"I don't know if I can do this Bella"

"We don't have to, I mean, it's completely up to you"

"I know…I want to, I really do, it's just"

"What Jake?"

"It's a really big step"

"I know but I'm here ok and we'll do it together"

"Ok" he said sighing then straightening his shoulders in resolve.

He sat down, his face directly in front of my breasts.

"Hi there" he sighed leaning in to kiss one of them.

"Alright now, none of that" I said, swatting him away. Jacob pouted and I walked behind him, keeping a hand on his shoulder. I could see he was still nervous from the way the muscle in his neck twitched slightly. I kept my hand on him as I leaned down and picked up the tool that was waiting for me.

"Are you ready?" I said one last time.

"Do it" he said, shutting his eyes as I turned on the electric razor. Quickly I ran the razor over his head making a reverse Mohawk out of his now shaggy hair. I ran it from back to front over and over, making sure to get each section as closely cropped as possible. When I was done checking behind his ears and the back of his neck I turned of the razor.

He ran his big hands over his scalp to get off any stray hairs and looked up at me. "So? Am I hideous?" he smiled.

"Never" I said, straddling him on the chair and kissing him deeply. His hands were at the small of my back, never straying, never motioning for more. His tongue in my mouth was warm and soft. He tasted like heaven and hell mixed into one. I could feel him getting hard beneath me as I shifted my weight a little, wanting contact with the full length of him against me.

I let my hands move from their resting spot on his shoulder, bringing one hand around to the back of his now bald head, letting the other train down his side, along the edges of his peck and abdomen.

Far too soon he pulled away from me "I wanna see it Bells!" he said looking at me with a pout. I disengaged reluctantly and let him go look in the mirror on the wall of his garage. I watched him walk away from me. He had on just his jeans and no shirt to keep the hair from getting itchy in there. His body was rigid and strong.

It was hard to believe that it had been almost 7 months since I had made love to him. 6 months we had been officially dating. I spent most of the summer in Florida with my mom receiving letter after letter from Jacob. We spoke almost everyday but still, there was nothing like being home with him. Here in La Push, in his garage is where I spent almost all of my time now other than in school.

I had taken an art class in Ft. Lauderdale to pass the time so I sat sketching while Jake worked on whatever project struck his fancy or offered to help pay the bills.

"I look like a skin head" he said turning back to me

"Well, technically you are a skin head" I said laughing "I mean, look at the size of those boots!"

"There are no Indian Nazi's Bella" he said sourly leaning down and collecting the fallen locks into a plastic bag.

"You know, this is what you get for making bets with Dimitri though. He handed you your ass and now you have to hand him your hair."

"Stupid 'mo shouldn't be a better boxer than me"

"He runs the boxing center in town now Jake, it's not like you didn't know he was good"

Jacob continued to pout as he finished cleaning up. I laughed as I watched him glad we would be seeing Edward and Dimitri at dinner tonight. Edward had moved out of his parent's house as soon as he turned 18 and in with Dimitri. Things hadn't gone over well with his parents when they found out that he was gay and in love.

Tonight was our 6 month anniversary. Jake and I counted from Prom as did Edward and Dimitri so to celebrate we were all going out to the little Italian place that had just opened in Forks. It was the first real restaurant to try to survive here in a while. It did better than most because they delivered pizzas too that were much better than the fast food places.

"OK, I'm going to go shower and get ready." Jake said

"I should get my dress out of the car then"

We walked inside and Billy smiled at us walking back to Jacob's room. Billy still didn't talk much but he was much warmer to Jacob since I got back from Florida then I'd ever seen him. Jacob got into the shower while I went out to the kitchen to get a glass of water. "Bella" Billy said as I walked into the living room.

"Yeah Billy?"

"You're a good kid."


"You're good for that boy of mine, you know, he's… a good kid too"

"Yeah Billy, he is…you should tell him that."

"hmmmph" Billy said, wheeling outside to wait for his ride into town.

I walked back to Jake's room and took off my school clothes. I pulled a small thing of powder out of my bag and put some between my legs and under my arms, freshening, making the whole room smell like me. As I pulled my navy dress off of its hanger Jacob, wrapped in just a towel walked in behind me, still dripping from his shower.

"Oh, sorry" he said, blushing and turning to walk away.

"It's OK" I said ignoring him. I bent over to get something out of my bag and I heard Jake hiss behind me.

"God woman" he growled. I looked up and back at him smiling.

"You think you can get dressed in here with me and behave yourself?" I taunted, still not standing up, giving him a perfect view of my ass and the thin fabric covering my mound.

"I actually don't know the answer to that" he said taking a step forward and placing his hand on the side of my ass.

"Now now…" I teased, standing up and turning away. "Your rule, no touching" I was going to get him to break that rule tonight if it killed me.

"Ok!" Jake said putting both hands in the air before sitting down at his desk, barely covered with the towel around him. "No rule against looking though" he said leaning back his eyes looking up at me darkly.

"Nope, no rule against that" I said turning back around. I decided maybe I would change into the underwear and bra I had brought with me.

Slowly, without looking back at him I undid my bra, letting the clasp come undone but keeping my hands in place. I pulled it around to my front, letting the straps fall gently down my shoulders. I was in a pink undies set that was soft against my skin. I pulled the bra off and let it drop to the ground, hearing Jacob take a ragged breath behind me.

Then I tucked my thumbs into the sides of my underwear, slowly inching the fabric lower, letting it roll over the swell of my ass. When it was just above the dark hair of my cunt I turned slowly to look at him, my hands still in my underwear. I faced him, topless and daring, letting him rake my body with his eyes.

"Is this allowed?" I asked as I grazed one of my hands along the inside of my panty-line.

"Unnnhhnnnn" he nodded, his eyes fixed on my hand.

"How about this?" I said as I pushed my hand further inside my undies, touching the hair there, letting my fingers open my lips so that I could touch what I so desperately wished he was licking.

"Fuck Bella" he said, his own hand sliding down his abdomen toward the tower his towel had created over his cock. The towel came off and I watched as the grasped himself firmly. I had never seen Jacob touch himself before and the site of it made me wetter than I thought I could get. I could feel the juice from inside of me slickening my fingers, encouraging me to rub harder.

I leaned against his dressed plunging a finger inside of me. "Jake…" I moaned, closing my eyes, imagining it was him filling me.

"Look at me Bella" he said and I opened my eyes at his voice. I watched him, watching me as I touched and pulled at the moist sensitive skin between my legs. My legs were weakening, shaking from the effort to not fall down as I felt waves of warmth flood through my body.

"Bella" he moaned as he pulled on his cock, again and again, his legs tensing and his teeth bared, I could see he was close and all I wanted was to climb on top of him and ride the wave of pleasure I knew I would feel from having him in me. I pushed my underwear down and walked toward him; so glad I had gone on the pill over the summer.

"No" he breathed pulling the towel back over himself.

"What?" I hissed, having had half an orgasm already that I desperately wanted to finish.

"No" he shook his head.

"Yes" I said firmly, continuing my advance. I climbed on his lap, letting the towel separate me from what I wanted. "You are a gentleman, you are a good boyfriend, there's nothing to prove with this."

"Not yet" he said not looking at me.

I rubbed myself against his length, the roughness of the towel adding friction and making me wetter. I knew he could feel how warm and wet I was. We hadn't come this close to breaking his no sex rule before and I couldn't take it anymore, my body was on fire. "I need you" I said, kissing his neck. "I need you" I said again biting him, pulling his skin to my mouth and running my tongue along him. He let out a strangled cry and pulled the towel out from between us.

His hands were on my hips and I had impaled myself on him with one hard thrust before my brain even had time to catch up with what was happening. My body convulsed at the overwhelming sensations it was feeling, I threw my head back, Jake's hands around me keeping me from falling off of him completely. I clenched him inside me and felt every nerve ending on my body scream his name with me.

He had started lifting me up and down on him and when I had recovered from the initial shock of pleasure he pulled my left nipple into his mouth. I tightened myself around him, eliciting a moan from him I could feel through my nipple and down to my quivering clit.

"Jake, oh god, Jake" I panted as he lifted me up so that just his tip was inside of me and then slammed me down against him again and again. Every time he did I could feel him deeper inside of me, so deep I shuddered with every new sensation. I wriggled against him, wanting more of him, desperate for him to touch my clit and give me the release I was so close to. I could feel it pulsing for him.

He pulled me down onto him again and held me there, moving his hips in little circles, touching the inner walls of me, rubbing the skin above his cock against my lips.

"You are so wet" he said in an otherworldly voice. He looked up at me. "I want to taste you. Can I taste you" he said making my body shake with the promise of his tongue on my aching clit. All I could do was nod and he helped me up off of him. I backed up to his bed, never taking my eyes off of him as he stalked toward me, he was the hunter and I was definitely his prey.

Sitting down I lay back, feeling myself sink into his mattress. I placed my feet on the bed, keeping my knees wide, knowing his large shoulders would need room. He took his time coming to me, his eyes locked on my cunt.

"I love to look at you" he growled "you are so beautiful" he knelt between my feet "so fucking sexy" he said as he looked at me and started rubbing himself again. "Just looking at you….gaahhh" he said closing his eyes for a moment. He brought his eyes back to mine and smiled as he let go of himself and settled down between my legs.

"Kiss me Jake…" I sighed as I felt his breath against my cunt.

"Mmmm" he murmured against me rubbing his lips against me but not kissing me. I watched as he closed his eyes and smelled me before brining one of his hands up to the inside of my right inner thigh. "I love the way you smell here" he said putting a kiss on my inner thigh just before his hand grasped me and spread me wider. "and here" he said kissing the other side, as his other hand came up and positioned me the way he wanted me before him.

"and here" he said into my folds as he kissed my opening.

"higher" I squeaked, needing to feel him against my clit. I was shaking now, unable to keep my legs this far apart without his help. And then he licked me, from my opening to my clit he licked with his wide tongue as if I was a dripping ice cream cone in August. He lapped at me 3…4 times, making me jump every time he got to my clit.

"Please" I whined, getting to the end of what I could take. "Please"

He sucked me into his mouth then, using his tongue to swirl my clit inside his mouth. As the first wave of pleasure flooded through me I lifted my hips, pushing myself into him so that I could feel his teeth against me. As I started to lower myself I felt him slip a finger inside of me. It could have been 2 it could have been 7 for all I knew at that point but it was amazing. He continued to suck on me but released my legs and put one hand on my hip bones to keep me from wriggling away from him completely and the other hand inside of me, pulling me with his fingers to my final release. As I tried to roll away from him, my eyes closed and I let out the scream that had been locked inside of me…"Oh my God! Jaaaake!"

I collapsed on the bed his fingers still inside of me as he continued to lick me softly. He nuzzled his nose into me and looked up at me smiling. "God I have missed that." I giggled and held my arms out to him.

"Come here to me" I said pulling him on top of me. He rested his weight on me but didn't make any moves to be in me, just laid there, smiling at me as I traced his eyebrows and lips with my finger. "I love you" I breathed kissing him deeply. I ran my hand down his back and over his ass, feeling his cock twitch against my leg. I moved one leg out from under him and pushed him gently, telling him I wanted him inside of me with my motions.

He lifted up off of me and looked down with so much love in his face. "We don't have to. I don't mind waiting" he said, kissing me sweetly.

"I do, I'm not done until I feel you inside of me; it doesn't feel done without that. I love you, I want you in me; I want you everywhere." I guided him to my entrance with my hand and he slid into my slowly, never breaking his gaze from mine. He slid into me further and further, causing aftershocks of the orgasm I'd just had to clamp down around him.

"Bella" he moaned leaning his forehead down against mine. "Kwe' Kwowle" he whispered pulling back to kiss me before moving his hips again. I moved with him, our bodies parting and coming back together in perfect rhythm. My hands ran over his scratchy scalp and I lifted slightly onto my feet, giving more of myself over to Jacob's lovemaking.

He started moving faster and I could feel the need rising in me again, the need to have him, love him. I lifted one leg and he pulled my knee up against his chest so that he could drive deeper into me. Over and over he slid in and out of me, pulling me to him and slamming me away. His chest gleamed with sweat and I clung to his arms feeling my second orgasm coming fast.

He changed his angle slightly, causing me to sit up into him with the sudden pleasure it created in me. "Jake…" I muttered as I clawed at his neck and back, trying to keep my body as close to his as I could, trying to keep contact with him and that place inside me that was reaching out to take my sanity. He was slamming into me with abandon now, taking a frenzied pace that had us sideways on his bed and pushed up against the wall, but we didn't notice, feeling only the connection and joy of our bodies.

"Fuckk, I cried as I came, clenched my jaw and dug my nails into his triceps causing him to push into me and pause sheathed deeply inside me, quivering.

"Gaahahhh" he croaked pushing firmly into me, so deep I could feel him in my womb.

Jacob lay on top of me, panting, sweat on his brow with his hand around one of my breasts. I ran my fingers over his head, feeling the contours of old injuries that had been hidden by his hair. We lay there, smiling blissfully, warm in the light of each other.

"Bells, we should get dressed" he said lazily, making no movement to get up.

"Yeah, Edward and Dimitri have never been late" I chuckled, knowing that for our 7PM reservation Jake had told them 6:30 on the off chance they might be on time then.

"Come on" he said, pulling himself up and kissing me quickly. I didn't move though, I watched as he walked to his dresser and pulled out some boxer briefs and smiled down at me.

"I could spend the rest of my life with you you know" I said lazily.

"I hope you will Bella…I hope you will" and with that he came back to the bed and made love to me slowly and passionately, all thoughts of Edward and Dimitri gone from our minds.

And that is the End my lovelies. Now what to write next...