would be as great as he was. As everyone starting gathering their food up to throw it away Edward grabbed my arm. "I need to talk to you." He said, quietly.

"Sure, sure, I have media this period, I can be late." I said as we walked outside.

"What the hell, was all that in there?" he ranted "and all day, seriously, are you planning on fucking him after school or what?"

I was shocked. I'd never heard Edward swear before and it didn't suit him. "What is your problem Edward? You've been nasty all day. I don't think I did anything wrong here, I've just been nice to a friend I haven't seen in a really long time. Why are you being like this?"

"Why am I being like this? You're the one acting like a fucking whore!" he said and stormed off. I sat on the bench outside of the library and just cried. I cried over Edward and the person he was. I cried because I didn't understand how the person who just yelled at me could be the same person I loved so much. I knew things were tense between us. He was always pushing the sex issue and I just wasn't ready yet. But that didn't explain why he would just explode over Jacob.

My next period was Physics and by the time I got there Jacob was already sitting at my table, somehow having finagled the seat away from the kid who usually sat there. As soon as he saw me though the frown on his face made it clear he could tell I'd been crying. I sat down and he reached over and took my hand in his, rubbing small circles with his thumb. He never looked at me and never asked me what happened. He just sat there, holding my hand, calming my heart and soul with each movement of his thumb. We sat that way the whole class, not taking notes - holding hands. I have no idea what the lesson was about, I'd catch up during homework. I allowed his touch to south me and warm me. I accepted the love he was giving me so freely, without strings or restraint.

After class as soon as people were filing out and into their own conversations he stood up next to me and pulled me to him, crushing me into his chest. I wrapped my arms around his waist and took a shaky breath. I could feel his back muscles under my hands where the dipped down to his spine, I could smell his detergent and some other, distinctly Jacob smell. After a minute he pulled away and bent down looking into my eyes. "Thank you" I whispered as I gathered my bag and walked away from him, toward gym class.

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